A Hush Fell Upon The Blog…

So if it’s not already apparent, I’ve somewhat stepped aside from SecondLife and the fashion scene within. It comes down to a simple statement of, “Not enough time and not enough desire to continue blogging.” SL was the water that fed my thirst for fashion when I was just a seedling. I always loved going to the fashion shows to see what new menswear designers were putting out and how they followed RL trends or created trends of their own. I actually hopped on to noticing the RL trends because of SL. My RL closet and Gilt Groupe are beaming with a smile from ear-to-ear because of that. I’ll always love fashion and that love will carry me throughout my future days, but these days it doesn’t include SL fashion. Often I log in, clear notices, check notecards, and log right back out (in fact I did it tonight). My time these days is all taken by sports (soccer and kickball) and the things that aren’t getting done while I’m out being a sporting lad. I know I never really posted all that much on here anyway, but I figured I’d give it an official send off.

Designers, keep pushing the limits of your creativity and never give up the fight reach the perfection of your creations. It’s always appreciated in more ways than one. And always remember that for every dress you sell, there’s most likely going to be a man that needs a great outfit to not look like a vagrant with system shoes/hair/skin on next to her.

With that I bid you adieu, adios, aufiderzein, and goodbye.

Oscar Page



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3 responses to “A Hush Fell Upon The Blog…

  1. Page; I will miss your biennual blogposts. I’ve always described you as the original SL fashionisto, and you’ll have my respect as a blogger and a person. Best wishes whatever you choose to do in either life now.

    Don’t think this means I’ll start calling your Mom in the morning though, coz… I won’t.

  2. WHAT? DUDE! WHY YOU LEAVIN??? Yer NOT allowed! 😛

    Fine, I guess I understand. And Mr. Jefferson is right (GOD I HATE SAYING THAT), you sir are the original SL fashionisto! One of the first and best male bloggers of SL! A lot of SL bloggers don’t really know anything about RL fashion, I love the way you brought that into your blog.

    I understand you leaving, but hopefully one day you shall return! ❤

  3. elu

    I bid adeiu to thee OSCAN.. You will be missed, but I am glad that your RL is busy, fullfilling and I hope brings you much joy.
    You shall always be KING SKANKAPOTUMSTANK

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