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F/W09 Suits!

Ladies and…wait…Gentlemen and Gentlemen, it’s time to get suited up! Much like my previous post this one will be much more about the pictures than what I have to say about them. So without boring the crap out of you, here’s what I’ve got!

F/W09 Suits #1

Alexander McQueen set out on a mission to bring across this early 19th century feel to his collection and he definitely hit the mark. I feel like these two guys could be in the same gang where the one on the left is the boss and then the one on the right is the young enforcer. I love the pattern on the enforcer’s suit and those fingerless gloves on the boss are fantastic as well. Calvin Klein hit us with a great suit here. The color and power of that blue suit absolutely shines right through. The model almost feels like Clark Kent walking down the street and at any moment he could hop into a phone booth and turn in Superman. My other two faves from this group are straight down from the Alexander McQueen ones. These two looks from D&G are excellent. I love the double pocket on the one blazer and that fantastic quilted pattern on the other one. The crushed velvet appeal of those pants with the quilted blazer is really great as well.

F/W09 Suits #2

The first image I like out of this group is the suit from Hermès. The clean lines and subtle shine really make this a great classic look. What takes it to the next level is that it only has two buttons total on the blazer and that shine scarf as more of an accentual piece than being what the entire look is about. The second one that I’m feeling out of this is that great looking suit from Jean Paul Gaultier. It’s almost reminiscent of a zoot suit. Jean Paul Gaultier hit the runways with a whole lot of afros and these military style suspenders. He really hit the mark for me with this look and that black-and-white striped skinny tie really adds to this look. Again, for the love of the updated classics, I really liked the suit from Loewe. The dark mauve bow tie on the deeper purple shirt with that nice, thick scarf really put this ahead of the rest. The last of my faves from this group comes from a designer whose entire collection I really dug, PLUS he used a one-man-band for the music of his show. How awesome is that? Miharayasuhiro came out with a really great F/W09 collection and this suit is just one of the many splendors of his show. I strong suggest checking out his entire collection because there are so many pieces from so many different influences all brought to together for his looks.

F/W09 Suits #3

Honestly, picking out a favorite in this group would be like picking which amazing supermodel I’d like to marry. They’re all so amazing, so I’ll touch on what I love most from each of them really quickly. The Raf Simons suit is very classic with that shine to it and those kicks are just awesome. For the Rag & Bone suit, I really like the accented edges and how well they crafted the layering in that suit. The first suit from Salvatore Ferragamo is really just awesome on all levels. It’s one of those pieces that really transcend the group where it could be dressed up very well and dressed down just as well. I am in awe of the versatility of that suit. The second suit from the Italian designer is almost as good as the first. Again, it’s a one-button blazer and that clean light gray look is just tip top. Again with Salvatore Ferragamo I love the clean lines on this suit and that camel colored shirt underneath accented by the off-center bow tie. The last one in the Ferragamo group here I picked because of the great use of color. It’s a very studious look and the sheer, pale violet, deep v-neck sweater really sets it off. Z Zegna gave us that same sort of look as the one before it, but in a much more formal form. I love that sheen feel to the shirt and tie underneath delicately playing off of the light. Last, but certainly not least is this black on black on black on black on…you get the point look from Z Zegna. What I love about this look that a lot of designers understand is that if you’re going to pull this off you have to mix up the materials and shine levels in the layers to set them apart.

F/W09 Shawl Collar Suits

The final thing I wanted to kick out there was these shawl collar suits. I have to say that I absolutely love this wrinkle in suits. Not a lot of designers took the risk to throw these out there for F/W09, but I give mad props to the ones that did. The shawl collars are just about everywhere, most notably in sweaters lately, but bringing it into these suits is absolutely brilliant. Now, these are nothing NEW new…I mean shawl collar suits were all the rage back in the 70’s, but updating them and bringing them out in this fashion is just awesome and I had to give kudos to those that used it effectively. Thus, I raise a glass to you Miharayasuhiro, Shipley & Halmos, and Versace for these superb suits.

For my next trick…er…post I’ll hit you guys up with some sweaters, scarves, and a random collage of looks that didn’t really fit into any specific categories that I happened to like to. That will finish off everything that I’ve got from F/W09, so hopefully I’ll have that done and written up very soon. Thanks everybody and happy weekend!


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S/S09 Suits!

It’s time to demonstrate how you’ve got to dress to impress Spring/Summer09 sty-lee. Suits were pretty much a staple in every single menswear designer’s S/S09 portfolio. Here is the cream of the crop that rose to the top for me:

Suits #1

Kicking it off we have agnes b. I know I’m overlapping some designers a lot in these posts, but as I was combing through all of these images it was like if a designer hit a right chord…it seemed as though they hit another and another to me. I do touch on a few of designers in this group that I haven’t touched on in the previous posts, but I digress. Agnes b! I yanked out three of her suits for this affair. The first one, despite the look on the model’s face, is an excellent navy suit. I like the mixing of blue on blue (yeah I’ve admitted to being a blue slut and S/S09 totally will allow me to be a blue slut) and the vertically striped tie is a great accent piece to this. The second and third really hit a homerun in my eyes. It’s like I’m looking at Ol’ Blue Eyes and Deano back from the dead. They are classic Rat Packian-style suits and if the fedora had a little fake feather in it, I could see my grandfather (God rest his soul) in one of his hats in this style. Note the horizontal-striped tie on the one and the dotted-down the middle tie on the other. The next two from Cerruti are along the same lines as the two to their left, but they’re not as dapper. These are more “church on Sunday” than “smoky night club”…if you want to stand out at church. They have a nice little shine to the fabrics that really sets them apart and they are suit separates. The two side-by-side maestro-esque suits from Chanel are almost works of art in themselves. I could see them in front of the orchestra and working their magic. From the maestros we move to a couple of shots of a suit from DKNY showing its diversity of looks of more casual and then more dressy. The casual having the deep v-neck shirt and canvas shoes while the dressy going with a blue on blue up top. If I had to pick between the two, I’d go with the dressy one because I like how the tie and shirt are the same color but the material demonstrates their difference. The last suit in this group is an excellent sky blue suit from Dries Van Noten that’d make Harry from Dumb & Dumber jealous.

Suits #2

Kicking of set #2 of the suits we have, lead singer of Maroon 5, Adam Levine! Okay it’s not Adam Levine, but he really friggin looks like him. This suit shows that cream is still a player, although much more minor now, in the color palette of spring/summer and the deep purple tie is the match that lights it up. Next up we have a couple of suits from Emanuel Ungaro. The thing I like about the two suits is how they’re both pretty basic, but then underneath you have some excellent shirt that light up this look. They feel very classic 70s European, but the shirts underneath really bring them to today. Emporio Armani had a very excellent collection for this Spring/Summer 09 and the first one I have from them is again demonstrating that suit separates theme coming around again. I really like the pinstriped pants on that, but I’m not all that sure about the blonde tips on these guys. Maybe that’s just me. The second suit is fantastic. The color is a very bold dark blue. If nothing else, you cannot deny that it’s supremely striking and carries an air of a very powerful suit. The bottom five are like ducks in a row of gray scale excellence. The first three of Fendi are again the Ryan Darragh special, especially the one in the middle (even though his av reminds me of the first one). I really like that deep red on the shoes in the first shot. If I had to pick a favorite suit out of all of the ones presented in this the Marithe + Francois Girbaud one really set it ahead of the rest. I really love the innovative cut on the suit along with the perfectly placed buttons and that nice subtle pattern on the fabric. Top to bottom it is the best, in my opinion. In the last one on this piece by Moschino it’s not Brandon from 90210, but it could be…with a picnic basket waiting to take you all away! Honestly though, it’s one of the best light gray suits that I saw and the diagonal-striped tie really set it apart from the rest.

Suits #3

Last set of suits…are you ready!? OK! Really love the shine on the suit in the Moschino suit here and also note how the tie pattern matches the shoe pattern…brilliant. On the suit from Neil Barrett I really like the skinny black tie and the wide-collared shirt on the white, single-breasted jacket. Next up is probably the coolest and comfortable suit in the entire set here from Roberto Cavalli. It just oozes elegance and affluence in a very warm climate. Moving along, we have two suits from Thierry Mugler. The first I chose for the blue on blue again. I guarantee you there was a lot of blue around this season and especially that sort of color blue as the shirt underneath the suit. From what I’ve shown so far, you’ve seen it in only Perry Ellis, but in what’s upcoming you’ll see it in Versace and D&G as well. I chose this black suit from Thierry Mugler because I love that classic suit with the extra flair up the shoulders. It reminded me of the Amorsolo suit in black from Casa del Shai that I blogged a little while back. Finishing off the suits we have a nice group from Tommy Hilfiger. Honestly, straight down the line reminded me of something that Sartoria di Traveller Bade. You can also find a plethora of diagonally-striped ties with your suits at Sartoria as well. **UPDATE** I went to a Fabulous Fashion show last night and Kobe Flatley of Mechanism was the designer guest. One of the outfits he put out there as a preview piece had a fantastic flexi black & white, diagonally-striped tie. Also, serjordan Bonetto of Emery had some of the prim persuasion out upstairs in his store as well. If Photoshop would’ve gone in the correct order on these you would have your morning, noon, boating, and night suits all in a row, but instead it put them in noon, boating, night, and then morning order. The white suit is just striking and I really like it. It’s a lot like the DSquared2 cream suit that I showed before, and the blue-jacketed suit separates setup is perfect for a day of yachting or flying your small personal jet around. 😉 The final suit I’ll talk about is that great single-breasted suit with a touch of blue on the breast. That extra touch really sets it apart from your regular, run of the mill suit. Capping it off is that bow tie and a great pair of very shiny oxfords.

Alright, that wraps up my picks for the suits of Spring/Summer 09 fashion. On deck, I’m going to get into a few of the trends that I noticed in the shows. They have shown up in a lot of the ones that I’ve already showed to you guys, but they were much more minor pieces of these looks. In the next ones they’ll be the central focus. Kicking it off will be my dedication to the Stripes….stay tuned!

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S/S09 Dressy Casual

Alright alright! Two posts in two days. Don’t get used to it because I’m not! lol Moving right along in this series we have my favorite Dressy Casual looks from the Spring/Summer 09 fashion shows. Now, as I go through all of these understand that some of these attire categories are going to crossover to the trends and vice versa. Alright enough talky talk. The second attire category I’m touching on in this series is Dressy Casual. Let’s get to the pix!

Dressy Casual #1

Starting it off here again we have a look from agnes b. I love the clean lines on this outfit. This sort of clean style that I like also shows up in the Cerruti outfit if you hop over Alexander McQueen (don’t worry we’ll come back for him). These two clean looks really bring back in my memory some of the more “Golden Years” of US in the 1950s. That sort of Richie Cunningham/Happy Days (congrats Ron Howard on the Oscar nomination) appeal if you will. And we’re back to Alexander and jumping over to D&G. The one thing I noticed that I liked was items, whether they are sweaters or jackets, that were overall pretty plain but with that extra touch that set them up on the next level. For the Alexander McQueen jacket is a cigarette smoke plume dancing elegantly from one side of the jacket to the other and for the D&G it’s the small six-shooter center piece (almost reminiscent of the gun that Michael uses to kill Sollozzo in the Godfather Part I). I love the bow tie too. Moving right along we have almost a collegiate professor look from DSquared2…if your college professor was in his 20s and really into fashion. The look is really eclectic, but somehow pulls it all together. Although I’m not a huge fan of how the pink lighting affects the color on the two from Emanuel Ungaro, the looks are the classic blazer/button up shirt/jean combo that’s very prevalent these days from the bars to the first dates. Last, but certainly not least, is this amazing casual suit from Etro. It’s very reminiscent of something that you might see at Meriken in-world. I love the green & brown tartan print that’s present, but doesn’t full takeover the entire look. I have a pair of nice dress pants IRL that are gray with a blue outlined tartan print on them and they’re one of my favorites. In the Dressy Casual category that suit is probably my favorite and those shoes…oh man those shoes are just killer.

Dressy Casual #2

Starting off this second set of Dressy Casual is Fendi. I liked this look, and a lot of the looks in Fendi, for the very intelligent use of shine fabrics. I believe while looking through all of these images I dubbed Fendi the Ryan Darragh collection because they just fit his style so perfectly. There are three more looks coming from Fendi in the Suits section I’ll be touching on in my next post, so hold your horses or fast forward to them. Next up we’ve got a double shot of Giorgio Armani. I chose these two because it demonstrates something coming to the runways with a lot of suit separates. I also just love the color on these two. You can pick up a blazer that’s very similar in color and material to the blue at Hoorenbeek. It’s the Velvet jacket in Blue and it’s L$520 for a single (L$945 full pack of 4). Down the line, we have Givenchy with the wide collar shirt and somewhat channeling Josh Hartnett in their look. The following Kris Van Assche look is on there for that little black accessory on breast of the jacket. The jacket really makes the look and what looks like a black synthetic corsage really makes it shine. The final three in the Dressy Casual category all feature ties in different ways. Louis Vuitton attacks the tie in a pretty normal form, but on a pink shirt and using it to further accentuate the accented seams. Rock & Republic tackles the tie in skinny form with somewhat skinny pants as well. The pants are really more between a straight leg & skinny style. Salvatore Ferragamo tucks in the orange tie under a very nice sweater, touching on the fade pattern that was big in charcoal to gray this fall.

I know! I lied! I’ll try to get around to doing the Suits tonight. I guarantee it’s worth the 6 or 8hr wait until I get those done. So next up are Suits!

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S/S09 Casual

Okay let me preface this with the fact that I know absolutely minimal information about what the buzz is about trends in S/S09 Menswear. I went through all of the images and just sort of picked out the looks that I liked and some of the trends that I picked up on. I assure you that there are probably a ton of trends that I missed because, as I said, I’m not exactly sure what to look for. A few of the things that I noticed are: vertical, diagonal, and horizontal stripes (I’m partial to the diagonal), military styles are around though less prominent, big buttons on sweaters, and a lot of contrasting colors on the seams/around the edges. I also realize the the Fall/Winter 09 shows have already kicked off in Milan, which prompted me to get my bootay into gear and get this post done. A lot of these images are going to require a closer look to see what I’m talking about, but I’ll touch on some of my favorite things. The categories I’ve put these in are Casual, Dressy Casual, Suits, Accented Seams, Military, Stripes, and last but certainly not least Craziness. Simply because of the sheer size of this, I’m going to break this up into smaller posts on specific sections. So let’s kick this off with the Casual:

Casual #1

I’ll touch on some of my favorites in these shots. Starting it off from agnes b, I was really liking how she used the green-patterned shirt underneath the jacket. It really made that look pop and jump out at me. Next, the innovative zippers by Emporio Armani really gave a basic leather jacket that little bit extra. Note the nice shine texture to the pants as that’s still around. Now, like the agnes b look, the Evisu look here with the nice lure on the sweater and the green underneath that jumps out. Great for sitting on the dock of the bay…I hope that’s a Snoopy fishing rod. The main piece of the Hermes shot that I liked was mainly to show the strappy sandals. I saw a lot of strappy sandals and you can actually pick up a pair of excellent strappy sandals from J’s called the J’s Men’s Belt Sandals. They feature a set of prim toes for you to adjust to your skin color. They’re only L$280 for 6 different colored straps. Last on this image, but starting off the next one, are some of my favorites from Iceberg. I can 100% honestly say that if I could live in the menswear of any designer it would be Iceberg. Perry Ellis is a close second, but Iceberg really just hits me hard. I pulled off a lot of images from them.

Casual #2

As I said before, Iceberg Iceberg Iceberg, love it! The next 4 shots after Iceberg feature something to watch on the runways that I didn’t pick up initially, but notice how they all have the rolled cuffs. I also really really like that Lanvin sweater with the elbow patches. It takes something that naturally would feel very old school, but brings it up to that next level. Also note the diagonal stripes on the tie. The Kris Van Assche shot mainly demonstrates what I’d love to see in a bold pair of boardshorts in SL. The two Lacoste shots were just really excellent pieces. Just looking at them makes me feel calm, cool, and collected (like the Eugene song). The Lanvin shot is also in there as another reference to those strappy sandals.

Casual #3

The third and final collection of casual attire starts with a really really cool tee. I love how the electricity of the blue and red of the graphic play off of each other with the stark contrast of the dark gray tee. Despite the fact that this guy reminds me of Animal from the Muppets, his look, as well as the three from Perry Ellis, really hits the same spot as the Lacoste looks before. I love the Roberto Cavalli look there. It’s almost like something you would wear on a cross-country trek. Rock & Republic bring back the acid washed jeans in skinny style. I’m not a big skinny jean fan because of A) a little tight RL and B) there’s no way that they’d work on my bigger more athletically-shaped av. I love the stark contrast that the jeans provide in this look. Simply as an FYI Audrina Patridge, of The Hills “fame”, is in a new ad for Divine Rights of Denim in acid-washed jeans…I have a feeling they might be on their way back. Again, here we have the strappy sandals on the Salvatore Ferragamo look and really liking that sweater.

I think a lot of these could be implemented into SL. And that’s not saying, “DESIGNERS GO COPY THESE” because everybody has their own flavor that bring to the table. I think these would be some nice spices to add to your recipes is all. Alright the first one is down. Coming up tomorrow, I’ll give you my picks on the Dressy Casual looks and Suits that I’m really feeling.


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