Good day everybody! I’m back at it again. I’m forcing myself to blog today because there are so many items in my inventory that are just sitting there asking me to blog. It’s like a giant bird’s nest with little baby birds peeping to be blogged. For the look I’m tossing at you today, I thought I’d go a little lighter than normal. Most of my posts tend to be a bit on the darker side and, as I look outside where there’s snow as far as the eye can see, I thought I’d try to blend in and get a little lighter.

Refresh Full

Speaking of birds before, Jesseaitui, the crow man himself, released another piece from his 2011 collection. It’s called the Amsterdam coat and you can see it above on the left as well as some details in the picture below. I really dig this coat and I knew I had to get it when I saw image on my Flickr friend updates. The details are impeccable as you can see below with the sculpted button that says “Aitui Since 2000” on it and the shading is also very well done. The scarf is a color change scarf, so you can click it and find whatever color you need it to be and works well with the coat or stand-alone for different outfit as well.

Another thing of note in the picture above, are the poses. Exposeur recently released their latest and greatest set of The Hottie Series (Part 5) and I made the cut! The pose on the left is named Oscar and I love it. Exposeur is definitely a great place to pick up poses and I’m a big fan of how Ruby doesn’t neglect that male poses. It’s always rough to get quality male poses and Exposeur is definitely a cut above many of the rest.

The final thing I wanted to talk about is where I slipped off the Aitui coat on the right to show the contrast shirt from Whippet & Buck. I love high quality basics and W&B always hits that mark. I was lucky enough to actually get the fat pack of these from the 50L Friday event. Yes, the entire collection of these for L$50… it was crazy amazing. Now, they’re up to full price, but still well worth it for L$75 each. They come with a few layers and prim cuffs for the arms.

Refresh Deets

One truly final thing before I get out of here is this hair called Clarkson from NSD. A short while ago NSD opened up an extension to their already amazing clothing to give us a great line of hair. I went over there and snagged a bunch of the hairs. This one actually came in the second round of hairs released from NSD, but, if you actually read my blog, you know I’m an eternal slacker when it comes to posting things on time. Anyway, I’m peeking at my inv and I have 8 styles from NSD. Considering Naith has only put out 18 styles in the short amount of time that they’ve been open, that right there should definitely speak to the quality of the styles.

That should just about cover everything I’ve got on this one. Thanks for reading and I’ll try my best to get these posts in on the weekends as my work days just got longer (per my two 365 post). Have a fantastic rest of your weekend everybody!

The Rundown
Jacket :: Aitui – Amsterdam Coat in Chalk L$460
Shirt :: Whippet & Buck – Contrast Shirt in Beige/Alice L$75
Jeans :: Arai – Jeans in Light L$150
Shoes :: 2G – COURU in White/Blue/Brown L$200
Glasses :: Reek – Junior L$250
Hair :: NSD Hair – Clarkson in Noir L$225
Hairbase :: White Widow – Canvas in Black L$250 for 5
Skin :: Belleza – Owen in Tan Face #11 L$2,000 single

The Soundtrack

Daft Punk – Fresh

Fatboy Slim – Soul Surfing

Outkast – So Fresh So Clean


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