Inspired :: The Sartorialist

Happy Sunday! (depending on where you live) I’m trying something slightly different than normal with this post and it will probably turn into a series of posts. I’ve had this post style in mind for a while, but never really had any others to go follow up this first one. Let me give a short little explanation here. I tend to read The Sartorialist a lot. Although it’s not really a blog for reading words so much as reading designs, patterns, and looks. I tend to have a pretty keen photographic memory, so when I strolled into Meriken a little while ago and I saw the shirt I’m wearing in this post I thought, “Oh wow that reminds exactly of a girl on The Sartorialist!” Some of my challenges in getting this look down were finding a bag that came even close to the color of hers, a quality male hair in SL that had the fierce bangs but lightly messy, and the right location to shoot it. I’m not 100% satisfied with what I came away with, but, with my limited creation skills, I think this is as close as I’m going to get:

Inspired :: Sartorialist

Let’s get into the fashion here. As I mentioned, the shirt is from Meriken and it’s the Sucker Stripe in Blue. I believe it’s an older design from Meriken, but I really love the blue and orange pattern on it and it fit so well with the look. What I really like is how the fabric design switches up diagonally when you get to the placket. It’s a fantastic little touch that makes the shirt ever so much more fashion forward. The arm prims do not actually come with the shirt, but I pulled them from a set of basic v-neck tees that Zeus Fride of Totem tossed over to me.

The other piece of the outfit here I wanted to talk about are the jeans. These are the latest to come out of machang Pichot’s Aoharu amazingness factory. She set out 2 different styles of jeans last weekend, so of course I had to run over and snag them. At first glance, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the leg prims so I only bought one pair to try them out. As soon as the sculpties rezzed on the jeans, I knew I was going to go back and pick up fat packs, and, I know I’ve mentioned this before, Aoharu are my favorite in terms of “I don’t have to resize and only position because they fit perfectly”. Also, I almost forgot and had to come back in here to edit this. Machang redesigned the entire Aoharu island, so now all of the menswear is together in the black building (to the right of where land) and the femme clothing is in the white building (to the left). I absolutely adore her for finally doing this as it tended to be rough to sift through to find exactly where everything was. Now I’m all when I go there.

Inspired :: Sartorialist Accessories

And we’re on to the little pieces that really made this look work. When I looked at her bracelets closer and closer, I knew exactly where I was heading to pick up something to match: Mhaijik Things. I really don’t think anybody does casual, slightly earthy accessories for men better than Mhaijik. There are some that get close, but not many with as large of a selection as she does.

The next piece is the one that I searched and searched for. Usually when I’ve exhausted my knowledge of stores that I think would maybe have what I’m looking for, I go to XStreetSL. Sometimes I find exactly what I’m looking for and sometimes I don’t. Fortunately for me, I found an excellent bag to fit this look. It’s called the Metro Murse from SOHO. I’m not going to lie… I’m not much of a bag man. Okay that’s only slightly a lie, I like messenger bags and backpacks, but not much outside of that realm. This was a little step outside of the box for me because I was really holding out for a nice orange, leather messenger bag; although, I honestly really dig it. I mean it comes with a lot of different color options for both the leather color, metal parts color, and the color of the aviators that are hanging out of the side. For something I had to push myself to buy, I came out on the other end really liking it.

The final little part really I don’t even need to talk about very much because, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know about how great the shoes are at Urban Bomb Unit. They’re fantastically created and the HUD is so easy to use to transform the shoes into anything you want… like when you see a picture on The Sartorialist blog and want to make your own blog post about it.

That wraps up this one and I have 2 different suit posts in the queue coming your way soon. Some day I’ll put myself schedule… okay that was a blatant lie. 😉 Have a great day everybody and an even better week!

The Rundown
Shirt :: Meriken – Sucker Stripe Shirt in Blue L$200
Jeans :: Aoharu – Vintage Crashed Jeans in Washed L$220
Shoes :: Urban Bomb Unit (UBU) – Pornstar Lo-Tops L$595
Bag :: SOHO – Metro Murse L$245
Bracelets :: Mhaijik Things – Men’s Eclectic Bracelets – L$175
Hair :: MADesigns – Jude in Tortishell Brown L$300 for 3-pack
Skin :: Belleza – Ewan V2 in Sunkissed L$2,000 single L$5,000 for 4-pack
Eyes :: Poetic Color – Medium Tones in Summer Storm L$200

Pose in Sartorialist Side-by-Side :: Exposeur – Male Messenger Bag

The Soundtrack


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3 responses to “Inspired :: The Sartorialist

  1. Great look! Love your murse! =P

  2. Amelie Bramlington

    diggin that bag! ♥ ty so much for sharin,
    oh. OH! & i love the soundtrack :]]

  3. Harper Beresford

    Ah ha! Love how you copped a look from the Satorialist!

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