Rainy Day

Hola! I’m up in here once again to blog up some things in my inventory that need not stay in there forever and ever. It’s actually quite the sunny day outside right now, but I’ve been feeling like my only time available for blogging or taking pictures are rainy days. Rainy days for me would be days without any sports or social activities going on and I can take the time to put together a post. I’d love to be out in the Sun today, but it’s deceiving as it’s a bit cool today at 31°F. Thus, you get a post from me! Are you excited!? Okay now calm down your excitement because my pics are not that amazing. Let’s get into it:

Rainy Day #1

The main piece of this that everybody and their mom are posting is this fantastic jacket + sweater + giant scarf from Mr. Poet. It’s really an amazing package deal that they have there. As soon as I saw the ad for plurked somewhere I had to jump to the first Mr. Poet location I could find and get it. When first putting this look together I tried to mix and match between the three packages I purchased, but eventually I settled on only using the one. That’s not to say that you can’t mix and match because most of the pieces do fall under a similar color palette to mix and match, but I just felt like this complete set really hit the spot I was going for. Also, Mr. Poet provides layers and attachments so that each item can be worn alone or with everything else, and the quality is such that breaking this all apart for use here and there is easily done.

Rainy Day #2

Now, I’ll break this package from Mr. Poet apart piece by piece. Starting us off is the jacket that is awesome, period. The sculpts are all very well done and style of the jacket really isn’t found anywhere else on the grid (at least of this quality). I also had to pick this set to show off the pattern. This grey plaid pattern is so classic AND you can see how well the pattern flows across multiple sculpts. I’ve purchased plenty of items in my day where the patterns get all misaligned and crazy once you resize a piece to fit your body. Next, the sweater is well textured and gives you the option of having a shorter turtleneck or the extra long turtleneck that covers up over your face. I love that option because it allows you to make any look you have be classic or maybe a little more edgy. Finally, the giant scarf is very cool and definitely the metaphoric “cherry on top” for this set. There aren’t many quality oversized scarves in SL. Even the ones that are quality, you have a major issue with your AO putting them through your av. I found this scarf to work pretty perfectly with my AO. The only hitch is in one of my stands my shoulder goes through on the back side, but it’s nothing that a minor adjustment couldn’t fix.

Rainy Day Details

Finishing off this post I’ll get into a few of the little details I threw into here. In the top right you see the eyes that I used in this post are the atypical eyes you’d expect to see from me. I actually think this is the first time in over a year that I’ve used eyes that weren’t Poetic Colors’. I wanted to pin a piece of flair on this post, if you will, with these Syberia eyes from Beholder. They give a little unexpected cyborg touch to the look, as if I’m completely covered up so you can’t detect the amount of electronics really inside of me. Down to the left we’ve got a little extension from above to show how detailed the buttons are on the jacket. To finish it off the last image in the set, we’ve got a couple of things to talk about. One is these excellent chukka style boots from Kari. Menno Ophelia, the designer behind Kari, recently reopened his shop and these were part of the new items he mentioned when he had the 50% off sale on his old items to make space. They’re great boots and I love the color change laces. The other thing to talk about in the last shot is the cuffs from the Mon Tissu jeans. I noticed the Mon Tissu jeans when they first opened, but I sort of wrote them off as ladies jeans and not unisex. I finally gave in and bought a pair and I haven’t taken them off since I started putting together this post. I’m honestly wearing them right now inSL with a completely different look than this. As with all Mon Tissu items, the texturing is fantastic and their items are always a great base piece.

That’s all I’ve got on this one. I’m spent. I can’t really preview a next post because I don’t have a next post lined up in my head, but maybe I’ll have something to toss your direction soon-ish. I hope everybody is having a great weekend because I know I am. Enjoy it.

The Rundown
Jacket + Sweater + Scarf :: Mr.Poet – Cape Coat and Turtleneck Knit L$300
Jeans :: Mon Tissu – Lou Lou Denim in Dark L$375
Boots :: Kari – Stein Boots in Black L$200
Hair :: CheerNo – Vitor in Black L$250
Hair Base :: Aitui – Etched L$299
Eyes :: Beholder – Syberia Eyes in Violet L$95
Skin :: Belleza – Owen in Tan Face #11 L$2,000 single

The Soundtrack

Future Sound of London – Antique Toy

Deltron 3030 – Mastermind

K-Os – The Rain


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