Don’t Spill the Wine (Sartoria Part I)

Hello everybody and Happy Easter! (if it still is Easter where you are) So I lied on my last post that more suits were coming in this one. Although this is essentially Part I of II when it comes to newer items from Sartoria. I was going to put this look together and submit it to their contest, but alas I was lazy and actually have a commitment every Thursday evening when the contest requires you to be available. Drinking with friends (and playing kickball) is a commitment people! Just don’t spill the wine because where I come from that’s alcohol abuse. Here is the look I’ve put together for this post:

Dirty Hands - Full

Alright so the Dirty Hands collection is what I’m featuring today from Sartoria! It’s a little out-of-the-box for Sartoria as they’re mainly known for their most excellent formal wear or more “On the yacht” lifestyle. It was nice to see them come out with such a complete collection like this. As it was stated in a Second Style magazine a little while back, it’s harder to make the shredded/dirty clothing than it is to just make the regular clothing. It takes that extra effort to lay down the dirt, oil, stains, rips, and tears to make them look perfect with the clothing. Now, I would be remiss to say that it didn’t really remind me of the D&G Spring 2010 collection, and that does seem to follow suit with how Sartoria is an Italian brand (D&G is based out of Milan). Of the 3 colors of shirt that this came with, I felt like this old green really pulled me in the most. It just felt the easiest on the eyes and the colors flowed together so well. I really love the worn-in creases that you can see flowing down the jeans like you’ve put in a quality year’s worth of work in them.

Dirty Hands - On the Vines

With this second picture here, I want to talk about a couple of different things. The first thing I want to talk about is POSE FAIR! The pose in this shot and the first are actually from a place called Maldita, a pose store that I recently discovered while strolling through Pose Fair. They actually had 2 sets of male poses up and I snagged them both. These are from sets #9 and #10; so, when I find some time, I’ll definitely stroll over to their main store to look through sets #1 to #8. I have a few more things that I found at Pose Fair that I’ll serve you in later posts, but for this one Maldita got the nod. The second thing I need to talk about here is The Winery at Gesso. I did a lot of searching for vineyards in SL to capture the essence of this look and this place definitely hit the spot. I mean lots of grapes on the vine and plenty of places to shoot my shots. For this I stuck around the vineyard though. It’s a great place to shoot pictures or just chill out in a nice little Italian setting.

Dirty Hands Acc

The final pieces I wanted to talk about here are a couple of items from Hoorenbeek. Well the first is actually a collaboration piece between KMadd and Hoorenbeek. It’s an older one that I used on this post with the fab Fayne Khandr, but I haven’t actually used it on any of my posts here. Now, you may be wondering why I’m even talking about this because it’s so old, but I’m mentioning it because Hoorenbeek and KMadd have collaborated again on another hat + hair combo with a driver’s hat that’s now available. The second Hoorenbeek piece in here is the Patagonia 2.0 boots. The Patagonia boots are definitely my “go to” boots when I need a pair to fit a look and these in Used Brown definitely hit the worker’s spot. I love all of the detailing that went into them, including the laces, and I love how you can get them in the tight, laced-up version or the open, loosened version.

That’s everything I wanted to speak about in this look. Part II will be coming soon (maybe some time this week or maybe on Sunday when most of my posts go up). I think I’ll retract my statement from before. You are allowed to spill the wine as long as you also take that girl.

The Rundown
Outfit :: Sartoria Italiana – Dirty Hands Outfit in Old Green L$399
Tank :: Sartoria Italiana – Dirty Hands Tank in Cheers L$150
Boots :: Hoorenbeek – Patagonia 2.0 Boots in Used Brown L$520
Hat + Hair :: MADesigns – Billy in SMBR III L$300
Skin :: Belleza – Thomas V2 in Tan 5 L$2,000 single L$5,000 for 4-pack
Eyes :: Poetic Color – Medium Tones in Deep Blue Sea L$200
Poses :: Maldita @ Pose Fair – Sets #9 and #10 L$500 each

The Soundtrack
Eric Burdon & War – Spill the Wine

Jeff Buckley – Lilac Wine

Iron & Wine – Belated Promise Ring

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