Surf’s Up

On Saturday a notice drifted on shore in the upper right portion of my screen. The notice was about new board shorts and bikinis from Armidi. I quickly grabbed the hand of my favorite woman and we fought the waves upon waves of lag that flow through that Armidi sim. After overcoming enough swells we finally got to the area where we could grab our board shorts and bikinis. I decided that this post needed the most epic of pictures. Okay so these pictures aren’t epic, but the location that I went to does have some epic waves. I hit up Surf Republic @ Bundoran Reef (slurl) to grab my shots. The wave in the Bundoran Reef was very nice to ride out and as long as you’re handy with your W, A, and D keys, you’ll have a really fun time. If you want to step it up a level you can hit up the bigger wave in the next sim over named Neart (slurl).

**best viewed in large form**

Alright enough of the surf let’s get to the garb. I had some troubles getting the right tee for this outfit. I dug through my inventory at first, but then remembered that it was the alter ego of Emma Gilmour (Hudsen Armidi) that made the Floral Curve Boardshorts you see here. Thus, I headed over to Sand Shack Surf Co to pick up this fantastic Vintage T-Shirt tee. The hue fit perfectly and it’s even fresh tasting! At least that’s what the shirt tells me.

Now, you would think I have the self control to only buy 1 pair…but not so much. I also picked up a couple more pairs (same styles, but different colors (notice no u in my colors)). I was really drawn to the Checkered Boardshorts for some reason. Without the prim bottoms they’re fantastic, but if you’re trying to add the prim bottoms to them and you’re a perfectionist like myself…good luck to you sir, you have more patience than myself.

L to R we have the white/silver and the dark gray/black Checkered Boardshorts

Now to finish this outfit off I had throw in the latest in my favorite shoes. The Pornstars from Urban Bomb Unit are amazing. I really really love these shoes. They’re worn in and the options, OH the options. 36 different fabric colors, 27 different lace styles, ability to change the stitch color, ability to change the soles (black & white), and ability to even change the loop hole color. Almost option overload…almost. I have to say that they’re the best Chuck Taylors for the price and you have to love patch “Vestirse como una Pornstar”. As Ron Burgundy said to his dog Baxter, “You know I don’t speak Spanish. In English please.” They say “To dress one’s self like a pornstar.” They’re in your face and versatile. I will cherish them forever and ever.

L to R: Burberry, Black, Tattoo

I love everything in this outfit and would direct anybody to any of these stores for this stuff. It’s all fantastic and definitely some must-haves. To wrap it all up here, I give you some surf-inspired music…

Forgotten Rebels – Surfin’ on Heroin

Air – Surfing on a Rocket

Fatboy Slim – Soul Surfing

Beach Boys – Surfer Girl

Jack Johnson – Drink the Water

The Sandals – Theme from the Endless Summer

Outfit Details (head to toe):
Hair: <The Abyss> Hair – Pink – Blade L$200 slurl
Skin: FNKY! Antonio Dark – Stubble L$1,850 single (L$3,000 pack) slurl
Shades: Young Urban – Alaskan Aviators – Silver L$90 slurl
Tattoos: Aitui – Koi Farm L$350 slurl
Tee: Sand Shack Surf Co – [SC] Vintage T-Shirt Tee – Pink L$90 slurl
Boardshorts: Armidi Limited – Floral Curve Pink & Silver, Checkered Silver & White, Checkered Dark Gray & Black L$200 slurl
Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit – Pornstars Hi-Tops L$495 slurl


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2 responses to “Surf’s Up

  1. Mr Oh

    Nice blog, Oscar — I’ve added it to my ‘regular reads.’ If you’re still out at the beach, you’ll love the new ‘Mallory’ shirts at Casa del Shai.

    You’re right, the sneakers are wonderful.

    Hey, the credits for this post list some inexpensive shades — Alaskan Aviators — but you’ve not chosen any photos that display these.

  2. Oscar Page

    Yeah they’re kind of hidden. If someone were to see my “original” size of the surfing collage image on my Flickr, you can see the shades on me in the surfer action shot. I figured I’d toss them in there anyway.

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