Settle down pervoids. This isn’t about the sexual act. It’s about the hair store in SecondLife(tm) that seems to be drumming a lot of quality buzz in the female realm. They recently released some new female hair that I picked up on in the feed, so I did a little sleuthing and tracked back their releases on their blog to see if they had any male hair. I struck gold when I hit a blog post of theirs from August 21st. I slid on over to their store and snapped up both hairs in the 5-pack that included a black shade. You’ll find that’s the most prevalent shade I wear. Now, this is just a hunch, but I believe the name of their hair store 69 is because both Kinoko and Kumii (the hair stylists) are Japanese. Thus, 69 yielded me to believe that it is the “in yo” symbol of Japan (or more well known as the yin yang of Taoism out of China). Alright back to the fashionliciousness of this and let’s roll out of concepts that are a bit too large for me to wrap my brain around right now.

Sweetest 69

My first outfit above features the LIVE JAZZ hair from 69 in jetblack. The main item in this outfit that jumps out at everybody like it did to me is the One Way sweater from Sweetest Goodbye. It’s a very thick-knit sweater with playful zippers approximately crossing the heart. The red and yellow on this one really jumped out at me as colors that are not often put together, but when they’re hit just right they can really make an item pop. This sweater almost reminds me of an older sweater by GearShift called 8-ball which is in a burnt orange color, but this one has definitely been brought fashion forward. Coupled up with this sweater I have a newer pair of jeans from one of my favorite stores in SL, named Calypso Giano. I fell in love with a t-shirt of theirs because of how up front and in-your-face it was by the use of a little text. Also, the angel with the giant wings on the back, I thought was a really awesome graphic as well. The jeans here are the stonewashed jeans in LiaG A. I grabbed the fat pack of the jeans because I liked them that much. Within each pair of jeans you get two versions LiaG A (with your standard straight prim cuffs) and B (where the jeans are a little looser and the prims are cuffed at the bottom). The final piece of the puzzle here are the SE (special edition) version of the Hoorenbeek Davit Boots in black. The difference in this version of the Davit boots is that the stitching and edging around the boots are in red, whereas the rest of the Davit boots have stitching and edging that blends in. I bought these boots a long while ago at a Hoorenbeek party and I can’t remember exactly why they were made, but I believe the initial creation of the special edition version was for some sort of contest, where if you bought them it gave 1 vote to Hoorenbeek in the contest.

Aoharu 69ed

Moving on, I tossed together a second look with the other hair (well hat + hair combo) here from 69 appropriately entitled SCULPTURE (the hat is sculpty). What actually connects these two outfits, without the obvious connection of the hair, is that I actually saw a guy wearing the One Way sweater right after I had purchased this white shirt from Aoharu. With that amazingly wonderful tool that LL has added into the game, I inspected the collar on the sweater and away we went. Hitting rewind on the remote here, I was shopping with my gf at Aoharu and simply knew that I had to have one of these shirts and ended up buying two of them. I asked which of two colors that my gf liked and then I went and bought both of them anyway (resistance is futile). This is a very cool and collected shirt. It’s a great shirt to dress down in and the roll up of the sleeves is the icing on the cake. My favorite part about this shirt, as it is such a rare joy, I barely had to adjust the prims on my shape. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m pretty handy with the resizer scripts and stretching an item to fit, but it’s such a fantastic simple pleasure when you don’t have to do a whole lot of adjusting. Also, note that the prims attach to the forearms, so any watches worn will be taken off or will take off the prim cuffs. Anyway, this is Aoharu shirt is definitely in my top 5 of classic white shirts in SL. No shirt has stolen the crown from the semi-sheer shirt that came underneath the jacket from the Last Call Ciao Evening Suit (unfortunately no longer available in-world) yet, but we shall see what the SL future holds. Finishing off this outfit I tossed in my previously posted Shai jeans and the Hoorenbeek Docker Shoes in white leather. I’m definitely a fan of Hoorenbeek footwear, and I would suggest their shoes to anybody. Their shoe prices are on the higher side, but they’re definitely worth taking a look at.

That’s all I’ve got for this post. My next post I’m planning will be a look into a pet peeve of mine, and you know I’m going to have some fun with it. Enjoy the rest of your weeks everybody and I’ll speak at you next time when I aim for the jugular and probably end up in the popcorn machine.

The Rundown
Sweetest 69
Sweater: Sweetest Goodbye – One Way in Red L$280
Jeans: Calypso Giano – Stonewashed Jeans – Love is a Gamble in F9 L$250 single (L$1,500 10-pack)
Shoes: Hoorenbeek – Davit Boot in Black Leather SE L$520
Hair: 69 – LIVE JAZZ in jetblack 5-pack for L$200
Facial Tattoo: Mina’s Tribal Eye Tattoo (still determining a location to buy)
Body Tattoo: Slinked Tattoos – Attitude L$300
Skin: FNKY! – Antonio Dark – Baby Face Soul at Darkness 50 – L$1,850 single (L$3,000 pack)

Aoharu 69ed
Shirt: Aoharu – BT Stripe Shirt in White L$180
Jeans: *Shai* – Scruffy Jeans in Pedro L$300
Shoes: Hoorenbeek – Docker Shoes in White Leather L$520
Hair: 69 – SCULPTURE in jetblack 5-pack for L$200
Body Tattoo: Slinked Tattoos – Attitude L$300
Skin: FNKY! – Antonio Dark – Baby Face Soul at Darkness 50 – L$1,850 single (L$3,000 pack)

The Soundtrack
Sweetest 69
Fatboy Slim – Star 69
Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire
Against Me! – Thrash Unreal
The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony

Aoharu 69ed
Yerba Buena – Solito Me Quede
Aterciopelados – Baracunatana
Adrian Quesada & Ocote Soul Sounds – Tamarindio
Common – Star *69 (PS With Love)

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