Shiki Style

Whoa… what is this thing? Do I still blog here or something? 😛 It has been a few weeks since I peeked into here, but I’ve been a very busy man RL and had a few things come my way lately that I had no choice but to put them up.

Shiki Style B&W

The first things I want to speak about here are definitely these two great suits from Shiki Designs. They come from the black and white collection that Shinichi Mathy put together for the Modavia Fashion Week that happened back in early September. I attended as much as I could of the male fashion day and I was glad to see that Shiki had a show in there because he always puts together a really great selection of male fashion. The difference between this line and most of his other collections that he has put out is that this is all black and white. Usually you come to expect nice, bright colors from a Shiki Designs collection, but he zigged when most expected him to zag.

On the left here you have the Zebra Tux outfit with the great contrasting zebra stripes that work diagonally across the blazer. One thing I found pretty excellent about this pattern, that you don’t normally get with patterns like this, is that the prim pieces fit to the clothing pieces quite well. The full outfit here comes with blazer, shirt, bow tie, and pants. I will say that I did need to do some work on both suits to get them to fit my av, BUT it is modifiable so you can edit each piece individually. The fact that the breast + collar are all one sculptie really helps a lot for the adjustments. On the right we’ve got another tux in the Animal Instinct outfit. This suit is a bit more traditional than that of the Zebra tux, but you definitely get some flair with the cheetah print on the white shirt. Also, with this suit you can really work it out with accessories, where with the Zebra Tux it’s so loud that it’s hard to accessorize without overdoing your look.

Shiki Style Details

And if you thought the suits were the only thing going on here… well you thought wrong. 😛 First and foremost I have to mention the two new skins from Belleza. Tricky Boucher did not fail to live up to the hype behind these two male skins that he put out through his Belleza store. I would go more in depth into these skins, but honestly I’m sure you’ve already gotten a good look at them from both Bronson and Catharsis. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of Belleza’s Tan tone because it really fits the look I’ve put together for my av. (I’m not actually this tan irl… go figure. :-P) Although when you look at Owen (upper left) and Shawn (lower left) here the soul patches (Face #11) are a little different on each and I really like that little switch up for the two. You’re really able to tell the difference in personalities here.

Another piece to this puzzle here that I have to mention is the hair base from Aitui. I threw a Boon one at you in this post, and I’m really adamant that hair bases are really a place I was hoping to see some creativity show up. Aitui has done a great job of putting together a quality selection of hair bases to make your mohawks hairstyles that much more edgy.

I just mentioned accessories before, so let’s hit you up with some info on the ones I used here. The pipe and the ring that I’ve highlighted here are from YV. I’m a big fan of YV accessories because they’re simple, stylish, and the sculptie work is always really great. My glasses on the Animal Instinct look come from Reek and they’re the Augie glasses. Really you just can’t go wrong with just about anything you buy from Reek. It’s always well-crafted and there’s always a great HUD to color them up.

I have two final final things to talk about in these shots here. The first thing is the Hugo shoes from Hoorenbeek. They’re a bit of an update to the former JP shoes that I’ve shown in a lot of different posts here. And I actually got these the weekend they came out, so they were only L$200. Hoorenbeek has been doing this for a while, but usually you can get their latest and greatest items for L$200 apiece the weekend that they’re released. Whereas, if you’re not that quick to pull the trigger to end up paying a bit more. The second thing is the SETH hairstyle in the lower left. It came as a group gift from LeLutka for their latest and greatest update. They totally redesigned their island and they’re still adding in items. It’s definitely worth a look.

Alright! I’ll stop talking. I think that’s everything that I wanted to cover in this anyway… I think. 😉 Okay, yes it is. I’ll be back, well… whenever I can get back. We shall see.

The Rundown
Lefty Loosey
Outfit :: Shiki Designs – Zebra Tux L$680
Shoes :: Hoorenbeek – Hugo shoes in Black/White L$520
Ring :: YV – Calvin Rings L$190 (3 rings)
Hair :: LeLutka – Seth in IronHotcake (group gift)
Skin :: Belleza – Shawn in Tan Face #11 L$2,000 single

Righty Tighty
Outfit :: Shiki Designs – Animal Instinct L$650
Shoes :: ANEXX – Horse Bit Loafers L$380
Glasses :: Reek – Augie Glasses L$250
Ring :: YV – Calvin Rings L$190 (3 rings)
Pipe :: YV – Cabana L$190
Hair Base :: Aitui – Etched L$299
Hair :: MADesigns
Eye Tattoo :: XWD – Tribal Eye L$50
Skin :: Belleza – Owen in Tan Face #11 L$2,000 single

The Soundtrack

Quantic and his Combo Barbaro – Un Canto A Mi Tierra

Justin Timberlake – Damn Girl

Big Boi – Bowtie

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