Runaway Train

Happy Monday ladies and gents! (if it is still Monday where you are) So I thought I’d take a little break from all of the real fashion show images and hit you up with a look I very recently put together. I’ve kind of been sitting around my skybox lately without being able to get a real look that I liked together. I was out in public a couple of times, so if I apologize if my face was censored on any random fashion victim blogs. I mean, why do you think I was posting RL fashion pics and not SL ones? 😛 Alright I’ve got a few things to talk about here, so let’s get into this:

Runaway Train Main

It all started with a tee. Honestly, that’s about how all of my looks come together. I get one item that I like and then I just start building items I have in my inventory around it until I think I’ve got something I like. Usually to find that first item it’s like a game of Russian roulette through my inventory, except that I’m actually searching for the bullet. This time the bullet happened to be this Sheer Bird t-shirt from Aitui. I’ve always liked Jesse’s designs, whether they were his clothing or his tattoos. In this look I actually used both because the tattoo is one that he released on Memorial Day to commemorate the bombing of Pearl Harbor that happened in 1941. The planes and red dot on the top represent the Japanese and the stars represent the USA. I figured since it was Independence Day here yesterday (and my mom’s birthday) that I’d go a little patriotic.

Now, I have a couple of other things that I wanted talk about here with the 2 main pics. The first is that this is newer hair from UncleWeb Studios that I haven’t actually worn in a post. UncleWeb is one of my go-to places for male hair. Sometimes I’ll go and find those tiny stores that may have one or two hairs that you can pick up and they’re fantastic places, but other times you just want to go to a place that you know is going to put out really good hair every time. UncleWeb is definitely one of the places you’re going to get quality from with every release. Even if the hair is not my cup of tea, it’s always very well put together. The second thing has to do with the location here. You see I didn’t find this location on my own; I actually looked it up via a fantastic note card that Cajsa Lillehook creates for the blogging community. You see she gives out this note card with all of these different and unique locations on it. Everything is pretty much categorized by the type of location, so you know exactly what to be expecting when you use one of the many landmarks she has in the note card. I honestly just wanted to thank her from the bottom of my heart for putting in the effort and creating such a great tool for the blogging community. It really does mean a lot.

Runaway Train Details

The last thing I wanted to talk about comes out of this little set here and it’s the necklace. I heard about this sale that Jaunty Magazine had going on with a bunch of designers offering a single male item for L$49 and I had to check it out. Thus, I took the trip to many many stores and came away with some pretty cool stuff. The one I’m showing here is the Valr necklace from A:S:S. When I wear it forward it kind of covers the bird on my tee, so I flipped it around for the pics to show off the sweet tee. As of right now in-world, I’m wearing it forward and it lies on the avatar quite well. Although, please note that I actually looked at the Jaunty Magazine website and this item is no longer available as the sale ended on June 26th, BUT the next one is coming around on August 15th. He does have a similar necklace to the one I’ve shown upstairs at his shop for L$149 though, so not all is lost.

Alright, so that just about covers everything I wanted to talk about in this piece. I hope you enjoyed it and have a great week everybody!

The Rundown
Tee :: Aitui – Sheer Bird (group gift)
Jeans :: Shiki Designs – Black Grunge Jeans L$390
Boots :: Hoorenbeek – Patagonia 2.0 Loosed in Used Black L$520
Necklace :: A:S:S – Valr Necklace L$149 (for a similar one)
Bracelet :: *Nelshai* – Leather Wristband in Dark Grey L$190
Tattoo :: Aitui – The Bombing at Pearl Harbor L$300
Hair :: UncleWeb Studios – Gerald in Meteor L$230
Skin :: Belleza – Ewan V2 in Tan 11-E L$2,000 single L$5,000 for 4-pack
Eyes :: Poetic Color – Medium Tones in Blue Surf L$200

The Soundtrack
Soul Asylum – Runaway Train

Jethro Tull – Locomotive Breath

Simon & Garfunkel – America

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