Too Obvious

So somebody needed some help with putting together some couture looks and when I mentioned LeLutka and Muism, I got a “too obvious” in return. Well I had already bought enough of the stuff that I said, “eff it. I’m not going to let this sit in my inventory and rot.” Therefore I give you my look (btw I just realized that I forgot to put on the forearm prims for the jacket, so note that it comes with forearm prims):

Too Obvious Collage

As I mentioned in my semi-large rundown of Spring/Summer 2009 fashion, (exhibits A, B, C, D, and E) blue was a major fashion color for the seasons. Thus, with this look, I’m running with the blue. By no means is this jacket new, but the date by which it was released was not my concern in putting together this look. I needed quality items that fit my blue fix and this leather bomber jacket from Muism worked perfectly. I also like the military-inspired pockets on it. Underneath the jacket is a very nice extended V-neck polo from LeLutka. I never got a chance to make it into one of their shows, but I heard they showed some very nice stuff. I hopped over to their store to check it out right away and of course the guys had to wait for their collection to be set out. lol I even made a pic of me kicking down the “Coming Soon” door, but I never published it on Flickr. If you ask nicely, I’ll drop it on you in-world. Alright that’s enough of the digression. This polo here is very excellent. I love the softness of the two blue hues represented. Moving down, we have some dress slacks from Zanzo in the color of sarmiento (a light gray). It’s hard to see in the space I have to squeeze my image into here, but if you click on the picture you can see a very very subtle wide-striping to the pants (esp on the thighs…yes I’m making look ever so close to my crotch…enjoy :-P). Finishing off the outfit was a hard thing to do. I went through a LOT of pairs of shoes. I wanted something like these in a little lighter gray scale tone, but I couldn’t come up with anything that fit the bill. I went to play off of the dark blue tone of the jacket from Muism, so I went these older pair of shoes from Hoorenbeek called the Margin shoes. The Margin shoes have a great scripted setup where you can change up the colors and textures of the shoes. Here I used the blue suede texture to cap off this look.

If you’re searching for blue…trust me I’ve got blue for years in my inv. lol I know this look ended up pretty pedestrian, but I think that was the sort of aim I was going for here. The couture look meets the pedestrian. I’ve even been wearing this look with the new Nylons from Hoorenbeek (based off of these). Sort of a fashionable, but lazy weekend look. Oddly enough it is a lazy weekend for me, so let me stop typing and I’ll get back to my lazy weekend. Enjoy!

The Rundown
Jacket: *Muism* – Leather bomber jacket in Navy/Misty L$600
Polo: LeLutka – Ralph polo in Light Sky Blue L$250
Pants: *Zanzo* – Pampas dress slacks in Sarmiento L$100
Shoes: Hoorenbeek – Margin shoes in Blue Suede L$435
Hair: Chase – Interactive in Mystical Black L$295 for 3
Glasses: Solar Eyewear – Nash L$245 (or @ Fab Fash Studios for L$0)
Tattoo: Negko – Humaga L$149
Skin: Belleza – Miguel in Tan 0 L$2,000 single (L$5,000 for 4-pack)


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