A Crush With Guyliner

I…am…smitten. On the many random wanderings that I’ve been doing in SL lately while building up to be a Viceroy in the Camelot Kingdom of Tiny Empires, I came upon a skin display from Damiani for the Neo². I put on the demo and thought it was a pretty good skin, nothing truly worth going gaga over. Although, then I really started to look at the demo names, and noticed 8 different versions of the Shaved facial hair. 8 different versions of a skin for L$2,000 is a very very good deal. Usually you have to pay extra for eyeliner versions of a facial hair, but with the Damiani skin it automatically comes in the group. You get your standard bald head vs. hair and body hair vs. silky smooth as well as all of those versions with eyeliner. As soon as I saw that, I knew I had to have it. Little did I know that it was going to get better. Exactly the reason why I absolutely LOVE the FNKY! Antonio skin, the Damiani Neo² skin follows suit by putting some light alpha (very slight transparency) into the skin texture and allows you to use the Pigment slider (Edit Appearance > Skin tab > Skin Color tab > Pigment slider) to make the skin lighter and darker. Another thing that I like about this skin is that the body hair is very tastefully done. A lot of times you get some really really bad body hair that doesn’t even end up looking like body hair at all. Although an opportunity for improvement would be to remove the treasure trail and hair-down-there on the skins without body hair. Personally, this isn’t much of a big deal to me, but I’m sure others would like to see a completely smooth style to it. Alright I’ll cut off my rambling here and toss the skin at you.

Full Pigment Spectrum
Damiani Neo² - Full Spectrum

Other Details
Damiani Neo² - Details

The Rundown
Skin: Damiani – Neo V2 – Shaved in tone Tan 2 L$2,000 single facial hair (L$5,000 set & L$15,000 fat pack)
Undies: Brief Encounter – Picasso Trunks (Not currently available at any location. New sim in development)

The Soundtrack
REM – A Crush With Eyeliner
Death Cab for Cutie – Summer Skin
India.Arie – Brown Skin
Frank Sinatra – I’ve Got You Under My Skin

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