S/S09 Suits!

It’s time to demonstrate how you’ve got to dress to impress Spring/Summer09 sty-lee. Suits were pretty much a staple in every single menswear designer’s S/S09 portfolio. Here is the cream of the crop that rose to the top for me:

Suits #1

Kicking it off we have agnes b. I know I’m overlapping some designers a lot in these posts, but as I was combing through all of these images it was like if a designer hit a right chord…it seemed as though they hit another and another to me. I do touch on a few of designers in this group that I haven’t touched on in the previous posts, but I digress. Agnes b! I yanked out three of her suits for this affair. The first one, despite the look on the model’s face, is an excellent navy suit. I like the mixing of blue on blue (yeah I’ve admitted to being a blue slut and S/S09 totally will allow me to be a blue slut) and the vertically striped tie is a great accent piece to this. The second and third really hit a homerun in my eyes. It’s like I’m looking at Ol’ Blue Eyes and Deano back from the dead. They are classic Rat Packian-style suits and if the fedora had a little fake feather in it, I could see my grandfather (God rest his soul) in one of his hats in this style. Note the horizontal-striped tie on the one and the dotted-down the middle tie on the other. The next two from Cerruti are along the same lines as the two to their left, but they’re not as dapper. These are more “church on Sunday” than “smoky night club”…if you want to stand out at church. They have a nice little shine to the fabrics that really sets them apart and they are suit separates. The two side-by-side maestro-esque suits from Chanel are almost works of art in themselves. I could see them in front of the orchestra and working their magic. From the maestros we move to a couple of shots of a suit from DKNY showing its diversity of looks of more casual and then more dressy. The casual having the deep v-neck shirt and canvas shoes while the dressy going with a blue on blue up top. If I had to pick between the two, I’d go with the dressy one because I like how the tie and shirt are the same color but the material demonstrates their difference. The last suit in this group is an excellent sky blue suit from Dries Van Noten that’d make Harry from Dumb & Dumber jealous.

Suits #2

Kicking of set #2 of the suits we have, lead singer of Maroon 5, Adam Levine! Okay it’s not Adam Levine, but he really friggin looks like him. This suit shows that cream is still a player, although much more minor now, in the color palette of spring/summer and the deep purple tie is the match that lights it up. Next up we have a couple of suits from Emanuel Ungaro. The thing I like about the two suits is how they’re both pretty basic, but then underneath you have some excellent shirt that light up this look. They feel very classic 70s European, but the shirts underneath really bring them to today. Emporio Armani had a very excellent collection for this Spring/Summer 09 and the first one I have from them is again demonstrating that suit separates theme coming around again. I really like the pinstriped pants on that, but I’m not all that sure about the blonde tips on these guys. Maybe that’s just me. The second suit is fantastic. The color is a very bold dark blue. If nothing else, you cannot deny that it’s supremely striking and carries an air of a very powerful suit. The bottom five are like ducks in a row of gray scale excellence. The first three of Fendi are again the Ryan Darragh special, especially the one in the middle (even though his av reminds me of the first one). I really like that deep red on the shoes in the first shot. If I had to pick a favorite suit out of all of the ones presented in this the Marithe + Francois Girbaud one really set it ahead of the rest. I really love the innovative cut on the suit along with the perfectly placed buttons and that nice subtle pattern on the fabric. Top to bottom it is the best, in my opinion. In the last one on this piece by Moschino it’s not Brandon from 90210, but it could be…with a picnic basket waiting to take you all away! Honestly though, it’s one of the best light gray suits that I saw and the diagonal-striped tie really set it apart from the rest.

Suits #3

Last set of suits…are you ready!? OK! Really love the shine on the suit in the Moschino suit here and also note how the tie pattern matches the shoe pattern…brilliant. On the suit from Neil Barrett I really like the skinny black tie and the wide-collared shirt on the white, single-breasted jacket. Next up is probably the coolest and comfortable suit in the entire set here from Roberto Cavalli. It just oozes elegance and affluence in a very warm climate. Moving along, we have two suits from Thierry Mugler. The first I chose for the blue on blue again. I guarantee you there was a lot of blue around this season and especially that sort of color blue as the shirt underneath the suit. From what I’ve shown so far, you’ve seen it in only Perry Ellis, but in what’s upcoming you’ll see it in Versace and D&G as well. I chose this black suit from Thierry Mugler because I love that classic suit with the extra flair up the shoulders. It reminded me of the Amorsolo suit in black from Casa del Shai that I blogged a little while back. Finishing off the suits we have a nice group from Tommy Hilfiger. Honestly, straight down the line reminded me of something that Sartoria di Traveller Bade. You can also find a plethora of diagonally-striped ties with your suits at Sartoria as well. **UPDATE** I went to a Fabulous Fashion show last night and Kobe Flatley of Mechanism was the designer guest. One of the outfits he put out there as a preview piece had a fantastic flexi black & white, diagonally-striped tie. Also, serjordan Bonetto of Emery had some of the prim persuasion out upstairs in his store as well. If Photoshop would’ve gone in the correct order on these you would have your morning, noon, boating, and night suits all in a row, but instead it put them in noon, boating, night, and then morning order. The white suit is just striking and I really like it. It’s a lot like the DSquared2 cream suit that I showed before, and the blue-jacketed suit separates setup is perfect for a day of yachting or flying your small personal jet around. 😉 The final suit I’ll talk about is that great single-breasted suit with a touch of blue on the breast. That extra touch really sets it apart from your regular, run of the mill suit. Capping it off is that bow tie and a great pair of very shiny oxfords.

Alright, that wraps up my picks for the suits of Spring/Summer 09 fashion. On deck, I’m going to get into a few of the trends that I noticed in the shows. They have shown up in a lot of the ones that I’ve already showed to you guys, but they were much more minor pieces of these looks. In the next ones they’ll be the central focus. Kicking it off will be my dedication to the Stripes….stay tuned!

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