Winter’s Coming

Ohai! I’m sure it’s getting old, but I keep forgetting about this blog thing that I have. Although, seriously this time, I do finally have some time to sit down and blog. Pretty much my entire season of weeks packed with sports being played or watched are down to a minimum now and I can do some hibernating for the cold winters (except for indoor soccer). And speaking of winter… it’s well on its way here to my neck of the woods. We’re supposed to get our first snowfall this weekend, but that’s up for debate between Mother Nature and the meteorologists. However it does give me an excellent excuse to push some winter fashion, so let’s have at it:

Winter's Coming #1

I’ll say this straight up: 90% of this look is created with review copies. Honestly, I’m really really really not used to getting review copies. I mean if you even take half the time to notice my blog, I get a post in maybe every month or so? I mean maybe. Thus, review copies don’t often make their way into my inventory and I’m cool with that. THIS IS NOT A PLOY TO GET MORE REVIEW COPIES. I just felt really blessed with these items being given to me by designers that I admire and respect, and I had to show you them because they’re really good pieces that all guys could use in their inventory.

Winter's Coming #2

Now, let’s crank out what was ever so gently dropped into my inventory and we’ll attack them in the order they came in. The first thing I’ll mention here that I have mentioned in a previous post was the skin from Belleza. Tricky Boucher just does such a fantastic job with his skins. I mean Belleza is THE place to go for male skins and the quality of Belleza’s skins is truly incredible. In his Tan skins, he has the skin tone that I truly feel hits the mark for exactly how I want my avatar to look.

The second piece to sneak in was the Gallagher coat from NSD. Simply by the design, look, and feel of this coat, I have to say this was a tip of the hat to the Gallagher brothers from Oasis. Even if it wasn’t, it’s so absolutely their style. This was actually an accidental review copy as I had already bought 2 of the coats and 2 of the new scarves that Naith put out. Then SL decided to eat them and I had to contact Naith wherein he hooked me up.

The next part that came in was this great dual texture sweater from Miamai. This was a double secret probation review copy as I had no clue it was coming and the creator, Monica Outlander, just dropped them on me. I’ve always been a sucker for sweaters with big, warm collars and this Jas sweater really fits that bill perfectly. It’s a great cable knit pattern that you’d traditional find in a sweater and coupled with a swatch of what seems to be sort of a donegal tweed. Although, one thing of note is that you need to wear high-waisted pants/jeans with this sweater unless you’re wearing something over it as there’s a little spot on the left side just above the hip that shows with a low rise pant/jean.

The final piece of the puzzle that came from a review copy are the jeans from Valiant. Personally, I think they were an attempt to distract me from playing the right players on my English Premier League fantasy team, but that’s purely conjecture. (Yes, I’m leading the Second Life league with Wavie & Rob Moonites… for now *shakes fist @ Wavie getting closer*) I’ve always been a fan of Valiant’s jeans. I wore a pair for Second Style #23 in Dec ’08, but the pic got cropped such that you couldn’t see them. Anyway it simply demonstrates that Wavie has been making great jeans for years and the new set that he has out are no different. I love the simple things that add such great value, like the fact each pair of jeans comes with three different cuffs. It gives you the possibility of using the base pair of jeans in a multitude of ways that’s really awesome.

Winter's Coming #3

The truly final thing I wanted to talk about here is the hi-tops from Kari. Now, yeah these are definitely an older item as Kari has been around for a long time, but they also haven’t update in a long time. Well, Menno has a sale on where all of his older items are now L$50 and a big update with new items is supposed to come through soon. So get your butts down there and snag those older items at the lower price while you still can!

That’s just about everything I’ve got on this one and, if see my flickr stream on the side, I’ll probably bang out a quick one tomorrow too if I’ve got the time. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend!

The Rundown
Parka :: NSD – Gallagher Parka in Black L$350
Sweater :: Miamai – Jas Sweater in Red L$300
Jeans :: Valiant – V003 Jeans in Black L$200
Shoes :: Kari – Rockabilly Hi-Tops L$50
Hair :: UncleWeb Studios – Scott 2 in Meteor L$230
Skin :: Belleza – Owen in Tan Face #11 L$2,000 single

The Soundtrack

Oasis – Gas Panic!

Ray Lamontagne and the Pariah Dogs – Beg Steal Borrow

K-Os – Black Ice: Hymn for Disco

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