Why am I creating another blog on male fashion SecondLife™? Honestly I think it’s because of a love of fashion. It’s finding that outfit that ultimately says exactly what you want to say without you having to say a single word. That look that says “This is me and this is where I’m coming from. Enjoy or detest the view for as long as you like, but this is what I’m feeling today.” Whether it’s hardcore, suited up, dressed down, business casual, couture fashion forward, indie-licious, or anywhere in between is not the point. It’s about making the cover give everybody else a glimpse into what the book may be about. Obviously you want to make your book as enticing as possible and hopefully I can provide some items from my style that can help you craft or take yours to the next level.

I’m a picky shopper. There are certain things that speak to me and others that don’t. Sometimes there are complete looks that speak to other people, but really only their shirt or watch are pieces to a puzzle that I’ve been searching for to complete a look or upgrade an item. I find these pieces often by reading other SL Fashion blogs (Mens Second Style, SLMen, Paratge & SL Style) and I visually pick out items that would look good on me. Thankfully we cannot feel the fabrics on all of the items in SecondLife™, or I’d be even MORE picky and like I need that. I’m just as selective on what I buy RL too. I’ve been searching for the right style and hue of brown shoes that are interchangeable between dress up and dress down.

Interchangeability is a key to my wardrobe as well. Unless it’s a very unique costume or the clothing is designed as to not allow for you to mix & match, I love clothing that gives me options. It could be layering options or the ability to choose which shirt I want to wear with it. SecondLife™ allows for so many options that when you limit your clothing options, you limit your customers and ultimately your bottom line as well. The same thing applies for permissions. I believe that all items of clothing on the pant and shirt layer should be modifiable. If you look at most any RL company that sells denim, they have different cuts of jeans. Why would you not allow your customer to decide whether they want those jeans to be loose fit, boot cut, or super skinny? Each shape is different and unique (unless you buy one and I strongly suggest you don’t) and different cuts will be different numbers on each shape.

All in all, I hope that my blog and the items that I use in my blog will help you in your journey to find your own style by watching how mine progresses. Once I get all of the prices and official names of everything in all of the pictures I took for my 1st fashion post, I’ll start you off with a series of my favorite items in my SL closet. The 1st post will be the suits that I can’t get enough of and the stories behind my purchase of them in some cases.


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8 responses to “Why?

  1. Yeah, about damn time. ❤

  2. Kala

    Its about time! Please Please help your fellow males to embrace their fashion side, Its fleckin much needed thnx! It is not acceptable for males to walk around sl in the same outfit day after day… and it wouldn’t hurt them to accessorize either :p

  3. Congrats Oscar!
    I second Cat’: it’s about time!
    I just added you on my blogroll.
    TC 🙂

  4. After all this time, after all the sweet entreaties Cat and I could muster…”Please please please Oscar come write with us!”…not to mention the Bambi eyes…and what? He starts his own blog. Nice. 😉

    Congrats, Oscar! Knock it out of the park.

  5. Great to see another blog for men, welcome! And most importantly – have FUN (:

  6. I totally agree with you, and really like your blog. I am adding a link to you and would love to have a link back to my blog on your page.


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