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Hey everybody, a new one flying your way. The only story you’re going to get on this one is the story of how I came across this hat + hair. It all started @ Hair Fair ’08. I browsed around OnRez and grabbed the slim amount of demos I found for guys on there. Thankfully Jesseaitui came through on his promise to have some new hairs. As soon as I put on the My Agenda demo, I knew that I was going to be chopping through lag like Rambo through the jungle with his machete. (Someone should make a lag machete for struggling av’s to take to Hair Fair & Armidi) Thus, I did my chopping and got this awesome hat & combo. Soon after buying My Agenda, I knew I needed to throw it into a blog, and to blog it I’ve got to have an outfit to follow. I tossed something together quick from some other newer releases. Flipping through all of my clothing, I tossed on this Cosy sweater from Amodica Lookr. I can’t remember when or where I picked up that Adam Soler had opened up a new spot with new clothing, but that’s inconsequential here. All I needed to know was that this stuff is quality and Adam made it. Usually when you buy a horizontally striped sweater, the seams look all crazy where 95% of the time the stripes don’t line up. It’s obvious that Adam put in the time and effort required to line of the stripes at the seams, instead of slapping them on, because this is one of the best lineups at the seams of any horizontally striped shirt that I own.

Finishing off the main portion of this outfit are The Rascal jeans from Kari and the Hoorenbeek Patagonia Boots in Black. As some clothing prices seem to be running out of control, Kari comes through with some quality textured jeans for the reasonable price of L$100 each. All 4 pairs of jeans (The Rebel, The Rascal, The John Doe, and The Scoundrel) from Kari are very well done with prim cuffs. The Patagonia boots from Hoorenbeek are very versatile from a regular casual look to a much more hardcore look. The ones I chose for this outfit have a texture of a smooth and new pair of boots, but the Used Black form of the boots that I have in my inventory are quite nice as well.

Now, we go to the accessories. The pièce de résistance here is definitely the Cigged scarf from Fuel. I got this item as a gift from a friend, but never really had a true place that I could put it. I’m just extremely happy I could find the right home for the accessory. When you get something that you know is really fantastic, but don’t have the right clothing to wear it with…it really sucks. You really want to wear the item that you were gifted, but you have nothing else to really wear with it. Then, that item will sit in your inventory and sometimes never even be looked at again. Thus, from the depths of my inventory comes this scarf. Though it’s actually in a women’s store (towards the back on a standing tower), it’s definitely more unisex. An additional accessory worth noting here is an older item from BroGear. It’s the Black Label – ROGUE Leather Watch in Black. I love this watch for an accessory for hardcore outfits. If you’re not a big fan of wearing cuffs or straps, I strongly suggest you roll by BroGear and grab this watch.

A final item of note in here is the Tribal Facial tat created by Mina Firefly. I really really like this as an accent tat. Currently the tattoo is not available for sale as Mina is still working on setting up her store after relocation, but I believe you’re welcome to harass…I mean…buy it from her by dropping her an IM. Just tell her I sent you after her and maybe she’ll speed up the process of setting up a storefront. 🙂

The Rundown
Hair: Aitui – My Agenda in Black (L$200)
Sweater: Amodica Lookr – Cosy in Forest Green (L$125)
Jeans: { Kari } – The Rascal Jeans (L$100)
Boots: Hoorenbeek – Patagonia Boots in Black (L$520)
Scarf: /Fuel/ – Cigged (L$200)
Watch: BroGear [Black Label] – ROGUE Leather Watch in Black (L$190)
Facial Tattoo: Mina’s – Tribal Facial tat (IM Mina Firefly for price if interested)
Skin: FNKY! – Antonio Dark – Stubble (L$1,850 single / L$3,000 pack)

The Mix Songs
Rage Against the Machine – War Within a Breath
Little Jackie – 28 Butts
Jack’s Mannequin – The Mixed Tape
Dropkick Murphy’s – Green Fields of France

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  1. Thanks for the mention on Cosy, Oscar. Looking good there! 😉

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