Just Because

You know when you slave away putting together an outfit and then two days later put together something that you like a whole lot better than what you had on before, but it’s along the same lines? That’s about how I came in to this one. It started with new jeans from Zaara that lead me to this shirt (they’re setup in the same display). I really like this shirt because it’s really simple and reminds me of a shirt I have from American Eagle irl. This version of the shirt is semi-sheer. You can only see how sheer the fabric is if you go all the way up the original size of the picture I took. There you’ll be able to see the light swirls of the tattoo I’m wearing underneath. Moving on down we have the Ripped Cream dark blue jeans from Valiant. Simply stated by one of my oldest and best friends in SL, “I have to say Valiant has the best jeans in all of SL.” And trust me that friend knows their denim *cough* 100+ RL pair *cough cough*. I love the color in these jeans and they go great with just about any white shirt you throw at them. Up to the mop is a hair that I’ve debated buying for a while, but finally caved in after I tried on the demo again. It’s Hoke Troika from Gritty Kitty. It walks the fine line of messy and too messy. I think the glasses really hold this look together. For a second time in a row I’m using the Nash glasses from Solar Designer Eyewear with the frames locked on a shiny blue. They just about the coolest and most versatile glasses you have to geek chic up your looks a lil’ bit. Also jazzing up this look I have one of the bottle cap necklaces from Gritty Kitty. I have all of them, but I do have to say that the Blatz Milwaukee cap is nearest and dearest to my heart for reasons known to many. I wanted to buy a condo in the Blatz Building here, but never pulled the trigger on it.

Just Because Collage

Shooting all the way down we get the Hoorenbeek shoes that I mentioned in my last post. These shoes come in a plethora of colors. I really like these shoes because they’re all casual and cool. I especially like the little branding detail on the back of the shoe. You can’t see it in the shot below, but if you go up to original on my main picture and look at the 2nd shot where I’m turned around backwards you can see it. This shot below is actually based off of a Ralph Lauren ad that I saw in W Magazine. Theirs was for winter crocodile-patterned heels, but mine is a spring sneaker release and thus why I put it on a nice green moss. 😉 Hope you enjoy it!

Just Because_Nylon Collage

The Rundown
Shirt: Zaara – Isis Shirts male L$150 (L$400 for 3-pack)
Jeans: Valiant – Ripped Cream Dark Blue jeans L$250
Shoes: Hoorenbeek – Nylon Trainer L$520 (L$2,400 for 10-pack)
Hair: Gritty Kitty – Hoke Troika in Black L$130
Necklace: Gritty Kitty – Bottle Cap Blatz Necklace L$75
Glasses: Solar Eyewear – Nash L$245 (or @ Fab Fash Studios for L$0)
Skin: Belleza – Miguel in Tan Face 11 L$2,000 single (L$5,000 for 4-pack)

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