Quickie #4

Hiooooooo I’m getting rid of the last two of these Quickie posts this week. I gotta get ’em out! Alright alright. You take this pic and you like it!!

Quickie #4

Okay, you really don’t have to like it. To be honest I’m not a huge fan of the shots I got on this one, but sheer laziness is forcing me not to take new pics. Take it or leave it! I actually have a bit to talk about on this one more than the other Quickie posts I’ve put out. The first thing we’re going to get into is the soft, lush, and comfortable feel of the black sweater from RFyre. To understand how long ago it was that I picked up this sweater, I never officially saw it until the Menswear Fashion Week which happened about a month ago. I love the cable knit pattern to this sweater and the look of it just makes it feel as if it’s nice and warm. The version of the sweater has the nice little low U-neck, but there is a turtleneck option with a prim as well as a hat and scarf that come along for the ride too. I love when a designer adds those little touches of versatility into their work that just makes an item like this so much easier to wear and to promote!

The second thing I wanted to talk about is the vest from :sey. It’s commonplace that :sey puts together a fantastic creation no matter what it is. This vest does not break that mold in the slightest; from the silky smooth feel of the fabric over the padding to each little individual toggle clasp. The vest is probably the best prim vest that I’ve ever seen so far. There have been other attempts, but I think this one from :sey just smashes ’em.

A final piece that I wanted to just mention quick here at the end are the geometric print pants from COCO Homme. Quietly COCO has put together a pretty nice menswear selection. I’ve seen pieces pop up here and there on other blogs and I’ve actually used a pair of their jeans in a previous post (that I happen to actually be wearing right now inSL). The main thing that I like about these pants is that the geometric pattern subtle, but still noticeable. My light settings on this shot make the pattern a bit more obvious than it actually is in-world because I wanted to make sure you could see the fantastic cable knit work done by RFyre on the sweater.

That’s what I’ve got people. Take it or leave it. Have a fantastic rest of your week!

The Rundown
Sweater :: House of RFyre – Winter Mens Sweater Pack in Black L$200
Vest :: :sey – K.D. Vest in B-Red L$400
Pants :: COCO Designs – Geometric Print Pants in Black L$200
Boots :: Hoorenbeek – Davit Boot in Black SE L$520
Hair :: UncleWeb Studios – AJ in Metoric L$210
Skin :: Belleza – Miguel in Tan ~ Eyeliner Face #11 L$2,000 single L$5,000 for 4-pack
Eyes :: Poetic Color – Medium Tones in Summer Storm L$200

The Soundtrack
The Sonics – Have Love Will Travel
The Constellations – On My Way Up
Led Zeppelin – The Ocean
Audioslave – Shape of Things to Come

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