Shop Armidi is OPEN!

Finally finally finally finally finally. lol is open! It has been a very long time coming, but those crazy Armidi’s got their website up. The former Armidi blog now redirects to the News & Announcements section of the ShopArmidi website and the workroom is now officially located at They have some new and exclusive attire on the website and once I buy some of that, I’ll toss it on here. The main things that I like so far:

#1 Alto Belmiro shoes ~ slip-on style
#2 Pinstripe Blazer ~ classic and cool
#3 Aloc Aloc graphic tees ~ FUNKY FRESH!

**UPDATE: I’ve heard that this section is no longer needed, but I’ll leave it here just in case any random person is still having problems with the site.
Okay, so the site doesn’t work exactly as you want it to right away and honestly it took me 7 TIMES to figure this out. When you get onto the site with your password it will ask you update your email immediately. Note the warning about which email address you use for the site. After you hit the update you’ll get a “noreply” email with a link inside. If you click on the link and go in the site will tell you that you’re already logged in and show your name in the upper right corner. Copy that link that you see at the top because you’ll need it later. The only way I’ve found to get around the constant loop of updating your email is to hit Home on the website after you’ve hit the emailed link. Then login with your password. After that you have to paste that link from the email again and it should shoot you right in. Hopefully this helps you out and doesn’t cause the frustration like it did for me for the 20min of my aggregate anger and annoyance.

Overall, I think the website is excellent. My only gripes about the entire thing are:

#1 There’s not “View All” choice in the Items per page drop down menu under the “Refine your search” function
#2 The Previous & Next buttons don’t exactly stand out at the bottom of the page
#3 There’s no link to solely look at the website exclusive items that sets them apart from the rest of the Armidi merch.

Other than those minor details, it’s really great and I’m super excited to see where they go with this and the exclusive items! Oh happy Armidi Day! 🙂

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