Guess Who’s Back

Back again? Shai-De’s back. Tell a friend! So I recently got the opportunity to… leave right before one of my best friends in SL had her show at Modavia’s SL Fashion Week. Hey I had a family dinner reservation to celebrate my brother’s engagement! Valid reason to leave! I know… she’ll hate me now and later… as if that even changes from how we previously were. 😉 Anyway she was gracious enough to still toss me a blogger’s pack of her new stuff! \o/ Here’s my look that I cooked up from it:

Shai Collective

The first thing that I’m going to say that I love here is top. I don’t know if you know this, but… camel color for men for fall is kind of a big deal. I’ve been chomping at the bit waiting for somebody somewhere to make something in camel for men. Ideally it would’ve been a toggle coat, but a shirt will do (and do it well). The way Shai put this together is a bit different than most have come to expect of the sweater + shirt combo. The sweater is on the jacket layer and the shirt is actually all prim. For a bigger av like me, it took a bit to make it fit, but she makes it mod to I was able to torture some prims and twist them into place. The other piece to this look from Shai is the brown, snake skin-patterned pants. I really love these because it gives you the snake skin pattern without the leather texture to them. This look also comes with a nice big trench coat as well that I didn’t use in my pics. Honestly, go check out Shai’s latest and greatest @ the Modavia II sim until the 16th and after that just cruise to her store.

Shai CloseUp

This last little close-up here actually encompasses two other events that are going on right now. The first I’ll get into is HAIR FAIR! There’s not a very large selection of male hair at the Hair Fair that’s going on right now, but there are definitely some high quality hairstyles out there. In this I’m actually wearing something from the BOON booth, but it’s probably not what you think. It’s the hair base! There’s SO much room for innovation and adding that 38th piece of flair with hair bases that I don’t think has been fully explored yet. There’s a lot of opportunity there and I can’t wait to see what people do with that layer AND, like I mentioned in my last post, you can double up on that tattoo layer. Thus, no more worrying about having your tattoo on the tattoo layer replace your hair base. The second thing I wanted to mention about this goes with this nice soft mohawk from MADesigns. It comes from the many fantastic items being brought forth by Project Donate (a Unicef fundraising effort for those affected by the floods in Pakistan). This is such a great mohawk and such a great effort. I also love how this is an item that’s available for Project Donate, but after Project Donate it will be available in MADesigns. So often you get caught where people will ask you about an item you were wearing, but it was available for an exclusive amount of time. With this you can buy now and donate charitably or still buy it later as well. No “aww crap I missed it” feeling! 🙂

That’s everything I’ve got for this one! I’ve got another one coming soon. I know! I have one planned and it’ll be quick and easy (that’s what she said). Have a fantastic week everybody!

– O

The Rundown
Outfit :: Casa del Shai – Cortes Trench Outfit L$1200
Shoes :: Hoorenbeek – JP Shoes in Light Brown L$520
Shades :: Epoque – Timeless Shades in Neutral L$325
Hair Base :: BOON @ HF10 – Vine Shaved Hair Base L$FREE
Mohawk :: MADesigns @ PD – Puck in Dark Brown VIII L$200
Skin :: Belleza – Ewan V2 in Tan 0 L$2,000 single L$5,000 for 4-pack

The Soundtrack

The Doors – Crawling King Snake

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Yeh Jo Halka Halka Saroor Hai

The xx – Islands

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