Final Quickie!

Okay, so we’re @ the final Quickie post of my initial just “snap snap snap snap, write whenever.” I think may carry this over into the future though. I know I hit you guys with a lot of looks and a lot of words, but I’m going to try to pare that down some and hit you with the core of one look per post. Although that doesn’t mean I’m not going hit you with another multi-look post some time in the near future (I do have one planned). Here’s the look for you (yes, specifically you):

Quickie #5

Honestly here, there’s only really one main thing to talk about here and that’s the suit from Lapointe & Bastchild. It’s probably one of, if not THE, best shawl collar suits that I’ve seen in SL. I think the first time I saw it was when I spied it out on somebody at the Opium Babes in Toyland fashion show. They have some that are more for weddings, but this version is the casual one and it’s really great casual fashion suit. I love change up of the fabric type on the piping to give a little subtle contrast around the edges. It’s not in your face obvious, but it’s definitely there to catch the eye of those around you. For the pop of color I went with the teal shirt for underneath (officially named Jade if you’re out buying it) because teal isn’t often used as a color for pop, but I think it works fantastically in this suit. And also, since I bought this the suit it has been updated such that you now have a version of the suit jacket where it’s open and closed. It’s now even more of a deal for the same price.

Another little piece I wanted to talk about are the shoes from Zhao. I know I mentioned them once in a HUGE 6-outfit post, but here’s another pair from there in a more intimate, one-on-one setting. In construction they’re a lot like the JCS shoes that I wore in a previous post, but in texture they’re definitely different shoes. I especially like the little perforations on the toe cap.

Alright, so that’s all I’ve got on this one. Stay tuned because I should have another post on the way very soon. Thanks for reading and have a fantastic day/evening/whatever-it-is-where-you-are-right-now. 😉

The Rundown
Suit :: Lapointe & Bastchild – Modern Narcisse Casual Suit in Jade L$499
Shoes :: Zhao – Men’s Captoe Oxfords L$250
Hair :: Buried – Max L$250 for 3
Skin :: Belleza – Miguel in Tan ~ Eyeliner Face #11 L$2,000 single L$5,000 for 4-pack
Eyes :: Poetic Color – Medium Tones in Summer Storm L$200

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