Hello, I’m not Johnny Cash…

The man in black struck me this time. Actually it was the shoes that struck me…upside the head. I got them from a good friend (Lissa Maertens of SSH) and when I slid them on, the outfit formed around me. I knew that these shoes would lead me to my next post of the “Man in Black”. I’ll let Johnny tell you about him:

“I wear the black in mourning for the lives that could have been. Each week we lose a hundred fine men.”

This quote hit close to home as one of the DJ’s who I used to listen to on 88Nine Radio Milwaukee passed away last weekend. To the world he was known as DJ Rock Dee and every single morning he would preach positivity and remind people to be careful on the roads and wear their seat belts. The world lost a very fine man, and, though I never met him in person, he had a real impact on me and the way I went about my business in the morning. I was also floored by recently finding out that Bernie Mac has died as well at the age of 50. Out of all of the Kings of Comedy, Bernie Mac was always my favorite because he seemed like a man that I could relate to and an overall good, honest, hard-working man. These recent passing of those gentlemen bring me to my images…

Peering through the window we see the man in black with guitar in hand welcoming the morning Sun. It beats down on him often, though with his actions he beats it back. His simple surroundings are a testament to his modest beginnings. As if frozen in time we turn into the house…

As we move in closer to him we see a man meticulous about his cleanliness and clean-shaven. His beginnings may have been simple, but he’ll never give those bastards fuel for them to mock him again. Returning back to reality from his rant our man in black remembers that he has a show to do tonight and you know how the ladies love a man with the moves on stage.

Sliding to the side he closes his eyes, listens to the music in his head and moves to that music. A random onlooker may paint him crazy for dancing to nothingness, but while completely engulfed with the colorful scene unfolding within him an onlooker will not be noticed.

It’s time for one more bath before leaving the house, so he sets his shoes and watch down onto his chair and makes his way upstairs…this is going to be one hell of a show.


Okay OOC, I can’t leave this without telling you how amazing this guitar really is. This post doesn’t show you this, but there’s really a lot going on with this guitar. It includes 8 different strumming animations, some quality and some flat-out hilarious. It also loops a basic acoustic guitar riff of about 11 songs including The Who’s “Pinball Wizard”, Oasis’ “Wonderwall”, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Friends”.

Also, this entire shoot was taken in the simple farm house @ The Refuge and The Expansion (slurl)


**Shirt – [Indigo] Midlength Oxford in Black no longer available**
Pants – Musashi Do – The Glorious (L$450 for entire suit set) slurl
Shoes – Simone! Mens Shoes Vanguard in Black (L$200 a piece) slurl
Watch – Calypso Giano – Rock my Life (L$180) slurl
Shades – [Armidi Gisaci] Lifestyle Aviators – Silver (L$325) slurl
Guitar – Nortique Guitars – Black Martin D35 Acoustic Guitar (L$399) slurl
Hair: Armidi – The Law in Midnight II L$295 (5-pack) slurl
Skin: FNKY! Antonio Dark – Clean Shaven L$1,850 single (L$3,000 pack) slurl
Tattoos – [ addiXion – Half Tribal Full Body Tattoo ] (L$850) slurl


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2 responses to “Hello, I’m not Johnny Cash…

  1. Oscar, you’ve inspired me to watch Walk The Line tonight after months of resisting it.

    YouTube > Johnny Cash’s “Hurt”

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