Hello and good day! I figured I would get at least one post in here before the Christmas festivities (and then watching as many EPL games as I can throughout the next couple of weeks). I do love the wonder of Christmas, especially through the eyes of a child, though I’m not all that big of a Christmas guy. You won’t see me making a Christmas card… it’s just not me. Although, I will go chop down a tree for the family in great winter-based fashion, so let’s get into this post:

Chopper #1

To be honest, this post started as one look and sort of developed into two. The deviation from the original is slight, but notable. The first thing I wanted to talk about here is the sweater from Iruco that I first saw on Galliano’s blog post. I really could have purchased the fat pack of these, but because it was a new store to me I didn’t. Don’t want to throw all of that L$ at a product of which you haven’t experienced or seen first-hand. It’s a really fantastic knit sweater and each of the prim pieces are 1 sculpt objects, so it’s extremely easy to fit to any avatar. It falls into that category of high quality basics and is a great canvas to work with. The next piece that needs to be talked about is this trapper hat from Mon Tissu. I’ve been waiting for this hat since I saw the first promo ad for Mon Tissu on Emma Gilmour’s plurk. I knew that as soon as they opened I was headed over there to get these hats, and I was definitely not disappointed when I put them on. From the texture of the wool to the tie on the top of the hat that holds up the flaps, it’s awesome. The last, and definitely not least, item to talk about in this look is the scarf from Aitui. Recently Aitui put up a pre-release of their new 2011 line. The pre-release collection has scarves, shorts, tights, tanks, and a hat. Everything is very well made the color palette is very excellent and subdued (except for the hat which is more the graffiti skater style). I bought up just about one of everything and I’m 100% satisfied with all of it.

Chopper #2

In this second pic here I have to talk about this very nice sweater that I got sent from a very kind friend. I quoted Kelly and next thing you know… a gift showed up in my offlines. I love this sweater. It’s very granola, north woods holiday sweater. It feels like something that you would wear in the cabin after a long day skiing in the mountains. Also in this pic is a scarf that I picked up from TokiDoki. The clothing there is definitely femme-based, but there are for sure unisex pieces that you can pick up for yourself. The final final thing I wanted to talk about in this post is the boots from Reek that I used in both looks. I picked these up from one of the 50L Friday events and, after putting them on, they were a total steal at that price. The quality and attention to detail on these boots is really amazing. They’re a folded down version of the Boston boots from Reek and I think they’re just so classic winter. You can drive down a snowy road and I guarantee you’ll see at least 2 people in this style of boots shoveling snow.

That’s everything I have for this post and I hope you enjoyed it. I do have a few other looks to throw out there, so be on the lookout. I might actually be productive on my blog in this long holiday from work. Don’t get used to it. 😉 Merry Christmas everybody and I hope you all have an amazing one!

The Rundown
In Both Looks
Jeans :: COCO Designs – Loose Flare Jeans in Dark and Blue L$200 each
Hat :: Mon Tissu – Deerstalker hat in Brown L$215
Shades :: Naughty Designs – Classic Aviators (currently unavailable)
Boots :: Reek – Shearling Boots L$50 (still)
Axe :: Old LL Axe from Fireman outfit
Hair Base :: Aitui @ OneEleven – The Day The Sun Exploded L$3,000 with Tattoo (59 left)
Skin :: Belleza – Owen in Tan Face #11 L$2,000 single

In First Look
Sweater :: Iruco – Roll Neck Jumper in Navy L$150
Scarf :: Aitui – Warm & Safe scarf in Truffles L$225

In Second Look
Sweater :: en Svale – Cowichan Sweater in Gray L$180
Under Tee :: Valiant – Plain Grey Tee L$100
Scarf :: TokiDoki – A Scarf in Brown L$150

/Geez/ by Grazia Horwitz
Reel Expression by Luth Brodie

The Soundtrack

The Decemberists – Won’t Want For Love (Margaret In The Taiga)

Fleet Foxes – Your Protector

Bon Iver – For Emma

**Holiday Bonus Song**
Fitz & the Tantrums – Santa Stole My Lady

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