Army of One

Be All You Can Be? An Army of One? Army Strong? All slogans used by the US Army for recruiting purposes. And you may ask, “What the hell does any of this have to do with me?” Well, I’ve put together a military look here of some items that have been sitting around in my inventory and one brand spanking new one that was tossed my way just the other day. Sometimes it just takes that one thing to set everything into motion and for this look it was the new Miguel skins from Belleza. As I’m sure you guys have figured out by now, I’m a darker av and don’t stray far from my deep tan. Appropriately, the tone on the skin I’m wearing for this is the Deep Tan version of the Miguel skin. You can find much more in-depth reviews of these Miguel skins done by Iustinian Tomsen here and Winter Jefferson here. I love the chest and abs on this new Miguel skin. It’s an excellent addition to Belleza’s line of skins. Keep on the look out there because the note card that came with the skins tossed my way said Miguel is the first release of five new skins coming from Belleza in the next few weeks.

Now for the next part imagine an open closet door and all sorts of clothing getting thrown out of it. That’s about what happened as this one came together. I knew I hit it right when I put on my Shit Luck Platoon tank top and then it was all downhill from there. WMD Harajuku jeans and TonkTastic short combat boots followed (c/o Dominic on SLMen). The final piece is from a really great Japanese watch place called Chronokit. Thanks to IM logs, I can give props to Madisen Tandino from the Fashion Emergency group for tipping me off to Chronokit when I was searching for a wide-band watch a while ago. The watches at Chronokit are extremely prim heavy (255 prims on this one), but also demonstrate the extreme detail by which prims show. The color scheme on them is also completely customizable via a very nice HUD. The HUD gives you 12 base color options for the watch, but then you can actually select individual colors and change them to fit whatever you’re wearing (like an army green tank top).

Army Collage

The final thing I want to talk about here are my aviators. The ones on me in the shots above are from SteinWerk, but I have to say that I have a pretty large collection of aviators. The reason I have such a large collection of aviators is actually because of the shape of my face in SL. I happen to have a heart-shaped face and thus it lends itself best to an aviator-style of sunglasses. This here isn’t the greatest article, but it hits home what I’m trying to say show here. So without further ado, I give you my collection of aviators:

Aviators Collage
(L to R, Top to Bottom) :: Solar Eyewear ~ AVIATOR II L$445, Gudshu Glasses ~ Submariner Scritped L$199, Young Urban ~ Alaskan Aviators L$100, SteinWerk ~ Aviator Sunglasses L$450, Armidi Gisaci ~ Lifestyle Aviators in Silver L$325, Barnes Boutique ~ Aviators L$100.

~Outfit Rundown~
Tank: Shit Luck – Platoon in Army Green L$80
Jeans: WMD – Ronin Harajuku jeans low rise L$249
Boots: TonkTastic – Short Combat Boots L$700
Watch: Chronokit – Watch no. 15 L$200
Shades: SteinWerk – Aviator Sunglasses L$450
Dog Tags: Aitui – Mens Dog Tag Necklace Blank/Long (currently not available)
Hair: Mad Designs – ARMY CROP hair for Belleza Skins L$180
Tattoos: addiXion – Half Tribal Full Body L$750
Skin: Belleza – Miguel in Dark Tan 0 L$2,000 single (L$5,000 for 4-pack)

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  1. /me likes Aviator glasses.
    I didn’t know Barnes had glasses…

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