Recently I sent myself on a wild goose chase for fashion. I read Catero’s latest article entry (pg 136) for the now defunct Runway Magazine…at least that’s the last I heard. The focus of the piece that he wrote was Japanese designers. He also provided a list with a bunch of different Japanese creators’ shops. Thus, I wrote down all of the names of the places that I didn’t know and went on a little shopping adventure. The adventure landed me into a strip mall area with a bunch of shops. I browsed…I bought a lot because the prices were so low that I really couldn’t help myself. Sadly the functionality of the attachments didn’t really align with my shape. Most of the items were made for avatars much skinnier than me. Although I did actually strike a great chord with this jacket and jeans out of a place called IZUMIYA. I love the styling on the jacket with the stripes running along the bottom of the prim bottom and the dramatic single stripe down the jeans. Altogether this is actually a complete outfit with jacket, 2 types of hoods, prim cuffs, black & white muffler, jeans, and even a pair of prim shoes…all for L$25. Now I wasn’t a big fan of the shoes, shirt, or muffler that came with the outfit, but for L$25 I really didn’t have any space to complain. Actually the muffler was pretty good, but I just didn’t like it with the entire look that I was trying to put together. Running in order, the shirt was replaced by an old DMC tee called Rising that’s no longer available, but tbh any black and white tee would work. I just happened to like this old one over my others. The black and white muffler was put to the side to make room for this checked Afghan stole from :sey. I got one of them and liked it so much that I couldn’t stop myself from buying a few more. The final replaced piece is a little something I picked up from an inspect. I saw a cool pair of shoes on some girl, so a little inspect and I was on my way to a neko-themed store called JP Design. These shoes are obviously modeled off of an Adidas shoe, but to be honest I can’t tell you which pair they are. Tweety McMillan, the designer, added his own little flair to them and came out with an excellent pair of shoes. You get them nicely scripted with the ability to change between black, white, and brown. Alright, enough talking more pix. Here’s the look!


The Rundown
Jacket & Jeans: IZUMIYA – Fashion Set NO.M11 L$25
Shoes: [JP].dsg. – Unique’s Chelsea L$490 for 3 colors
Stole: :sey – Afghan stole – check in style [B] L$280 for 6 colors
Hair: MADesigns – Luka in Natural Blacks L$300 for 3
Shades: SteinWerk – Aviator Sunglasses L$450
Skin: Belleza – Miguel in Dark Tan 0 L$2,000 single (L$5,000 for 4-pack)

The Soundtrack
Method Man & Redman – Blackout
Black Star – Definition
Black Eyed Peas – Like That
Muse – Supermassive Black Hole
Wolfmother – White Unicorn
Irving – White Hot
Great White – Once Bitten Twice Shy
Barry White – Love Serenade


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3 responses to “Duochromatic

  1. I am so stealing that afghan, Page. Great look you’ve put together.

  2. Oscar Page

    Why thank you sir. Yeah I love the afghan stoles from :sey. I can’t remember who I saw them on first…I want to say it was Monta, but I knew I had to snag them.

  3. I love IZUMIYA and try to incorporate stuff from there every change I have. Love the look and need those sneakers! ^^

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