F/W09 Casual Outerwear

Outerwear is always everywhere in the Fall/Winter fashion shows. F/W09 really did have some gems for outerwear this time. I always really love Fall/Winter because I’m more of a winter color kind of guy. I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy the nice bright colors that come with spring and summer, but coming from a frigid northern state I guess my opinion is a bit swayed because I’m wearing outerwear 7 to 8 months out of the year. In this post I’m going to get into some of the more casual outerwear that I found in the shows. All of these jackets can be worn with a nice pair of jeans or, for one, a pair of solid gym pants.

Casual Outerwear

We’re coming out of the gate swinging. This old navy boxing champ will drop you on your ass and look damn good doing it. I love the extended collar on this coat from Adam Kimmel and the dark colors totally set off those rubber boots. It’s almost something straight out of Deadliest Catch, but all of those guys wear orange in case they fall out of the boat. He’s more of a local fisherman.

I hate to play favorites, but this second look here from Band of Outsiders is probably my favorite look in all of Fall/Winter 09. Maybe it’s my affection for aviators, but really that gray patchwork, half-zip hoodie is just awesome. It’s slightly snowboarder flashy, but muted with the gray. And the whimsical patches of really 3 different colors of gray that never repeat into a fully obvious and coherent pattern make something this simple that much more complex.

Next up we’ve got these crazy cool jackets from Calvin Klein that seriously remind me of Tron. In that shot you can see the black on being walked in the front, but they also had it in a gray as well that’s walking behind. From the different shots that I saw of this jacket, it almost was as if the jacket was made of foam or a foam-like material. It’s one of the pieces that really stood out from all of the other shows. Not a whole lot of people took risks this season, but I would say that this one from CK was definitely an intelligent and calculated risk.

Following Calvin Klein, we’ve got a look from Belgian designer Dirk Bikkemberg. The Bikkemberg label really centers on the sporty aspect of the fashion world. In his own words from their website, “Sport in general, and football in particular, represent the language of a genuine and positive way of life.” In case any of you misunderstood, he was speaking of European football (what we call soccer). Thus, this look here represents the football culture in the sporting aspects of the look. This fleece-looking top with the salt & pepper main portion was a great piece in the Bikkemberg collection.

Moving down to the bottom we have this great look from Gilded Age. It’s a shorter peacoat with some very nice sandblasted and partially acid washed jeans. Throw on a scarf with two different plaids and some fingerless gloves there and you’re set to go…on to the next look of course.

This jacket from Armani is definitely more of a fall coat than a winter coat. By ease of which this jacket moves around and the look of the coat, I would say that it’s probably a polyester blend fabric. Also, peeking out from underneath it is a shirt with organized patches of stripes going every which way and the velvet touch to the pants is a nice addition.

My last two outerwear pieces come from designers known for their editorial looks on the runway. The first is a Satyr-like character from John Galliano’s show wearing a great coat that will for sure keep you warm in the winter. I mean look at all of that faux fur (I assume) on the inside of that. It’s great because the texture of the fur on the inside touches on the brushed velvet look without actually being that look. The last casual look comes from a postapocalyptic soldier with dirty boots and a military style gray jacket that’s simply to die for. You can tell that this jacket from Nice Collective is much lighter in weight than the aforementioned coat from John Galliano. Both have the same sort of feel to them though.

That finishes up the Casual Outerwear portion of my coverage here, but be on the lookout for my picks on Dressy Outerwear to come next.

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  1. I LOVE the way that CK jacket is constructed. And it’s polar opposite in the way the Armani drapes.

    Great finds, Page.

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