#1 In The Hood G

Happy Sunday! And yes, I realized I missed a Sunday in there without a post. My apologies, but I had a lot going on last weekend. I’ve had so much backed up and purchased that I felt the need to throw three looks into this one. Please excuse the fact that they’re all blue, but realize that two of the three do come in a multitude of colors. Let’s hit it.

The Hood Collage

Okay, so maybe it’s 100% obvious that I didn’t shoot these in any place that would be considered the hood. I went seaside with these because two of my looks have dock shoes and those would probably look a bit awkward in a “hood” setting. All three of these hoodies are on the new-ish side and they all have different personalities that I felt when I put each of them on. Thus, let’s get into those personalities now.

The Hood #1

This first one here combines a few new items. As soon as I saw these shorts come through from the Casa CheerNo group, I knew I needed to go buy them. I’ve been digging the shorter style of shorts with the rolled cuff and I saw them all over the shows and RL fashion blogs. I was very glad to see that CheerNo came out with a full set of them that have plain ones as well as ribbed ones. The second thing I wanted to talk about is the great set of hoodies that Arai recently put out. I think I adore pretty much every color that they put out, but the shorts and the hoodie matched colored so well that I had to go with the blue here. I also love how the zipper is white. It gives the hoodie a nice contrast and frames up the piece quite well. A final thing I need to mention is this fantastic scarf from Mr. Poet that I saw on Bronson’s blog. I mean 10 colors and a really cool, intricate tie to the scarf for L$1… how can you really go wrong?

The Hood #2

Yeah so um… I’m totally a stealer. Well actually I just really like reading male fashion blogs because I love to see new stores or stores I never knew about that others have found. This look was inspired by a store called *graph that I saw on the Virtual Drifting blog. I’d been in search of shorts like these for a while when those popped up in my Google Reader and I knew I had to go get them immediately. While grabbing the shorts I saw this really cool navy pullover hoodie and I knew I had to pick it up. I totally dig the little extra cut into the neckline and the pull strings around the waist. They’re nice little touches that really set it apart from the norm.

The Hood #3

My final look here definitely could be considered more hood than my other two looks above here. Argrace came out with a bunch of these dual zipper hoodie/track jackets in a bunch of different colors. You can even get them in a light gray with a pretty large selection of plaid shirts to go underneath. I almost went with one of those for this post, but I went with this one because it was my favorite between the two. Plus, I have a pair of sneakers RL would go perfect with it. The only other thing of note in this look that you have to see in the main pic would be the new Kickers from NSD. They’re a really great new pair of hi-tops with all sorts of different ways that you can customize them and a nice HUD to work with where you can see the colors on the shoes in the HUD before you accidentally override a color that took you a while to setup. Not like I’ve done that before or anything… 😉

That covers everything I’ve got for this post. I hope you’ve enjoyed my lil’ post here and go out to snag any and/or all of these items. I know that usually here is where I tell you what I’ve got coming next, but to be honest I have no idea what I’m going to post next. I’ve got a few things in my inv, but nothing is currently surfacing in my mind as to what I’ll do next. You’ll just have to wait and see. Thanks for reading!

The Rundown
The Hood #1
Hoodie :: Arai – Nylon Parka in Blue L$180
Shorts :: CheerNo – Social Shorts in Blue L$200
Tee :: Hell Bop – Oscar in White Sheer L$95
Scarf :: Mr.Poet – Wide Scarf L$0
Shades :: Epoque – Timeless Shades in Neutral L$325
Fingerless Gloves :: Fri.day – Fingerless Gloves in Ice L$80
Shoes :: Hoorenbeek – Dockers Shoes in White L$520
Hair :: EGO – YOK in Light Noir L$300 for 3-pack
Skin :: Belleza – Ewan V2 in Tan 11 L$2,000 single L$5,000 for 4-pack
Eyes :: Poetic Color – Medium Tones in Deep Blue Sea L$200

The Hood #2
Pullover Hoodie :: *graph – Pullover in Navy L$120
Shorts :: *graph – Shorts in Beige L$100
Shoes :: **Stash** – Undefeatable Leather Shoes L$699
Hair :: Armidi – The Grammar in Mocha 4-pack for L$295
Skin :: Belleza – Ewan V2 in Tan 11 L$2,000 single L$5,000 for 4-pack
Eyes :: Poetic Color – Medium Tones in Deep Blue Sea L$200

The Hood #3
Hoodie :: Argrace – Casual Hoodie in Navy-Light L$300
Jeans :: Aoharu – Vintage Denim in Blue L$220
Shoes :: Naith Smit Designs – Kickers L$300
Tank :: Aitui – Flock Tank Top L$100
Tattoo :: Garden of Ku – Viva Zapata! L$300
Hair :: Gritty Kitty – Hoke Troika in Black L$130
Skin :: Belleza – Ewan V2 in Tan 11 L$2,000 single L$5,000 for 4-pack
Eyes :: Poetic Color – Medium Tones in Deep Blue Sea L$200

Poses Used
/Geez/ by Grazia Horwitz
Glitterati by Katey Coppola
Persona by Myllie Writer
Reel Expression by Luth Brodie

The Soundtrack
The Decemberists – Annan Water

The Shins – Sea Legs

K-Os – Black Ice-Hymn for Disco


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2 responses to “#1 In The Hood G

  1. pumpkinsaenz

    Nicely executed, Mr. Page.

  2. Bronson Twine

    Thanks for the mention – and three really cool looks. Great stuff.

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