Inspired :: Zara

Holy crap. 2 posts in 2 days. Hang on to your britches ladies and gents:

Inspired :: Zara

I’ll admit it: I love The Fashionisto. It’s my fave real life male fashion blog. They give you the new hotness in editorials, magazines, and runway shows for menswear. I recently came across the RL look shown above from Zara’s November Look Book and I just KNEW I could put something together similar in SL. I mean as soon as I saw the shot I thought, “Oh wow that looks just like the sweater that WMD put out for the Le Look anniversary homme outfit. I could totally pull this off in SL.” Thus, I started running through things in my head that I could use to get this look together beyond the sweater. FIR & MNA has been killing with great outerwear lately and I knew Rob had somewhat recently released a duffel coat. I knew that Adjunct has a bunch of bow ties that you can buy individually, and thankfully they had some in a nice plaid pattern. It’s not exactly the same colors as the bow tie from Zara, but close enough that you can easily see the similarities (same with sweater). Then, I finished it off with some new jeans from Valiant that I mentioned in my post yesterday.

So often we wish that we could bring things in from RL into SL and it was really fun to put this together. Trust me, if you’re on my plurk line, you see my plurks of things that I’d love to have in SL practically daily from my reading of The Fashionisto. Thanks for reading post #2 in 2 days. I know it’s craziness and may even happen again next weekend… no promises. 😉

The Rundown

Coat :: *FIR & MNA* – Duffle Coat in Black L$250
Sweater :: WMD – V-neck sweater + shirt L$Free.99
Jeans :: Valiant – V001 Jeans in Blue L$200
Shirt :: Adjunct – Clean White Shirt L$125
Bow Tie :: Adjunct – Classic Bowtie in Plaid 3 L$150
Hair :: UncleWeb Studios – Scott 2 in Meteor L$230
Skin :: Belleza – Owen in Tan Face #11 L$2,000 single

The Soundtrack

U2 – Even Better Than The Real Thing

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