Quickie #3

Alright alright back at you once again. This time it’s to show something that I found while doing for that one co-post that I mentioned in my last one. Enough pre-post talk let’s get into it:

Quickie #3

The main thing I wanted to talk about in this look is this fantastic guayabera shirt from Hell Bop. The origin of the guayabera shirt is disputed as to whether the design was created in Cuba or Mexico, but either way it’s a pretty awesome shirt. I really like Hell Bop’s retro styling and when I saw this shirt, I just knew that I had to pick it up. I have a shirt that is actually very similar to this guayabera shirt in the the Barong Tagalog suit from Casa del Shai and that’s because the Filipino, Barong Tagalog style is actually a variation of the guayabera. In today’s world it’s used as a nice light dress shirt for hot climates and retro hotness. Swing by Hell Bop and check it out. They’ve got a few colors beyond the black and white I’m showing you here.

Another piece I wanted to talk about in this look is the flashy shiny shoes. The ones on my shoes are the Colbert shoes from Jeepers Creepers. There are 3 different styles of these shoes: Colbert, Stewart, and Franken (all nods to liberal comedians). I really like these shoes for the super shine to them and the little extra piece of foot that Eponymous Trenchmouth (Cobbler in Chief of JC’s) adds to them as well. If you’re wearing dress pants with prim bottoms it works well in harmony where it gives you a business sock without actually having a set of business socks on. I have noticed that it doesn’t work as well with pants that don’t have prim bottoms in some poses, but that’s a very minor set back.

The name really described this one… hit and quit it. I know you’re used to me talking more, but that’s all you get for now. 😉 Have a fantastic rest of your weekend everybody.

The Rundown
Shirt :: Hell Bop – Juan in White L$95
Jeans :: Valiant – Jeanity Jeans in Bw L$250
Shoes :: Jeepers Creepers (JC’s) – Colbert LF L$400
Watch :: GOS – Navitimer in Steel L$495
Hair :: UncleWeb Studios – Stewart in Metoric Swarm L$210
Tattoo :: Aitui – Fire Fish L$400
Skin :: Belleza – Miguel in Tan ~ Eyeliner Face #11 L$2,000 single L$5,000 for 4-pack
Eyes :: Poetic Color – Medium Tones in Summer Storm L$200

The Soundtrack
Quickie #3 Playlist
Orishas ft. Heather Hedley – Represent, Cuba
Mexican Institute of Sound – Mirando a las Muchachas
Aquabats – Fashion Zombies
Against Me! – Thrash Unreal

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  1. pumpkinsaenz

    *punches you*

    Nice read!

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