F/W09 Colors

I’m back again with my runway madness. I know that when I put out all of my S/S09 picks that it was pretty much right in the middle of the F/W09 shows. Thus, I’m trying to get this one out before all of the S/S10 images hit the runway. Also, it’ll give the few designers that even read my blog some quality looks at designs they can implement into their digital design arsenal.

Kicking off my F/W09, I’m going to hit you with some of the colors that popped off the screen and slapped me in the face through my sifting. Although it was more like they were challenging me to a duel. Anyway here are some of the colors that were more prominent throughout the shows.

F/W09 Colors

Carrying over from last season, I still saw a lot of reds that showed themselves. Etro kicked out a couple of them in those first two shots as well as Tim Hamilton on the bottom. The Etro looks show a deeper red that was very synonymous with F/W08 shows. Speaking toward each look, the first actually speaks toward this sort of patchwork trend that was making its way through the shows with whimsical cuts of where one pattern breaks off another begins. The second Etro look is a very casual chic with a square-quilted pattern a lot of designers were showing off. Tim Hamilton’s look is a very striking, velvet red suit and no matter if you were to break up that suit, just wearing the jacket or pants, it would still hold the same sort of punch that the full suit does.

The next color above is that sort of mauve color that comes into play with the turtleneck from Etro. Where Etro shows you how the color can punch from an opened blazer, Loden Dager demonstrates the mauve color in a slightly more demure form in outerwear. There are two other things of note within these two looks. The first is that in the Etro look you have your shine texture still around in the fashion world. The second is that you’ll notice the rolled pant legs in the Loden Dager look. A lot of designers used rolled pant legs for their more casual looks in a lot of different ways.

Moving on, another key color that showed itself was this camel/khaki color. This isn’t so much of a color that would jump out at you, but it’s definitely a solid base color. The two looks that I chose for this color were from Patrick Ervell and Versace, respectively. I like how comfortable the Patrick Ervell look is. As I said a moment ago, Ervell uses an elastic band on the end of these pants, almost like rain gear, for the shortened pant look. The other camel/khaki look from Versace is a lot more of a comfortable style that you can take to an art gallery opening or something of the like where the Patrick Ervell look is much more meant for the artistic display of the runway. Note the perforations in the shoes on the Versace look. The only store in SecondLife, off the top of my head, that you can find a pair of shoes like these is at Adam n Eve. They’re called the Pepperpot, but I don’t think they come in camel like the ones in the Versace show. Also, the Pepperpot’s are slip-ons where the

The last color I want to talk about here is orange, and here’s the fantastically quirky jacket from Junya Watanabe. The hunters’ blaze orange offset by the strips of plaid is just awesome. Like I mentioned about the 2nd Etro look, this jacket has a much larger quilted pattern on the orange portion of the jacket. Also the brown accents on the pockets as well as the hat really bring this all together. When I saw this I thought that this would be something that you could find in the closet of say Ben Gibbard (lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie) or one of The Jewnas Brothers.

Alright, I got the easy post out of the way. Other colors that you should watch out for are teals in the light and dark variety, navy’s, and gray’s. These will manifest themselves later on through my posts that are coming on down line, but I felt like these were the most notable. That’s it for now, and I’ll be creating contact sheets and moving on down the line for more F/W09 fashion posts. Stay tuned fashionistas.

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