Well Suited

I’m back again with a few things that got caught into my backlog. So a long while back Shiryu Musashi of Musashi Do dropped these great suits on me with his new InfiniTie system in them. What I mean by a long while back is… I wore one of the suits to a big New Year’s Eve party. I had almost given up hope that I’d actually get my ass in gear and blog them, but I finally decided that this would be the perfect time to blog them. Alright, enough of my crazy talk here’s the pic:

Well Suited

The collection of suits that I have here are all inspired by cities in Italy (Rome, Torino, and Milan) and they’re all very fantastically crafted suits. For my explanations here we’ll work this group of suits as it’s setup left to right. Please also note that because I was given all of these suits, I did a lot of mixing and matching to get the ties that I liked. To be honest, I don’t think any of the ties I have above originally come with any of the suits.

The first suit that I have in the collage above is entitled Evening in Roma and it’s probably my overall favorite of the three. I am a big proponent of the well-crafted leg prims, especially on suits. What makes these even better is that they cater to how your suit pants will roll over your shoes, so there’s a little notch in them to make them fit that much easier. For this suit it felt very high fashion, so I went a little high fashion with it. I went with the black pinstripe shirt and then used this tie from the Milano by Night suit. This Evening in Roma suit comes with 10 shirts and a bunch of tie options, so really the whole name of the game is mixing and matching to get what you like. I also threw this great bag on here and I’ll get into that a little bit later.

Honestly, I had a whole section written here about the second suit, but unfortunately I just found out that this light gray suit was a limited edition for charity and is discontinued. I will say that it’s a fantastic gray suit and that they do have a very similar suit in a deep blue as well as a group of lighter colored suit without prim breast for L$240.

The third, and final, suit on here is the Milano by Night suit. I know a lot of women who say that there’s nothing better than a man dressed up in that crisp French blue shirt, so I decided that because Shiryu put a great French blue shirt into the collection of shirts for this suit that I’d throw it on to show you. I really like the crisp lines on this suit and the great attention to detail on the shading in this suit from Musashi Do.

Well Suited Extras

Now, normally here I show off the accessories of the outfit, but I went a little different route instead and we’re working backwards from above. Casa CheerNo put out 3 new hairstyles today. Two of them were kind of “out there” in terms of more editorial hairstyles and then there was this Romeno hairstyle. It’s a really great shaggy hairstyle and one of my favorite things about it is how pieces of hair that us alpha are all completely filled in toward the bottom to still give coverage on the scalp. A lot of times you’ll get those alpha pieces of hair as accent pieces that add a lot of prims to a hairstyle. With this hair having a solid toward the base it lets the hair be an accent piece without adding more prims for scalp coverage.

The second hairstyle I wanted to talk about here is from EGO hair. I first picked up on it from my Google Reader in Trevor Turner’s Young Urban blog. I needed a little nudge from somebody (who is amazing) and off we went over there to check out some demos. A few of the hairstyles are a little too out there for me, but this one had just the perfect amount of edge for me to use. Please note that you do need a hair base on your skin in order for this to look right, unless you want that side of your head to look shaved and show off the hair.

Last, but certainly not least, we have this really awesome bag from Indyra Designs. I actually spied this out while poking through Estrella Thespian’s blog that somebody pointed out on Plurk. I knew I wanted this bag and I’m really glad that I found a place to use it. When I first saw it, I didn’t actually know how versatile the bag was. I mean there are 27 colors for both the main leather and the straps on the bag. It may have been created with women in mind, but it really does work unisex as a more casual male briefcase.

That is everything that I have to say on this one and I’ll be hitting you guys up with another set coming up soon. I hope you enjoyed these suits and please stop on my Musashi Do to check out his suits. He deserves it for my bad blogging procrastination.

The Rundown
Suit #1 :: Musashi Do – Evening in Roma L$499
Hair #1 :: Armidi – The Grammar L$295 for 5-pack
Bag :: Indyra Designs – Ireben Leather Carry-All L$400
Glasses :: YV – Le Look L’Homme Glasses L$190
Skin :: Belleza – Ewan V2 in Tan 0 L$2,000 single L$5,000 for 4-pack
Eyes :: Poetic Color – Medium Tones in Summer Storm L$200

Suit #2 :: Musashi Do – Fog over Torino (no longer available)
Hair #2 :: EGO – KAR in Noir L$300 for 3-pack

Suit #3 :: Musashi Do – Milano by Night L$499
Hair #3 :: CheerNo – Romeno in Vino L$300 for 4-pack

The Soundtrack

For Suit #1

For Suit #2

For Suit #3

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