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I never meant to cause you any sorrow
I never meant to cause you any pain
I only wanted one time to see you laughing
I only want to see you laughing in the purple rain

I’m not going to lie; I had a lot of fun shopping for this one. When I saw the new collection from Paper Couture and saw the Learning Suit, I immediately thought of Prince. The only person that could rock this outfit in today’s world and not get mocked is Prince. I wish I could have found his symbol guitar, but with the quickness of the turnaround and the highly unlikely probability that it actually exists in SL…I don’t have it in this. If anybody has any leads on where I could maybe find that guitar, please let me know because I’m sure I’ll bust out my Prince somewhere down the line. I first picked up that Paper Couture had released their fall season of clothing when I saw Iustinian’s post. That I know of, they’re the only group of designers that releases an entire seasonal collection, instead of on a item by item process that most designers do. As I had mentioned in my comment on Iustinian’s post, their Spring/Summer ’08 (usually shortened S/S08) collection did not have any men’s clothing in it at all. I was pretty sad about that at the time because Paper Couture always comes out with something interesting. It’ll always be something that will make you rethink design in general. When you look at their stuff, you’re not exactly sure whether you like or not, but you can’t stop looking at it. It’s that mystery that holds your attention. I think that the same sort essence that got everybody caught up with Prince when he initially came out. He made you rethink what sexy is. This 5’2″, skinny guy in heels that pumps this music into your veins that’s sexually charged, funky, and has a presence that’s second to none. So with that I give you my Prince look:

Purple Rain

A final couple of things of note about the Learning Suit are that Paper Couture did something different this time around. In all of their previous releases, most items could not be worn separately. With this outfit you can wear the pants, jacket, and shirt as stand-alone items. Not all of the outfits are this way, where you can disconnect, but it’s very nice to see some step in the right direction toward mixing and matching items. Also, most of the male designs carry a similar pattern across the board. You can see it all throughout this outfit and it’s on the jacket of two other outfits as well as the pants on the other two that round out the entire male collection. I’m not sure if this is a signature pattern for the season or something that we’ll consistently see in the future of their collection. Either way it’s a little nuance to watch for.

Other portions of this look that you should note would be #1 the skin #2 the shoes. Starting it off here I’ll talk about the skin. When concepting Prince, I knew I needed some funky fresh facial hair. The only way to go was Defectiva. I was in the store checking out the skins and I seriously couldn’t believe my eyes when I went to snag one. L$300…I mean L$300. That’s pretty amazing. Now, the skin only comes with a hair on version and it’s no mod, but it’s a very functional skin for a very cheap price. I would also mention what I saw Disembodied Hand (the designer) wearing, but I’ll save him the embarrassment. In a short conversation that I had with Disembodied he mentioned that he was really looking forward to taking the time to update his male skins with a photorealistic approach like he had done with his female skins. The final thing I’m going to kick at you would be…well the kicks. These are the Gallop shoes from Kalnins. (I know Kalnins love in two straight posts…sometimes you just get in that groove) They come in 11 different colors and you get them all for L$500. You may even consider them having 22 different colors because of the shiny feature scripted into the shoes. SL client and graphics permitting, the shiny feature to the shoes can give your shoes a different tint depending on the local light. If you do make it over to Kalnins, note the new RoadBlazers that just came out today. I haven’t decided which of the two sets of colors to tackle, but eventually I’ll figure it out.

So that’s all I’ve got for you on this one. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did playing around with my shape and throwing out Prince at you. I know my gf is happy that this is over because I don’t know how much she could stand looking at Prince (who barely stood up to her shoulders). Enjoy your week everybody!

The Rundown
Outfit: Paper Couture The Learning Suit L$300
Shoes: Kalnins Gallop v1.2 (L$500 all 11 colors)
Hair: Gritty Kitty – Czech Mate in Black L$130
Eyes: SLAB – ICE in Brown L$65
Skin: Defectiva – Conor – Light – Fresh L$300

The Soundtrack
Prince & The Revolution – Erotic City
Prince – P Control
Prince – Sexy MF
Prince – Gett Off
Prince – Kiss
Prince – Cream
Prince – 7
Prince – Purple Rain
Prince – When Doves Cry
Prince & The Revolution – Let’s Go Crazy

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