Back To Basics

Yeahhhhhhh, so I’m ahead of schedule with this blogging thing, huh? Based on my previous time period I don’t think I was due for another one until 2012, but sometimes Mercury goes in retrograde in the sky and shit happens. 😉 Honestly, I simply had fun putting pics together for this one and the inspiration to post sort of came out of nowhere. Let’s get into this:

Back to Basics #1

Back to Basics #2

Alright alright, I have things to talk about here. So I don’t really keep up on things as much as I used to, but I did happen to stroll by Arai to finish off a look that I had on and I found all sorts of great new stuff. It really gave me that GAP feeling and I love high quality basics. I think that’s a spot that my RL wardrobe is missing, so I think that’s partially why I jumped at putting this look together. In this look the hoodie, khakis, and white shirt underneath are all from Arai. My favorite part about this is that you can wear the khakis straight down or with the rolled cuff (as shown).

Back to Basics #3

The other pieces that I wanted to talk about here are the boots and the hair. First, the boots are newish from FIR & MNA. I say newish because Rob is a creating machine and he always puts out newer things before I finally get around to blogging. These are great pair of dock boots and come in a bunch of colors to fit any look you’re trying to put together. Secondly, the hair comes from Coma and that’s actually where I took the shots for this. I’m a certifiable hair base whore, so when I saw this post on the MAD Image blog I knew had to go check to see if they had any other hair bases. The hair base didn’t really work out for me on this look, but this mohawk really did and it’s one of the most affordable I’ve ever come across. You can get 15 colors all for L$250. I used the Poprocks color for this look because it has some nice blue and purple tones in it that I thought really complemented the look.

That’s all I’ve got on this one. Have a most excellent Friday everybody!

The Rundown
Hoodie :: Arai – Parka 02 in Indigo L$200
Pants :: Arai – Chino Pants 03 in Baige L$180
Shirt :: Arai – Pul Shirt 02 in White L$140
Boots :: FIR & MNA – Highcrest Boots in Cream L$250
Glasses :: FIR & MNA – Hemmingway Glasses in Darks L$200
Hair :: Coma – Faux Hawk L$250
Hairbase :: White Widow – Reed in Black L$250
Skin :: Belleza – Owen in Tan Face #11 L$2,000 single

The Soundtrack

The Decemberists – June Hymn

Bon Iver – Wisconsin

Iron & Wine – Tree By The River


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