Fabulously Fashionable Gaslights

I know I know I know. It’s been a while. The things I’ve wanted to blog or thought about blogging, but never got around to are piling up. It’s like that laundry day that you put off a few times before finally getting around to it. No? That…that’s just me? Alright whatever you “holier than thou” people. Let me hit you with something that I threw together as quickly as possible to save a friend’s butt. 😉 Recently my friend Daphne Abernathy IMed me to see if I would be able to make myself available from 6pm to 6:45pm SLT yesterday. I told her that I could and asked her what she needed me for. She then informed me that in her segment on the SLCN TV show Fabulous Fashion that she was going to be covering AO’s and that she needed a guy for a new male cane AO from ANA_mations. I happily accepted the challenge and my brain got to work about how I would approach it. Somewhere in my photographic memory a picture of Ryan Daragh stuck out, like a sore thumb, of him in a Steampunk sort of outfit from Gaslight Emporium with a cane. I decided to take my own quick stab at it and put something together to make my friend look good. And this is what I came up with:

Gaslights Collage

The main pieces in this look are from Gaslights Emporium. The suit is the Gentlemen’s evening suit in charcoal.
This is a very nice suit with the offsetting gray scale colors. One of my favorite parts about the suit is actually the tie. It’s not some amazing feat in sculpted prims, but more very innovative with the rudimentary basic prims available. I don’t know of many others that have this, but the prim tie nicely rolls over and falls behind vest in an elegant and classy way. Even cooler is the special edition Gaslight cane. It is your normal regular cane, but it has a little bubble with a gas-powered light within the cane, perfect for a late night stroll. With a click of the cane you can make the light bright, dimmed, or turn it off. Along with all of that coolness, the cane also comes with three versions of the cane. The first has a complete AO in it (stands are shown in the picture except for the 5ifth Order one on the cane closeup), the second has the AO without the over-the-shoulder pose, and the third has no AO at all in the cane. It’s a very nice touch if you’re not up for getting the ANA_mations pose set.

The other key pieces to my outfit are the Unessicarily high prim monocle and the new JP Shoes from Hoorenbeek. I randomly came across the Unessicarily high prim monocle while I was searching for a monocle to go with my outfit on XStreet. I loved the fact that the monocle was free and loved even more the fact that I could modify it. The frame didn’t exactly sit correctly on my face, so I pulled it off. The frame was 17 of the 140 prims total prims, yes the name of the object did not lie. Finally, we have the new JP Shoes from Hoorenbeek. I really really like these new shoes. The base form of the shoe is of the newly updated and revised version of the Allen shoes, but the JP Shoes adorn a wing-tip pattern whereas the Allen shoes have an oxford pattern upon them. For this outfit I felt as if the JP shoes were the best to take this outfit to the next level.

Alright, that’s what I have for the first outfit here of many to come over the next week or two as I start to push out some these items that I know need to be blogged. Have a wonderful rest of your day people!

The Rundown
Suit + Cane: Gaslights Emporium – Gentlemen’s Evening Suit in Charcoal L$400 + Special Edition Gaslight Cane L$250
Monocle: ITEM – Unessicarily high prim monocle L$0
Shoes: Hoorenbeek – JP Shoes L$520
Hair: Armidi – The Emo One – Silver (L$295 for 5-pack)
Skin: Damiani – Neo V2 in Tan 2 – Shaved Eyeliner (Pigment 0) L$2,000 single facial hair (L$5,000 set & L$15,000 fat pack)

The Soundtrack
Ravel – String Quartet in F, 2nd Movement
Vivaldi – Four Seasons – Winter
Bach – Easter Oratio
Tan Dun & Yo-Yo Ma – Night Fight
Bond – The 1812
Gotan Project – Queremos Paz (por favor Presidente Obama)


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2 responses to “Fabulously Fashionable Gaslights

  1. And you looked fabulous Mr. Page!

  2. Oscar Page

    Why thank you Miss Mornington!

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