F/W09 Duffle & Plaid

Holy cow, I’m actually posting! 🙂 I took a little break there for a bit, but I’m back to give you some more to think about for Fall/Winter09. In this post we’re going to hit on a couple of trends that were working their way around the shows. The first of the two that I’m going to attack is the duffle style.

F/W09 Duffle Jackets

This was popping up on a lot of different coats around the shows this year. In this spread here, we have 8 looks at a duffle coat from 6 different designers. The first look is from Dunhill and almost like a rain poncho cut of the jacket, but the material is something that you’d see more on a pea coat. I like how the mood of the jacket sort of emanates from the deep grays and blacks, but then the clasps are a bright white.

The next duffle coat we have here is from Iceberg. I’m a big fan of Iceberg and would let them outfit me head-to-toe just about any day of the week (if I had means by which to buy their entire collection). They pair up this very nice duffle jacket with a big full-zip or half-zip sweater, you can’t really tell by the shot, with a high turtleneck. This is definitely one of my favorites in the group.

Coming up next the queue we’ve got this very regal/high society sort of duffle coat from Loewe. The deep black color of the coat matched up with the leather duffle clasps and those clean leather boots just ooze the high society appeal of this look.

Three completely different uses of the duffle style coats come at you now from Paul Smith. The first one has plaids crossing all over the place, and I’ll be touching on plaids next. Much like the look from Dunhill, this Paul smith green and navy plaid jacket has white clasps that jump out at you, instead of the more textural accentuation like the previous coat from Loewe. Still near his green and navy plaid section that Paul Smith rolled out another duffle jacket, except this time it was in black and it’s excellent. The final coat from Paul Smith is this jacket with a sort of cowboy feel to the color of it, but the cut is very 80’s blazer. Any way he puts it together, I really like it.

The second to last one here is a very sporty feeling coat from Rag & Bone. The texture of the jacket almost feels like you could go for a jog in it. It’s almost like a Y-3 track jacket that I have from the S/S09 collection where it’s a nylon/polyester blend. It’s light-weight and still can keep you nice and warm. They threw a nice little shawl neck on top here as well that also gives it a nice touch.

The last duffle look we have here comes from Z Zegna. Like the Loewe coat, it’s definitely more of a dressed up coat with that brushed feel to it. As you can see on this coat, it looks almost exactly like a pea coat with the placement of the clasps where you would usually see buttons on a pea coat and a nice waist belt to hold it all together. With the thickness of the fabric that they used, you can tell that this will keep you warm on those cold winter nights.

F/W09 Plaids

The second style I’m talking about here is the plaids. They were all over the place and use in just about all respects from coats to shirts to pants to ties. Those above are just some of my faves. The first plaid pattern comes from the 3.1 Phillip Lim. I love black and grey plaid with the stripes of red through it. It’s a very cool and original pattern.

Next up we’ve got gray scale all over this jacket from Bottega Veneta. I love the pattern and also how the pattern on the sleeves matches up perfectly with the body of the jacket. This would be practically impossible to create in SecondLife, unless the sleeves or the entire coat was made with prims. It would take a talented primsmith like Cubic Effect to pull off something like this. Coming at you with another look from Bottega Veneta which is the same base pattern as the previous, but the colors are different. Also this coat comes off as more casual with the whimsical use of the wraps around the wrists, military button-up shoulders, and off-center pocket.

The first non-outerwear plaid pattern in this group comes from Etro in the form of this suit. I love the use of this deep brown, but personally I would have to break this up a bit. The plaid is great, but it can get a bit busy.

John Bartlett gives us a more refined plaid look with his take on the plaid pattern for Fall/Winter ’09. He breaks down the plaid and stripes barrier fantastically with the plaid coat and striped pants. My favorite part of this entire look is the plaid flower on the jacket. That little touch just sets it apart from all of the other looks in this plaid extravaganza here.

Moving to the bottom now, Loden Dager gave us a nice gray scale, lumberjack plaid on their coat here. It’s a lot like the look from Band of Outsiders that I showed earlier, but this is pattern has an obvious structure to it where the Band of Outsiders one was more abstract.

Sliding over, we have some more green and navy plaid from Paul Smith, but this time it’s on a blazer. Counting it up, we saw this plaid pattern from Paul Smith on outerwear, slacks, and now this blazer. He definitely carried that theme across different mediums very well.

Next on the list, we have this great jacket from Tommy Hilfiger that actually reminds me a lot of a coat that I’ve blogged before from :sey in SecondLife. The pattern on this coat has more lines in a tighter pattern than the one from :sey, but the colors are almost spot-on and the :sey coat gives you those great buckle straps.

Finishing off the plaids here we’ve got a couple of looks from Trussardi 1911. Maybe it was the Band of Outsiders hoodie that started me down this path, but I absolutely love this first look from them. The shirt, vest, and collar all just blend together so well and those pants are really great as well. The other look from Trussardi 1911 we have here is a very clean plaid. The lines in the pattern are very distinct and I love how this differentiated itself from the crowd where most used very busy plaids. Clean, simple, and very everyday.

I’ve got a lot more to cover here, so I’ll try not to take as big of a break between posts on the rest of them because of how much I have left. I’m going to try to pump these out as fast as I can. Stay tuned people. Same Oscar time, same Oscaresque station. 😉

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