A Touch of Grey

I know I know I know…it’s been a while. I count the Style Guy article as one though. Alright so here’s what I have working on this one. Okay, so why I’m here. I recently came across some new hat + hairs from Gritty Kitty called Barista and Comrad. Comrad is a military hat that has 16 different textures in it with shaggy hair that falls over the eyes, but what I’m actually tossing your direction in this is the Barista. The Barista is a fedora hat with long hair that’s tied up in back. It’s perfect to keep it sanitary behind the counter or, in this case, cooler on the neck for the night on the town. Although when you’re out and about there’s bound to be someone smoking but, it’s time to kick the habit for Christmas. Thus, it’s the candy cane for me, but just in case you have to have the emergency pack if the itch gets overbearing… Finishing out this outfit we’ve got a Hoorenbeek suede jacket in dark grey (the cigarettes come with the jacket), an excellent pair of slacks that I stumbled over a while ago from idiots!, and the classic, just like their name, Kalnin’s Classica in grey with an added shine to them. Without further ado…I’ll give you the artsy background version (and green light) and then the version where you can see the true colors.

Touch of Grey Collage

True Color
Touch of Grey True Color Collage

The Rundown
Hat + Hair: Gritty Kitty – Barista in Black L$150
Jacket: Hoorenbeek – Suede Jacket in Dark Gray L$520
Pants: idiots! – Slacks in Gray L$100 single (L$120 for both pairs)
Shoes: Kalnin’s – Classica v1.0 (L$400 all 7 colors)
Shades: [Armidi Gisaci] – Lifestyle Aviators – Silver L$325
Scarf: SF Designs – White Silk Evening Scarf L$0

The Soundtrack
Grateful Dead – Touch of Gray
Limbeck – Silver Things
Dave Matthews Band – Grey Street
David Gray – Silver Lining
Fatboy Slim (ft Macy Gray) – Demons

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