Solamente Amor

Hey people. I’m back at you again with another one. The other day I was talking to Shai Delacroix and giving her some crap (because that’s just what I do) and she had mentioned to me that she was updating some of her older suits. Randomly, Shai tossed the Amorsolo Suit in Black at me. Later on that day after the conversation I put on the suit and I really really liked it. The crispness and detail of the textures are pretty amazing. The shading on this is pretty spectacular too. I think this is definitely a great update to her older version of the suit, which at the time I felt was a little too harsh on the textures and thus purchased The Luna Suit back then. As I started to look it over and feel out the attitude and lifestyle that the suit represented, I knew a club scene would have to be the place to go with this. What really set me on club scene was really my thinking about how great this would be for some of the RL modeling agency parties I’ve been to. (I’m on the client side of the industry) I could definitely see myself rocking this look for one of those. Now if only my bank account would allow me to splurge on something IRL like this. This is suit comes in black, as shown in this, and also in a stone grey as well (the original Amorsolo suit had a grey jacket as well). Something else you’ll notice in these pictures is that down the middle are what you’re really going to get when you see these items in-world. The lighting at Seven Ultra Lounge is very pink/purple, so note that the suit and shoes do not have that tint to them. That’s simply how windlight affects the clothing.

Solamente Amor

Also featured in this look is a ring that I got as a gift for my 4-year SL birthday, which was on the 4th of November. I know; it feels like yesterday that I came into this crazy world. I remember the first night I got into the game; I went to a club with a group of my friends that brought me into the game. There was some girl dancing all sexy and she had a whip that she was spanking my buddy with. I also remember flying around on one of my first days and randomly going into a house where two people were getting it on. Of course the entire group had to follow me, so there were about 5 of us just standing there while the two were trying to get it on. Oh man, I’m practically falling out of my chair laughing just thinking about it. And you know that when you’re a n00b flying around in a group, you just locate green dots and go to them because you want to see what they’re up to. Knowing what I did as a n00b, makes me a little more patient when someone else does the same thing to me when their flying over is simply in curiosity and not to grief.

Ok ok enough about my n00balicious cock block. This ring comes with the “Peace is Sexy” set from Lucas Lameth Fashion Jewelry. I really like the simplicity of it. It’s fashionable without an overstatement. Items like this are quality to have in your inventory because they won’t overshadow your clothing, they just lightly complement it. Another item that I have in my inventory like this is the elephant hair bracelet from Guillaume pour homme. It’s a staple in my accessories and a piece that’s rich in African history. I’m not wearing it in this obviously, but it’s a great accessory to have.

I think that’s all I’ve got for now. Stay tuned because I’m altering my body to squeeze into my next adventure in blogging. Trust me; it’ll be a whole lot of fun. I promise.

The Rundown
Suit: Casa del Shai – The Amorsolo Suit in Black L$650
Shoes: Kalnin’s Classica v1.0 (L$400 all 7 colors)
Glasses: Damani – Toprim Glasses L$70
Hair: Aitui – Sleepwalk – Black L$175
Skin: FNKY! – Baby Face Soul L$1,850 single (L$3,000 pack)

The Soundtrack
Basement Jaxx – Bingo Bango
Cassius – The Sound of Violence
New Young Pony Club – Get Lucky
Keane – Is It Any Wonder?
T-Pain – Can I Buy You A Drink?
Ice Cube – We Be Clubbin’

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