Dualing Denim

Well well well… look who’s back for a mid-week post. I must’ve caught a fever and the only prescription is more blogging. This is actually brought on by something crazy that happened on my extra holiday last Friday. I had seen somewhere on some blog, somewhere across the plurkiverse that Shiki had some new denim shirts out. I went to check them out and while I was standing there the lovely Jura Shepherd, the publicist for Shiki, IMed me and said that if I wanted anything all I had to do was ask. #1 This totally caught me off guard and #2 I’m weird about asking for review copies. I say I’m weird about asking for review copies because you know if I really like something enough I’ll buy it and don’t think to ask for it. I mean 99.9% of the items you see on my blog I’ve bought. I manned up and asked because Jura did tell me to ask, and she gave me a much larger selection of items beyond the few things I asked for. So let’s get into this:

Dualing Denim - For Fun

You know a couple of things really come to mind when I think of Shiki and they are: fashion forward and bright colors. Every time that Shinichi Mathy, the designer of Shiki, puts out a new collection those two things always seem to ring true. He also pays very good attention to the patterns that he uses. Check out the rest of my post after the jump here.

Dualing Denim - For Fashion

For this look here I wanted to simply recognize a trend that seems to be sneaking into male fashion editorials here and there… it’s the dual denim look. There were a lot of cowboy and western trends that rolled through the menswear shows for S/S10, so this is my light ode to that. Now, I knew coming into this post that I wanted to use the really cool denim shirts from Shiki, but I didn’t expect a full outfit to really form around it. One of my favorite things about this entire look is how everything is perfectly distressed. Nothing is too overly distressed nor is it straight up plain. Each piece feels perfectly lived-in to that really comfortable zone. They’re those jeans you refuse to give up because each rip, stain, and mark has a story behind it. The history of the past 10 years lives within those threads. It’s the spring camping trip when you fell on your ass because you tripped on a root along the hiking path, the summer Lollapalooza where a girl bumped into you carrying 4 beers back to her crew and they spilled all down the front of you, and cozying up to someone special underneath a blanket around the fire pit of the fall.

Dualing Denim - For Details

I finished this look off with a couple of things here. The first of which would be these flippity flops from INDI Designs that I got after in my last post. Every summer deserves a great pair of flip flops and INDI definitely did an excellent job putting these together. The border and thongs are color change, so you can switch them up to fit just about any summery look you’re putting together. The other is that I accessorized lightly with a pair of classic aviators that you’ve seen in many of my looks and they come from Steinwerk as well as a rope belt from Kyoot Army. The rope belt actually comes with a voodoo doll attached to it, so I modified it quite a bit. The belt comes no copy, but has 2 different sizes. Thus, I took one of the sizes and removed the voodoo doll from it to give me a nice clean rope belt. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the hardest) to modify this item, I’d say it was probably like a 4. Don’t feel too discouraged, like you really couldn’t do it yourself.

Alright so that’s my post for this Wednesday. I hope you all enjoyed it and I’d strongly suggest that if you don’t have any Shiki to head on over there and check out the vast selection of items in there. You’re sure to find something for yourself.

The Rundown
Jacket :: Shiki Designs – Denim Jacket in Blue L$390
Shirt :: Shiki Designs – Denim Shirt in Indigo L$290
Jeans :: Shiki Designs – Grunge Jeans L$390
Flip Flops :: INDI Designs – Seagrass Flip Flops L$125
Shades :: SteinWerk – Aviator L$450
Belt :: Kyoot – Voodoo Doll Belt (modded) L$200
Hair :: MADesigns – Eric in Dark Browns L$300 for 3
Skin :: Belleza – Ewan V2 in Tan 11-E L$2,000 single L$5,000 for 4-pack

The Soundtrack
Neil Diamond – Forever in Bluejeans

Ladytron – Blue Jeans

Jimmy Eat World – Night Drive

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  1. I love how you described that certain pair of jeans you refuse to give up. ❤

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