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Vinny Chase

Hello! Yes I still have a blog! Yes my life has been hectic over the past… *goes to check when my last real post was* month! Sports and activities that required a pint glass in front of me have been taking up a lot of my time lately and I’m finally getting around to posting here. So if you don’t know who Vincent Chase is, well I’m sorry to hear that because he’s a character on one of my favorite shows of all time, Entourage. I mean from the insecurities of a superstar actor to all of the gorgeous women that grace the screen to all of the hot cars they drive to just imagining about what it would be like to have a best friend who’s a world renowned film actor. If I had to pick one character on the show that best exemplifies me or what I’d like to be, it’d have to be Eric. BUT, for this post, I went with Vinny Chase because of the hair… So here are some of the essentials of the Vinny Chase lifestyle:

Vinny Chase - Theater
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Quickies #1

Hello! Yes, I’m totally not dead at all. My blog kind of died though while I was gone, so it’s time to get out the paddles and shock this baby back to life! I decided that I needed to get back into this nice and easy. I’ve got some things that I’ve collected over the past month and a half or so that need to be shared and blogged and loved and cuddled and I just threw up a little bit of butterflies and sunshine in my mouth. I’m going to try to focus on one look at a time here, so this will all be quick hitters. I kind of just snapped out a bunch of shots of looks on the same background, so they all flow together. I would make one big post with all of them, but you’d be snoring by sentence #2 and I’d be tired of scratching my nails on the chalkboard to keep you awake.

Quickie #1

Alright I’ve given you the pow of the pic, now let’s get into it. I picked this one first because, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, Aoharu has a 50% off sale going on right now and the sim is constantly crazy busy. The sale ends this Sunday, so get in there before the weekend begins and it’s REALLY packed. The sweater I’m wearing comes from Aoharu. I love the knit feel to it and like I mentioned in my previous post (which you don’t remember because it was so long ago and you barely read my words anyway) it’s a nice winter sweater and holiday without being IN YOUR FACE UGLY SWEATER PARTY. I also love the nice big open collar into a very trendy V-neck. I got this sweater in the fat pack from my fantastically stylish Secret Santa… Miss Whimsy Winx. Hearts and poptarts to her.

The finishing touches I put on this look are my handy dandy denim from Calypso Giano and Frampton boots from Hoorenbeek. I bought a big fat pack of classic, stonewash jeans from Calypso Giano almost a year ago and they’re still in my “go to” denim pile. Pretty much anything that I put on the top half of my body that has kind of a darkness to it, these jeans can lock in that look. The final piece of this to talk about is that I went back… I mean way back for my hair. I’m sure many of you remember this hair from Armidi. Yeah it’s The Emo One. I always loved this True Black color in the Midnight pack of hairs from Armidi. Often the jet black hair looks off when you’re wearing more Earth tone colors. This True Black has a nice tint of brown to it that gives you the exact versatility you need to cross over to that palette. I also like to bring out the classics to mix with the new hotness; like a vintage leather jacket over a new D&G shirt. I own neither of those things, but if I had the ends… you bet your sweet ass I would.

I hope you enjoyed your quick fashion hit & run for the day. I’m sure I’ll get out another one over the weekend, so check back soon.


The Rundown
Sweater :: Aoharu – Ribbed Collar Sweater in Brown/Nordic L$140 (regularly L$280)
Jeans :: Calypso Giano – Classic Stonewash Jeans in F8 L$250 (L$1250 for the fatpack)
Boots :: Hoorenbeek – Frampton Boots in Black & Gold L$520
Hair :: Armidi In-World – The Emo One in True Black L$295 for 5 colors
Skin :: Belleza – Miguel in Dark Tan ~ Eyeliner Face #10 L$2,000 single L$5,000 for 4-pack
Eyes :: Poetic Color – Medium Tones in Summer Storm L$200
(I didn’t forget the tattoo, I just realized it’s no longer available in-world)

The Soundtrack
Quickie #1 Playlist
Muse – Citizen Erased
The Deftones – Hole in the Earth
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Spread Your Love

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Negro y Blanco

Why hello good fashion people in the SL universe! So it’s been you know…forever since I posted and I totally recognize this absence. I’ve had a pretty rough go at finding time and really the inspiration to post. A lot of things that I’ve been digging lately fall under the black and white umbrella. I don’t know if that’s just what has become the most pleasant to my eyes or really what the deal is, but I thought I would bring to you my finds in black and white. Here’s what I came up with:


This look is actually partially based off a look that I used for a post that Alan, a friend of mine, used for the Glance International blog, minus the sweater actually so I could show off the mastery of the contrast piping on this shirt from Whippet & Buck. They have a bunch of different colors for this shirt, other faves would be the green pea & alabaster and taupe grey & cherry blossom, but as I mentioned before, the black and white just struck the right chord to my eyes. You may see those other colors show up later posts. 😉 I’ll hop to the bottom now before I jump up to the top. On the bottom we’ve got these really fantastic mid-high tops from 2Real. A friend of mine, yes again to the friend connection, mentioned that she had a friend who had made a really great pair of shoes. I was slightly skeptical at first, but when I got the shoes I was really blown away. I actually had a different pair of sneakers from a much more notable designer on my feet and set into my photo above. I wasn’t happy with the head-to-toe look of the pose I had and then I got these shoes and knew I had to throw them in right away. These Diagonals from 2Real are really a fantastic pair of shoes. 2Real gives you 10 pairs of shoes at L$399 each with his own style and flare to them, but then he also has a pair of customizable ones for L$600 that come with a HUD much like AKEYO and UBU provide you. I would say the HUD is much more equivalent to the one that AKEYO provides than UBU. Now, we jump back up to the top. I wouldn’t have even known that this Buried store existed if it wasn’t for a plurk that I saw about how much somebody loved Marilyn’s blog. Okay, so maybe soon after I found Marilyn’s blog LE LOOK announced they were bringing on Buried into their mega-fashionopolis, but nonetheless it’s still great hair. It’s a bit onto the scene/emo side of hair, but the textures are fantastic. I just about always wear blacks, but to be honest I would consider venturing outside of my blacks for the Buried textures.


Moving on to the second look I put together here, it’s more of a winter ski resort look. Let’s see where to begin, where to begin. We’re going top down on this one. The first thing I need to speak on is the knit collar from LeLutka. Knit collars are very in for Fall/Winter and seeing as they came from LeLutka you just know that they’re fantastically textured. They have a couple of different versions available and many many colors to choose from. They’re also a steal at only L$100 apiece. Next on the trip down we’ve got this really cool sweater from INDI Designs. I actually pulled it out of the Nathan outfit. I think my favorite part about the sweater is that it’s obviously a holiday sweater, but it’s not all up in your face with the red and green that you usually get out of the holiday sweaters. I dig the subtle holiday feel to it. Another piece that I wanted to talk about is these awesome fingerless gloves from Reek. I mean I don’t even really need to talk about how awesome they are…just look at ’em. 🙂 And they’re perfect for many SL winters to come. Plus, there’s a free pair of light blue ones with a scarf that have a snowflake graphic on them for the Down the Chimney Hunt going on right now. The seriously final thing I wanted to talk about here because I’ve worn jeans from this store many times, including for my Style Guy article, are the new Jeanity jeans from Valiant Fashions. Wavie Haller put together an excellent lineup of new jeans and I really like the new sculpted bottoms for the jeans. You have to like it when a jean designer recognizes that their sculpted prim needs to make room for the shoes at the front and Wavie’s do that very well.

That just about covers everything I’ve got on this one. I hope you all enjoyed it and I’ll be back to speak on some more stuff soon, I just can’t guarantee how soon that’ll be. Have some happy holidays everybody and stay fashionable!

The Rundown
Shirt :: Whippet & Buck – Shay Contrast Strip Shirt in Alabaster & Black L$140
Jeans :: Calypso Giano – Stonewash Classic jeans in F10 L$250
Shoes :: 2Real – Diagonals in Colorable L$600
Necklace :: The Dogs – Blame Bowtie (comes with bowler hat too) L$350
Finger Tape :: Luck Inc – Finger Tape L$0
Cigarette :: Calypso Giano – Cigarette L$150
Hair :: Buried – Max in Midnight L$250 for 3 colors
Eyes :: Poetic Color – Ocean in Blue Surf L$200
Skin :: Belleza – Ewan V2 in Tan L$2,000 single

Sweater :: INDI Designs – Sweater pulled from the Nathan outfit L$450
Jeans :: Valiant – Jeanity Jeans in Black L$250
Boots :: Hoorenbeek – Patagonia 2.0 Boots in Black L$520
Knit Collar :: LeLutka – Scarf Tube Knitt2 in Black L$100
Gloves :: Reek – Cozy Mittens in White L$99
Hair :: CheerNo – Henry L$350 for 4 colors
Eyes :: Poetic Color – Ocean in Blue Surf L$200
Skin :: Belleza – Ewan V2 in Tan L$2,000 single

The Soundtrack
Future Sound of London – Antique Toy
Jimmy Eat World – Drugs or Me
The Format – Wait, Wait, Wait
Rilo Kiley – Science vs. Romance

Fleet Foxes – Mykonos
U2 – Running To Stand Still
Miles Davis – Round Midnight
Robbie Williams – Better Man

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Alright, I’ve done this before and I’m bringing it back again. I’ve got two looks today that are on opposite sides of the spectrum. The first look I have for you is one that I’ve been mulling over since I saw a pretty big fashion show that COCO was in. Then Bronson Twine made a post that pushed me over the edge to really go check this out. I know I say it a lot, but this designer really knows her color.

Duality - Chill

Everything cocoro Lemon puts out has really vibrant and welcoming color. The intention of her designs are for the female persuasion, but there are a select few things that can be taken as unisex. Definitely the wrap-around-waist shirts can be worn as a great accessory and the over-the-shoulder sweaters can be added to a nice preppy look. Personally, I went for this fantastic blue and white striped shirt. I went for it because it reminds me of an American Eagle shirt that I bought when I worked there. It’s still in my closet somewhere…or in the basement because it’s a laundry weekend. Anyway, I think Bronson’s and my post here should be used as batman symbols on the sky for COCO to start thinking about guys. 😉

Duality - Work

Speaking of work before, my second look actually follows along those same lines, but not in the same direction. There’s a girl that works in my office who definitely knows her fashion and is on top of her fashion game. Earlier this week she had a black & red lumberjack shirt, black skinny jeans, and some calf-height boots on that the jeans tucked into. I decided to take that look, put some male perspective on it, and present it to you guys. The black & red checked shirt was actually the first thing that sparked up memory. I was searching down a shirt I saw on Naith Smit in one of his Flickr shots a couple of weeks ago. I found out that it was from sey, but when I got to it I wasn’t sure if I really had a look that could go with any of the colors that sey provided. Then, I saw my coworker and it lit right up in my head how I could incorporate it with some of my regular clothing. By regular I mean some of the designers and items that I tend to use a lot on here. I’m a creature of habit and when I find things that I really like or are perfect for me, you’ll see them a lot on here.

For those of you readers in the USA, enjoy the long weekend! I know I will because I’m taking an extra day on Tuesday. 😉 Oh! And a head’s up for you guys & gals reading this. I’ll probably have all of the images gathered for a round-up of F/W09 by the end of next week. I’ll drop all of that on you guys some time in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

The Rundown
Waist Shirt :: COCO – Shirt Tied Around Waist in Stripe Blue L$200
Tank :: Hell Bop – Hank in White L$75
Jeans :: Valiant – Light Blue Triniti Jeans L$250
Kicks :: SOREAL – Superstars in SSP011 L$399
Glasses :: Solar Eyewear – Nash L$245 (or @ Fab Fash Studios for L$0)
Necklace :: Redgrave – Silver Shoot Necklace L$120
Bracelet :: Mhaijik Things – Silver Elephant Hair Bracelet L$200 (comes with a ring as well)
Hair :: Gritty Kitty – Hoke Troika in Black L$130
Tattoos :: iNFLiCT – Proud Like A God L$549
Skin :: Belleza – Miguel L$2,000 single (L$5,000 for 4-pack)

Shirt :: :sey – nel shirt in Red L$400
Jeans :: Calypso Giano – Stonewash Classic Jeans in M10 L$250 (L$1,500 for 10)
Boots :: Hoorenbeek – Patagonia in Black L$520
Shades :: SteinWerk – Aviator Sunglasses L$450
Hair :: Philotic Energy – Mykal in Black L$149 for 8 colors
Tattoos :: iNFLiCT – Proud Like A God L$549
Skin :: Belleza – Miguel L$2,000 single (L$5,000 for 4-pack)

The Soundtrack
Chill :: Weezer – Island In The Sun
Work :: Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses

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37 Across – Hodgepodge – 4 letters :: Answer = Olio. Are there any crossword people in the house? Well it leads into my post that I’ve got for today. I have a LOT of things that have just been sitting in my inventory that I always intended to blog, but just never got around to because RL has been pumping on all cylinders, especially with summer on the horizon and the brutal winter we had here in the Midwest. Thus, when I’ve been getting the chance, I’ve been popping off some quick shots of stuff that I’d like to blog. Now to remember what exactly I’m wearing…


Alright we’ll work the top row first here and left to right. In the upper right we have a look that’s mainly IZUMIYA fashion set number 8. I know, again more black and white from me with IZUMIYA, but I like it. I like the use of the prim top to the skirt layer. I don’t think I’ve seen that anywhere else and especially for a male av it works because we’re a wider bunch than our female counterparts. The skirt layer will keep to your form so your legs aren’t always poking through it with your AO and the prim part covers up the need to futz with the poof of the skirt that always seems to mess with my lower back. Granted you get all of this innovation for the low price of L$25…seriously. Another piece I need to talk about here are the shoes. The Sk8Sneaks from ZHAO are pretty awesome. This is actually a creation of Lissa Maertens of Cattiva e Cattivo. I was talking to her the other day and she had told me that she was starting to create shoes under the Zhao brand. Personally, I think this is a great addition to the Zhao brand because Zhao has mainly wrapped their brand around the female shoe. Bringing in somebody like Lissa that has successfully created some great male shoes really helps them. I’d love to see it make Zhao a staple in the male shoe arena or at the very least shake some things up. The style I chose for this look is the white zebra ones, but there are a lot of different colors and styles to choose from.

The next two down the line to the right we have a couple of main pieces that I’d like to talk about from Laqroki. Both pieces surround the color blue (go figure) and the first is the Eagle jacket in blue. I can’t really pinpoint what exactly makes me love this jacket so much. I think it’s probably the great hue of blue that they used in it and the subtle striping that looks like shading until you get in close. You know, I notice that Laqroki really uses a lot of gray scale tones in their clothing, but they really need to throw some color in there. Usually when they throw in color they get it right and I seem to always end up feeling like I want another color but it’s not there. The other thing I wanted to speak on in this look is the hair. UncleWeb Studios has been open for…maybe two weeks and Din has already released another new hair. The latest to be released is this Jin02.03 hair. I really like a lot of the new hairs from UncleWeb and the new textures are fantastic as well. Although I will admit that there is one thing that I don’t like. The mesh black hair textures are a little inconsistent. In some of the hairs they’re really noticeable and in others they’re much more subtle. I prefer the subtle, but it does make for somewhat of a guessing game as to what you’re going to get. Anyway, I like this hair here and this is the 03 style in black. It has some structure to it and then some playfulness to it as well. Jin 02.03 gets a thumbs-up from me.

The other Laqroki one that I threw in here in the upper right is the white blazer. This version of the blazer comes with a light blue undershirt and it just felt so nice a light for spring that I had to get it. I picked up a nice little 3-pack of the blazers without the shirts underneath as well because I like to mix & match shirts underneath.

Moving to the bottom row we have a store that I picked up on from a Japanese blog that’s in my blogroll over there >>>>>>>> It’s a blog by Cary Kiarx and the store is called NWYD. I picked up three of these shirts, but the one I really wanted to blog was this red one. I mean if you look at the images placed up there by Cary, you see all of the sweaters over shirts hanging up on the wall and this red one practically jumps off of the wall and says, “BUY ME! BUY ME!” I listened to its Sirens call, bought it, and couldn’t have been happier with my purchase. When you buy this shirt you get regular sculpted cuffs without the button-up shirt cuff showing up underneath and then a version of the cuff with the button-up shirt cuff showing. I really like how they worked out the cuff showing through the prims.

Next up we’ve got something that’s pretty cool. Although the tie and shirt are sold separately they still mesh together really well. Essentially the tie is sort of an add-on to the shirt. You can get this shirt with the regular collar and then for an added L$80 you can purchase the collar + tie combo. What’s really nice about it is that you can wear the tie with any of the plethora of colors that Schadenfreude provides this Oxford shirt in. The ties come with a HUD with which you can change the color of the collar to any of the collar to any of the colors of the shirt. Thus, no matter what color of shirt you want to buy, you can customize your tie to fit it. Again on this look, I tossed the Sk8Sneaks from Zhao in blue zebra onto here. As I mentioned before, I like the subtle mesh black from UncleWeb Studios and this free style up on the counter in the store called Reed in mesh black is perfection. Also in this look we have taped Buddy glasses from Artilleri. Artilleri has been coming out strong with some new releases for men. They’ve been covered so much that I’ve held myself back from overloading you with them, but I do really like these Buddy glasses. They’re very geek chic and come in a plain version along with this extra geek taped version.

The last look I have for you is actually the oldest one that I’ve had sitting in my inventory. It is the Argrace With You sweater + scarf. I love the softness of the texture on the scarves and richness of the color in them. I had to do a bit of futzing with the size of the scarf to fit around the prim neck piece (they don’t come connected together), but it was well worth it for a sweater of this quality. The prim neck and sweater come on where they’re connected to different points of the body. This allows for ease of leaving the scarf on or taking the scarf off. The main thing I like about this again comes down to the color. I like the deep olive color on this sweater and the half-rolled sleeves. It feels very everyday and almost mountain man. I really dig that about this.

That wraps up my olio o’ looks here. Please note the new page to my blog called the Creators Glossary. It covers all of the stores that I use in my blog. I’ll continue to provide slurls in my posts, but that’s more of a log of the history of places that I’ve covered in blog and what I covered or like best about the stores. The only letters not covered in there are Q and X. If you know of any menswear stores that begin with Q or X…let me know and I’ll check ’em out. 🙂 Here’s the laundry list of items with extra starch:

The Rundown
Top Left
Outfit :: IZUMIYA – Fashion Set No. M08 L$25
Shoes :: Zhao – Sk8Sneaks in Zebra L$400
Bracelets :: Action Surf & Sk8te – Unisex Studded Buckle Bracelet in Black L$200
Glasses :: Artilleri – Buddy Glasses L$130
Hair :: MADesigns – James in NB I L$300 for 3-pack
Tattoos :: iNFLiCT – Proud Like A God L$549
Skin :: Belleza – Miguel L$2,000 single (L$5,000 for 4-pack)

Top Center
Jacket :: Laqroki – Eagle Jacket in Blue L$225
Jeans :: Valiant – Ripped Cream Dark Blue Jeans L$250
Shoes :: Hoorenbeek – Nylon Trainers in Blue/White L$520
Glasses :: Artilleri – Buddy Glasses L$130
Hair :: UncleWeb Studios – Jin 02.03 L$190
Skin :: Belleza – Miguel L$2,000 single (L$5,000 for 4-pack)

Top Right
Jacket :: Laqroki – White Blazer with Light Blue Shirt L$300
Jeans :: Casa del Shai – Pedro Jeans L$300
Shoes :: Hoorenbeek – Docker Shoes in White L$520
Shades :: Rughster – Aviator (not currently available, but msg sent to creator)
Hair :: MADesigns – Brad in NB I L$300 for 3-pack
Skin :: Belleza – Miguel L$2,000 single (L$5,000 for 4-pack)

Bottom Left
Sweater + Shirt :: NWYD – Flower & Knit Shirt in Red L$100
Jeans :: Fishy Strawberry – Distressed Denim in Classic L$145
Shoes :: SOREAL – Superstars in SSP014 L$399
Glasses :: Solar Eyewear – Nash L$245 (or @ Fab Fash Studios for L$0)
Hair :: Gritty Kitty – Hoke Troika in Black L$130
Skin :: Belleza – Miguel L$2,000 single (L$5,000 for 4-pack)

Bottom Center
Shirt + Tie :: Shadenfreude – Oxford shirt in Azure L$160 Bird of Happiness Necktie Pair L$80
Pants :: Pixel Dolls Belted Pants . Stripe in Grey L$50
Shoes :: Shoes :: Zhao – Sk8Sneaks in Blue Zebra L$400
Glasses :: Artilleri – Buddy Glasses L$130
Hair :: UncleWeb Studios – Reed in Mesh Black L$0
Skin :: Belleza – Miguel L$2,000 single (L$5,000 for 4-pack)

Bottom Right
Sweater + Scarf :: Argrace – With You in Olive L$300
Jeans :: Calypso Giano – Stonewash Jeans – Classic in M8
Boots :: Maitreya – Desert Boots in Green L$400
Shades :: Armidi Gisaci – Lifestyle Aviators – Silver L$325
Hair :: Armidi – The Law in True Black L$295 (5-pack)
Skin :: Belleza – Miguel L$2,000 single (L$5,000 for 4-pack)

The Soundtrack
Random songs from every Pandora station I have
The Velvet Underground – Pale Blue Eyes
John Lee Hooker – Boom Boom
Al Green – Tired of Being Alone
The Ting Tings – Great DJ
Paul McCartney – Maybe I’m Amazed
Death Cab For Cutie – The Sound of Settling
Sevendust – Shine
Air – All I Need


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I was randomly mentioning on Plurk how much I love exploring shops around other shops. I was thrust into a store location from a post on SLMen by Dominic Palisades. All I remember is that it was the main store island for a female designer, but that’s beside the point. I noted the little shops around the main shop, so I used my superspy 512 draw distance to poke around and see what I could find for menswear. I mean why fly around to every store and get disappointed when I find out its all femme clothes? I digress; I came upon a store called Naith Smit Designs. The quality and care by which each item was made really blew me away. I had no choice, but to buy. The designs that you’ll find at NSD are definitely on the more hardcore side of life. It gave me some reason to bust out all of my items from the darker side of SL that I haven’t touched in a while.

As I’ve mentioned before, it only takes me one item to make me dive into creating an outfit around it. The Rockabilly tee from NSD set me on the mission of earth tones and hardcore. Immediately Calypso Giano came to mind, so I tossed on these jeans. The LiaG jeans in M 7 with their brown tint were a perfect fit. Once I had on the jeans I noticed that the waist line of the jeans and the bottom of the tee actually met perfectly together, but, so as to not flash my button at every onlooker, I threw on this Kyoot Army Voodoo Doll belt. No comment on whom I’ve dubbed as the inspiration behind the doll, but they said voodoo doesn’t work on them. I intend to find out. Next, I realized that not many of my hairs really worked with the look so I went back a bit in time. In one of my earlier posts on here I had a pink mohawk from The Abyss. I strolled on back into The Abyss for the first time in a long time and picked up my old mohawk in a new color. Then, I looked down at my boots and knew I needed a better pair to get the look across. My previously blogged Tonktastic short combat boots hit the spot perfectly. To finish off the look I needed implements of destruction (Arlo Guthrie fans? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?) and I hit pretty close to the mark with these Penance bracers from Sinistyle and back to NSD for the Rock’n’Rolla chain. (Excuse the lack of writing style…it’s late and I’m fading) And now for the pretty pictures and laundry list of items:


The Rundown
Tee + Chain: Naith Smit Designs
– Rockerbilly Tee L$100
– Rock’n’Rolla chain L$150
Jeans: Calypso Giano – Love is a Gamble jeans in M7 L$250 (L$1,500 10-pk)
Boots: Tonktastic – Short Combat Boots L$700
Shades: SteinWerk – Aviator Sunglasses L$450
Eye Tattoo: Monday – Tribal Eye Tattoo L$100
Snakebite Piercing: Hoorenbeek – Piercing Set #15 L$420 for 20 piercings
Bracers: SiniStyle – Penance Bracers L$275
Belt: Kyoot – Voodoo Doll Belt L$200
Hair: The Abyss – Blade in Smoke
Skin: Belleza – Miguel in Dark Tan 11 L$2,000 single (L$5,000 for 4-pack)

The Soundtrack
Foo Fighters – DOA
Rage Against the Machine – Guerilla Radio
Ill Niño – Revolution Revolución
Drowning Pool – Bodies
Sevendust – Black
Disturbed – Prayer
Breaking Benjamins – Breath
Three Days Grace – Animal I Have Become


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Hoodies and Sweaters and Jackets…Oh My!

Alllllright back at you again off of a break. RL has been crazy busy, but here’s a little post I’ve been brewing for a bit. I’ve come across a lot of cool hoodies, sweaters, and jackets in the past month or two, so I thought I’d hit you with some of it. Here are some of the standouts that I liked:

HSJ - Laqroki

Starting it off here we actually have a hybrid. It’s the hoodie sweater in black and military (green) from Laqroki. I’m really feeling the rich textures and little hints of styling on this. It’s a very contemporary, clean, and cool style that really drew me to it. Note the accentuated seams on both of them as well. You can find the hoodie sweater in 6 different colors. Another thing of note in this look are the classic jeans in F9 (a dark gray/black) from Calypso Giano. I’m a big fan of the more hardcore style of Calypso Giano. A lot of place like that tend to be trite and overdone, but he really hits that sweet spot of hardcore. The shades are pretty cool and they come from FNKY. I first picked up on these shades from a Flickr shot by Tschey Ballinger. I had been in the mood for some new shades and as soon as I saw them in that shot I knew I had to have them and I knew they would look perfect with this look. Last, but certainly not least, Mad Designs has been taking advantage of a lack of new styles (Armidi) or in-transition (UncleWeb Studios) hair designers. I’m in the UncleWeb group and honestly on a daily basis you’ll get a random group chat session open up of someone asking about where the main store went. Anyway, I like the styles that Mad Designs is pouring out and this style, entitled Eric, is definitely one of my faves.


Next up here we hit my favorite blues. In the full shot we have something really cool that I found at Emery. It’s a very chill and unique full-zip blue hoodie with a white tee and diagonally-striped blue tie. The tie is really great because it’s actually a thin cylindrical shape. What’s great about that is it allows for the tie to be flexi, but still gives some depth and shape to it. Whereas when you get a flat flexi tie, you can’t get any depth to the tie at all because any width you put on the tie ends up making the tie look bad. It’s a very innovative way to use what little flexi that SL allows to your advantage. The other main piece here on the full shot is new Shoryuken jeans from GearShift. Shoryuken is actually homage to a move from the video game Street Fighter. In the original Street Fighter game both Ken and Ryu were able to use this move and they would actually yell out “SHORYUKEN!” when he did the jab to 2-hit uppercut. Enough about my limited Street Fighter knowledge…back to the jeans. They’re along the same lines as the basic Maverick jeans from GearShift with an added worn dragon character up the left leg. I’m guessing that the dragon up the side is actually a graphic related to either Ryu or Ken. In the large pic on the right we have the LINE Winter Mens Shirt in blue. From what I’ve been told the designer, zippir Kayo, is a Turkish designer and I really like her stuff. The men’s/unisex selection is pretty small, but I think there’s a lot of potential. I love how the pockets are on an angle in this and real hand-knitted feel to the eagle on the chest gives it an air of authenticity.

HSJ - Sey

Finally, we’ve got the 2nd Date jacket from :sey. I love the woodsy appeal of this jacket with the brown leather accents that break up between the pattern and it also carries a real fashionable look to it. If nothing else, it’s a really interesting piece that’s a touch outside of my normal realm. It has your tartan print and the breaking up of the fabric is definitely something on the horizon in fashion world. The straps put this all together to make it a very excellent jacket. There’s actually 3 different sleeve options with this jacket where you can also wear it with rolled up sleeves or long sleeves without the leather on the arms. It’s definitely a statement piece that needs to be displayed on its own and doesn’t play too nice if you try to throw too many other items with accents at it. Your outfit can get a little busy if you add jeans or shoes with too much going on them. Again, I used the Classic Jeans from Calypso Giano to finish this off, but this time I went with the F8 (dark brown) jeans.

That’s all I’ve got for this one and sorry this was so late. It’s kind of a collective of items that I picked up through January and better late than never. Enjoy!

~The Rundown~
Numero Uno
Hoodie Sweaters: Laqroki – Hoodie Sweater in black and military L$235 each
Jeans: Calypso Giano – Classic Jeans in F9 L$250 single (L$1500 fat pack)
Shades: FNKY – Fly in Black L$250 (L$1,000 Fat Pack)
Boots: Hoorenbeek – Davit Boots in Black L$520
Hair: Mad Designs – Eric in NB II L$300 for 3 colors

Numero Dos
Hoodie: Emery – Suicide Machine in Blue L$160
Sweater: LINE – WinterMens Shirt in Blue L$150
Jeans: GearShift – Shoryuken Jeans L$200
Shoes: Hoorenbeek – Air Force in Blue L$520
Hair: Heartcore – Aiden in Black L$300

Numero Tres
Jacket: :sey – 2nd Date in F & G L$450
Jeans: Calypso Giano – Classic Jeans in F9 L$250 single (L$1500 fat pack)
Boots: Hoorenbeek – Patagonia Boots in Used Brown L$520
Hair: Armidi – The Emo One in True Black L$295 for 5-pack

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