Creators Glossary

Welcome to the Creator Glossary of my blog. Here you’ll have the latest and greatest slurls from my blog. Also, I will provide a history of what type of things I’ve blogged from each place. That way you won’t be going to any of these places blindly trying to figure out what I’ve blogged.

To any readers of or designers on this list, if a slurl is incorrect please let me know and I will fix it promptly.

2Real :: Sneakers
2G :: Casual Shoes & Glasses
380 :: Boots

A:S:S :: Tees and Accessories
The Abyss :: Skins and Hair on the Hardcore Side
Action Surf & Sk8te :: Shoes and Accessories on the Skater side
addiXion :: Tattoos
Adjunct :: Male Clothing on the Hipster side
Aitui :: Tattoos, Hair, and Clothes
AKEYO :: Shoes
Anaphora :: Hair
ANEXX :: Aoharu shoes
Aoharu :: Menswear
Apollon :: Hats
Arai :: Male Clothing
Argrace :: Clothing and Hair
Armidi In-World :: Male Hair and Clothing
Armidi Web :: Same items as in-world + web exclusives
Artilleri :: Rockabilly Clothing and Accessories
Atomic :: Hoodies

B-Side Couture :: Male Clothing
Back and Forth :: Unisex Jackets
Baiastice :: Male Clothing
BalAni :: Male Clothing
BareRose (B@R) :: Large range of quality clothing for low prices
Beholder :: Eyes from Human to Cyborg
Belleza :: Skins
Blaze :: Suits
Blue Stone :: Jewelry
Brief Encounter :: Undies
BroGear :: Clothing and Accessories on the Hardcore side
Brutal Gear :: Biker-inspired Jackets and Jeans
BUKKA :: Boots, Jeans, and Accessories
Buried :: Hair, Skins, etc.

Calypso Giano :: Jeans and Tees
Casa del Shai :: Male Clothing
Cattiva e Cattivo :: Shoes and Male Clothing
Chase :: Male Hair and Clothing
CheerNo :: Male Hair and Couture Clothing
Civvies :: Clothing and Accessories that are lightly Steampunk based
Chronokit :: Watches
COCO Designs :: Clothing, Accessories, and Shoes
Coma :: Hair, Hairbases, Eyes, Clothing

Damani :: Mainly pre-fab homes, but has some scripted shades
Damiani :: Skins and Clothing
DE Designs :: Suits and Male clothing
Defectiva :: Clothing, Hair, and Skins
Detour :: Shoes
DROT :: Male Hair

EGO :: Male Hair
Emery :: Male Clothing
en Svale :: Unisex Clothing
Epoque :: Eyewear
EtchD :: Tattoos and Clothing

Fashism – High Quality Eyes
Find Ash :: Hair
FIR & MNA :: Male Clothing
Fishy Strawberry :: Unisex Clothing
FNKY & Cake :: Skins, Shoes, Accessories, Clothing, and Hair
/Fuel/ :: Unisex Accessories
Fusemelon :: Hair, Eyes, etc.

Gabriel :: Male Clothing
Garden of Ku :: Tattoos
Gaslights Emporium :: Male Clothing and Accessories for the Steampunk
GearShift :: Male Clothing and Accessories on the Hardcore side
Gentleman :: Sunglasses and Hats
Glow Studio :: Accessories
GOS :: Watches & Boots
*graph :: Casual Menswear
Gritty Kitty :: Hair and Accessories
Guarded Cross :: Shirts and Shoes
GutterBlood Shop :: Boots on the Hardcore Side

Harbinger & Stormie Designs :: Swords and Melee Weapons
Heartcore! :: Hair
Hell Bop :: Rockabilly
Hoorenbeek :: Shoes, Casual Male Clothing, Suits, and Accessories
House of Curios :: Quality Shoes for a very low price
House of RFyre :: Goth Couture
House of Style :: RP and Themed Clothing

Illusions :: Hats, Masks, and Accessories
INDI Designs :: Outfits, Shoes, and Hats
Indyra Designs :: Bags
iNFLiCT :: Tattoos and Skins
Iruco :: Male Clothing, Accessories, and Hair
IZUMIYA :: Clothing and Poses that are great for shopping on a budget

Jeepers Creepers (JC’s)
[JP].dsg. :: Shoes and Neko-inspired clothing

Kalnins :: Shoes
Kari :: Tees, Jeans, and Accessories
King for Men :: Male clothing, shoes, and accessories
Kyoot :: Male Accessories

Lapointe & Bastchild :: Suits, Shoes, etc.
Laqroki :: Hair, Skins, and Male Clothing
Le Look :: Mall Area with just about everything fashionable
League :: Jeans
LeeZu! :: High Fashion Clothing
LeLutka :: Sandals, Male clothing, Accessories, Hair
LINE :: Male Clothing and Shoes
LF Fashions :: Unisex Jeans
Luck Inc :: Tattoos and Male Clothing

MADesigns :: Hair and Shapes
Maitreya :: Male Shoes and Poses
Meriken :: Fashion Forward Menswear
Mhaijik Things :: Jewelry and Accessories
Miamai :: Male Clothing on the Editorial Side
Mon Tissu :: Unisex Clothing and Accessories
Monday :: Tattoos
Mr.Poet :: Shapes and Clothing
*Muism* :: Runway-inspired Male Clothing
Musashi Do :: Suits
MUWU :: Male Clothing

Naughty :: Hair, Skins, Clothing, and Accessories
NC Plus :: Boots and Accessories
Negko :: Tattoos
*Nelshai* :: Male Jewelry
NEOX :: Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories
Novocaine :: Male Clothing and Hair
NSD :: Shirts, Tanks, and Accessories on the Hardcore side
NSD Hair :: Hair
NWYD :: Unisex Clothing

Ordinary :: Shoes
Otaku Designs :: Tattoos
OutsiderZ :: Tees and Unisex Clothing

Paper Couture :: Full couture outfits
Philotic Energy :: Hair
Pig :: Unisex Clothing
PixelDolls :: Male Clothing and Skins
Poetic Color :: Eyes
Primitive Design :: Jeans
primOptic :: Eyewear
PXL :: Male Skins

Ravenwear :: Pants and Clothing on the Goth side
Redgrave :: Male Clothing, Skins, and Shoes
Reek :: Quirky and cool stuff
Roll The Dice :: Male Clothing on the Funky Fresh side
ROT :: Boots and Post-Apocalyptic Accessories
Rughster :: Casual/Beachy Clothing and Accessories

Sadistic Hacker :: Hair
Sand Shack Surf Co :: Surfer-inspired clothing
Savvy Avvy :: Male Clothing and Accessories
Sartoria Italiana :: Suits and Suit Separates
Savile Row :: Well-tailored outfits
Savvy Avvy :: Male Clothing and Accessories
SCARS :: Male Clothing
:sey :: Male Clothing, Accessories, and Hats w/Hair
SF Designs :: Male Clothing and Accessories
Shag :: Hair
Shiki Designs :: Asian-Influenced Designer Clothing
Shiny Things :: Shoes and Accessories
SiniStyle :: Clothing and Accessories on the Hardcore side
SiSSi Jewelry :: Necklaces and Accessories
Sixty-Nine :: Hair (Male Hair upstairs)
Slinked Tattoos :: Tattoos
SOHO :: Menswear, Formal Wear, Footwear, and Accessories
Solar Eyewear :: Shades
SOREAL :: Urban Shoes and Clothing
SteinWerk :: Shades and Watches
Styles of Edo :: Suits
Sweetest Goodbye :: Skins and Asian-influenced Clothing

The Dogs :: Scarves and Accessories
The Naked Tree :: Casual Male Clothing
Timeless Curiosities :: Steampunk Inspired Items
TokiDoki :: Unisex Clothing and Accessories
Tonktastic :: Boots on the Hardcore side of things
Tyranny Designs :: Clothing

UncleWeb Studios :: Hair
Urban Bomb Unit (UBU) :: Fantastically scripted Shoes
Urban December – Male Hair

Valiant :: Jeans and Shirts
Viva La Glam :: Scarves and Tees

Whippet & Buck :: Clean, casual, slightly prep clothing
White Widow :: Male Hair Bases and Tattoos
WMD :: Male Clothing

XWD :: Tattoos

YV :: Shades, Shoes, and Accessories
Young Urban :: Male Clothing and Accessories

Zaara :: Shirts and Jeans that are Indian-inspired
*Zanzo* :: Male Clothing
Zenith Designs – Excellent Quality Upscale-ish Clothing
Zhao :: Shoes (mainly female, but some male)
TheZoo :: Full Male Outfits
Zoobong :: Casual Male Clothing


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