Hola a todos! I’m back at you again and this time it’s in-world fashion instead of RL fashions. Following in the footsteps of Takeshi Ugajin, there will be a Collection by Oscar Page going up in Hoorenbeek as of today? Yes, Friday (Jan 30th) is what Ansor told me. I threw some of my flavor into these outfits and I hope you dig it. I’ll explain the vibe I’m trying to get across on each one. So without further ado, I give you the Hoorenbeek Collection by Oscar Page…

Chillin' the Most
Chillin the Most
Chillaxing with your boys and watching the Superbowl (Cards 24 – Pitt 20) is where you’re going to most likely find this outfit. The Entourage-referencing tee (whenever Ari Gold on Entourage talks about Vince’s next big hit he always finishes it with “Boom!”) will score points with the boys as well. Ansor is a big fan of the show (obviously as am I), so you’ll actually find a plethora of Entourage tees around the store if you know what you’re looking for. Another Entourage-referencing point on this outfit is the Chase watch (in homage to Vincent Chase). I really love how this wide-band watch is almost exactly like a cuff, so it’s easy for you to wear the wide-band watch on one arm and a nice cuff on the other. Also, I had a couple more tees tossed into the box as well, so look for those as well. Alright we’re done with this one…I’d say hug it out, but I don’t want you drawing wood.

~Chillin’ Rundown~
Tees :: Tight Tee – Use with Belt – Ari || Boom || Toko
Jeans :: Kerouac Jean – Black with Black Belt
Belt Buckle :: Plain Prim Belt Buckle – Scotish 2
Scarf :: Sculpted Scarf – Black
Watch :: Chase – Black 2
Bracelet :: Cuff – Scripted – Metal Ring – Black – Right
Shoes :: SlipOn – Male Prints (Scripted) – Scotch

Coffee House
Coffee House
We move away from the Superbowl and into the antithesis of the sporting mentality. The half-caff soy chai latte you get in the morning doesn’t really scream manly. It more screams that you can pull random quotes out of Noam Chomsky’s examination on democracy in theory vs. democracy in action essays entitled “Profit Over People: Neoliberalism and Global Order”. A person in this is probably softly playing The Decemberists and The Shins while listening into your conversation and cynically laughing, but maybe that’s the caffeine talking. Alright, now that the caffeine is injected into the system it’s time to handle the runway.

~Coffee Rundown~
Jacket :: Jacket – Tweed – Beige – Open w/shirt
Shirt :: Broad Sleeves – Use it with Jacket
Jeans :: Kerouac Jean – Blue with Brown Belt
Shoes :: All Star – HiTop Used – Brown
Piercings :: Piercing 4 / mouth || Piercing 7 / nose

Two steps to the runway and it’s take-off. Gliding down the center, you look straight ahead and pay no attention to the 30 pink spikes on you (if you have Advanced > Character > Show Look At on). Cool and confident you know you’re on point. This is essentially me taking some of trends that I noted in all of the RL fashion posts and twisting Hoorenbeek’s boundaries and ideas to fit it. Note the obvious white cuffs and collar. Also, I thought it was cool how the black tie on black shirt played together on this. The color similarity, but textural difference to accentuate both shirt and tie I thought was a cool combination. Finishing off this look are these very nice wing-tips called the JP Shoes. From the very little I’ve seen of the 2009 Fall RTW shows, perforations in shoes are in and these shoes can give you a little bit of that flavor in Spring. Let’s make that turn back and have the 30 spikes watch your ass as you roll behind the curtain. Business on the runway is down, but now it’s time to take that business to the court.

~Runway Rundown~
Shirt :: Shirt Opn Untucked Rolled Up Sleeves – No Collar – Black
Cuffs :: Shirt Cuff – Rolled Up – White
Collar & Tie :: Tie – Sculpted – Loose w/Prim Collar – White
Pants :: Pants with Belt Buckle – White
Shoes :: JP – Black/White
Glasses :: Lestat Glasses – Transparent
Piercing :: Piercing 15 / mouth

Sporty Spice
Sporty Spice
D up boy! Don’t step to me with that weak-ass game cuz I’ll swat that shit out into the ocean! When you need to bring your “A game” to the court you’ve got your Sporty Spice to do it up. On your feet you’ve got to give me two pair, I need two pair, so I can get to stompin’ in my air force ones. I know…I referenced Nelly…I’ll beat myself later for that. Up close you can see all of the great detail put into these gray & blue Air Force shoes. Hoorenbeek has a plethora of colors in this, but honestly I really dig the feel of the gray & blues. Also in this one, I’m hitting you with the Hoorenbeek Delft in Mix 1 because I figured the layered blue was just the way to go with this. So if you’re hitting the streets, stay off of my court because I’ll put your skills in check.

~Sporty Rundown~
Hoodie :: Hoody – Closed – Light Grey + Broad Sleeves & Earbuds
Jeans :: Classic Jean – Midnight Blue
Shoes :: Air Force – Grey/Blue
Hat :: Delft – Mixed Colors – Mix 1
Glasses :: Lestat Glasses – Transparent

Please, roll over to Hoorenbeek and snag these outfits if you feel so inclined. If you’re not inclined to buy the whole look and just like parts…well as long as you’re at Hoorenbeek you’re at the right place to find ’em. Enjoy your weekends everybody and we’ll see if my Superbowl score prediction holds up. Personally I’m impartial either way, but Larry Fitzgerald moved up a whole lot of spots in my fantasy rankings for wide receivers…I’ll say that much.

Paz, amor, y respeto…

The Soundtrack
Chillin ~ Kid Rock – Cowboy
Coffee ~ The Decemberists – The Sporting Life
Runway ~ Basement Jaxx – Bingo Bango
Sporty ~ Cheech & Chong – Basketball Jones
Because I felt like it ~ Common – The Light

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