Hairy Annoyance

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This one is going to be basic and just me laying out something that annoys the crap out of me. My least favorite thing in all of SecondLife is hair demos. As shown above, my head is too big for 99.9% of hair demos. Now, this is not aimed at all hair designers as some have instituted ways to change this. Recently I bought demos for both Sixty-Nine and Laqroki hairs that had multiple sizes. That being said, both of their large sizes did not fit my 100-sized head. If my head goes any smaller than 90, it’s small enough that it’s obvious to see I lose the symmetry of my shape and it gives me a pinhead. I know, it’s hard to tell that I’m into aesthetics on a lot of levels. 😉

The first decision on how to fix this for myself was to have my shape in multiple head sizes. If you’re stuck in a no modify shape that you purchased, you don’t have the luxury of being able to save your shape with multiple head sizes for hair demos. Personally, I’m old school and created my own shape with the personality and look that I wanted. No offense no mod shape-makers, but that’s just how I roll. When I use multiple head sizes it allows me to reduce my head size to perfectly, or at least as close as possible, fit the hair my head. Some demos this works for, but others really force me to make my head small (about 45 or smaller). By the time I get my head small enough to fit the hair, I can’t even really tell what the hair would look like on me anymore! Therefore, multiple hair stylists out there have not received my L$ because I can’t tell what the heck the hair is going to look like on me. Though, they may receive it later after I see someone else who has purchased the hair and fit it to their head.

Here are two solutions that I can think of to solve this situation:

#1 Provide different sized demos AND provide a note card explaining what size heads should fit what size demo, i.e. 100 = X Large; 85 = Large; 70 = Medium; 55 = Small.

#2 If your hairs already come with a resizing script, institute that into your demos as well. It allows for the person testing the waters to really customize the demo to their head.

A second thing that I’ve noticed lately is the disappearance of color demos. Color demos are such an essential piece to hair demos. The brown at one hair location may not be the same as it will be at another location. And even further to that point, the brown that you see on the wall may not entirely represent what you see on your screen with the hair depending on what lighting the creator used for their ads. So please, please, please hair stylists…color demos!

Okay, that should just about cover it and I think I got it all off of my chest. [/rant] If anybody reading this knows of any places that do provide any or all of these solutions for male hair, drop the name in a comment and I’ll create a list here of hair places that are consumer friendly.

Consumer Friendly Hair Stylists:
Influence Hair by Naughty

The Soundtrack
Radiohead – Talk Show Host
Portishead – Sour Sour Times
Nine Inch Nails – Head Like A Hole
Crush – Jellyhead
Fatboy Slim – Going Out of My Head
Beck – Devil’s Haircut

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  1. Autumn from Pixel Dust has a resizable script in all the demos.

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