Summertime Blues

It’s Sept 2nd and summer has left the building for those of us in the northern hemisphere. Now we look forward to fall. Even though the winter here in Wisconsin was as rough as it has ever been (record snowfalls all over the place), I’m actually kind of looking forward to a crisp fall evening. This summer will be missed though and as Eddie Cochran would tell you “there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues.” To honor this summer, I bring you a last grasp of summer blues.

I’ll work left to right here as my outfits flow that way. The first outfit I have kicking there is mostly from Casa del Shai. I picked up that the semi-sheer Mallory shirts were out via SL Style, and recently Shai herself tossed my way a pair of her scruffy jeans in Bruno to give her a little feedback. I strolled by her store to see if I could find something lighter and saw that she had a total of 6 pairs out. For this outfit I voted for Pedro (the name of the jeans), and I didn’t even have to do a flippin’ sweet dance to Jamiroquai’s “Canned Heat”. Finishing off this first outfit is a shirt that I randomly came across. Though I’m not a huge fan of “shopping districts”, I love it when I’m in one specifically to check out a store that I pick up on from a blog…and happen to come upon another store that has some really cool stuff. That would be the case with this Vintage Mexican Skull tee from OutsiderZ. The overall feel and multiple locations of the store suggest an alternative lifestyle. I’m definitely feeling it and will keep watching for what Shian Handrick comes out with next.

The second outfit is a taste of Sartoria. I’m really a big fan of what Sartoria has cooking. Instead of the alternative feel, this is more of something that you would see on a yacht racing across the Mediterranean. Appropriately, the store is officially named La Sartoria di traveller Bade (that’s Italian people). Here you see the Racing Zip jacket paired up with the Riva dress slacks in Light Linen. Sartoria offers up the items separately, but, instead of the Riva dress slacks, you can get the Racing Zip along with a pair of Chino white pants as a set at Strider’s Mens Shop as SARTORIA ITALIANA Outfit 08 for L$250 (a savings of L$70 if you were to buy the items separately). Also in this outfit would be the Redgrave sneakers in white. These are a fantastically sculpted pair of sneakers by Emilia Redgrave. Thanks to the fantastic customer service provided by Emilia, I got these shoes in two sizes before she began offering them in the box in two sizes. I must not have been the only one asking. 😉

The third and final outfit of this group holds most of the elements I’ve already talked about, but thrown into the mix this time is a classic shirt from Laqroki. It’s offered in 10 different colors, but to go along with the group here it’s in a wonderful blue dubbed Chill. It comes with a prim collar bare, with white tie, and with a black tie. This shirt is truly a versatile piece of work where it works to dress it up with a tie or dress it down with a pair of jeans. You should also notice a hair change. A while back when Donovan Brennen of GearShift released some hoodies, and as a supplemental purchase you could buy a “half-hair” called Jute from Philotic Energy. Back then I sent a random IM to Aemilia Case, telling her she should create a full hair based on Jute. I was poking around in Philotic Energy the other day and asked if Aemilia’s hair Rhodri was the full hair of Jute. Well, it turns out that my eyes did not deceive me. This is an excellent hairstyle and the amount of colors that Aemilia offers is pretty amazing. I strongly suggested you get over to Philotic Energy and check out what Aemilia has up there in a new store setup in the sky as it’s no longer on the ground.

And now for something completely different…

I continue to be under the impression that June Dion has trained helper monkeys help her create as much as she does in SL. It’s really refreshing to know that every single time you walk into BareRose Tokyo that you’re going to find a deal on some high quality fantasy garb. This one is Aquarius from a series of astrological figures that she created. Aquarius is the water carrier and as shown this outfit is filled with sculpties to demonstrate a more futuristic way that Aquarius would transport that water. The attention to detail in this series of outfits is really amazing and at the price of L$160…it’s amazing.

That about sums it up for my Summertime Blues collection. Hopefully you can add some of these elements to accentuate the lighter side of your style and keep on stepping up that game (even if that game is amazing fantasy clothing). Also, here’s an update from Mina Firefly herself on the tribal facial tat. She’s looking to get her items setup on SLexchange very soon. When she does, I’ll update everything to send you directly to where you can buy her tats. Thanks for reading everybody.

Peace, love, and respect,


The Rundown
Outfit #1 (Shai)
Shirt + Jeans: *Shai* – Mallory Woven Shirt (L$150) + Scruffy Jeans in Pedro (L$300)
Undershirt: OutsiderZ Vintage Mexican Skull tee (L$75)
Shoes: UBU – Pornstars Hi-Tops (L$495)
Hair: Armidi – The Emo One – Silver (L$295 for 5-pack)
Skin: FNKY! – Baby Face Soul L$1,850 single (L$3,000 pack)
Body Tattoo: iNFLiCT – Serenity (L$599)
Facial Tattoo: Mina’s Tribal (SLexchange coming soon)

Outfit #2 (Sartoria)
Jacket + Slacks: Sartoria – Racing Zip (L$200) + Riva dress slacks L/Linen L$150
Strider’s Deal SLurl
Tank Top: *Shai* – Ribbed Tank Top – Cream L$350 (3 Colors)
Shoes: Redgrave – Sneakers White (L$380)
Hair: Armidi – The Emo One – Silver (L$295 for 5-pack)
Skin: FNKY! – Baby Face Soul L$1,850 single (L$3,000 pack)
Body Tattoo: iNFLiCT – Serenity (L$599)
Facial Tattoo: Mina’s Tribal (SLexchange coming soon)

Outfit #3 (Laqroki & Sart)
Shirt: Laqroki – Chill Pinstripe Shirt (L$225)
Slacks: Sartoria – Riva dress slacks L/Linen (L$150)
Shoes: Redgrave – Sneakers White (L$380)
Hair: Philotic Energy – Rhodri in Silver (L$199 3 Colors)
Skin: FNKY! – Baby Face Soul L$1,850 single (L$3,000 pack)
Body Tattoo: iNFLiCT – Serenity (L$599)
Facial Tattoo: Mina’s Tribal (SLexchange coming soon)

Outfit #4 (Aquarius)
Outfit: B@R – Aquarius (L$160)
Hair: Armidi – The Emo One – Silver (L$295 for 5-pack)
Skin: FNKY! – Baby Face Soul L$1,850 single (L$3,000 pack)
Facial Tattoo: Mina’s Tribal (SLexchange coming soon)


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2 responses to “Summertime Blues

  1. Mr Oh

    Nice outfits, Oscar. BareRose is indeed frightening. Question: Has Shai returned to low-waisted jeans with this design?

  2. Oscar Page

    Yeah this is a low-rise jean. I had to use the underpants layer provided with the tee because of how low they go. I wanted to wear the cream tank underneath the Mallory shirt too, but the underpants layer on that wasn’t low enough so I took it as an opportunity to open people up to OutsiderZ.

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