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Hoodies and Sweaters and Jackets…Oh My!

Alllllright back at you again off of a break. RL has been crazy busy, but here’s a little post I’ve been brewing for a bit. I’ve come across a lot of cool hoodies, sweaters, and jackets in the past month or two, so I thought I’d hit you with some of it. Here are some of the standouts that I liked:

HSJ - Laqroki

Starting it off here we actually have a hybrid. It’s the hoodie sweater in black and military (green) from Laqroki. I’m really feeling the rich textures and little hints of styling on this. It’s a very contemporary, clean, and cool style that really drew me to it. Note the accentuated seams on both of them as well. You can find the hoodie sweater in 6 different colors. Another thing of note in this look are the classic jeans in F9 (a dark gray/black) from Calypso Giano. I’m a big fan of the more hardcore style of Calypso Giano. A lot of place like that tend to be trite and overdone, but he really hits that sweet spot of hardcore. The shades are pretty cool and they come from FNKY. I first picked up on these shades from a Flickr shot by Tschey Ballinger. I had been in the mood for some new shades and as soon as I saw them in that shot I knew I had to have them and I knew they would look perfect with this look. Last, but certainly not least, Mad Designs has been taking advantage of a lack of new styles (Armidi) or in-transition (UncleWeb Studios) hair designers. I’m in the UncleWeb group and honestly on a daily basis you’ll get a random group chat session open up of someone asking about where the main store went. Anyway, I like the styles that Mad Designs is pouring out and this style, entitled Eric, is definitely one of my faves.


Next up here we hit my favorite blues. In the full shot we have something really cool that I found at Emery. It’s a very chill and unique full-zip blue hoodie with a white tee and diagonally-striped blue tie. The tie is really great because it’s actually a thin cylindrical shape. What’s great about that is it allows for the tie to be flexi, but still gives some depth and shape to it. Whereas when you get a flat flexi tie, you can’t get any depth to the tie at all because any width you put on the tie ends up making the tie look bad. It’s a very innovative way to use what little flexi that SL allows to your advantage. The other main piece here on the full shot is new Shoryuken jeans from GearShift. Shoryuken is actually homage to a move from the video game Street Fighter. In the original Street Fighter game both Ken and Ryu were able to use this move and they would actually yell out “SHORYUKEN!” when he did the jab to 2-hit uppercut. Enough about my limited Street Fighter knowledge…back to the jeans. They’re along the same lines as the basic Maverick jeans from GearShift with an added worn dragon character up the left leg. I’m guessing that the dragon up the side is actually a graphic related to either Ryu or Ken. In the large pic on the right we have the LINE Winter Mens Shirt in blue. From what I’ve been told the designer, zippir Kayo, is a Turkish designer and I really like her stuff. The men’s/unisex selection is pretty small, but I think there’s a lot of potential. I love how the pockets are on an angle in this and real hand-knitted feel to the eagle on the chest gives it an air of authenticity.

HSJ - Sey

Finally, we’ve got the 2nd Date jacket from :sey. I love the woodsy appeal of this jacket with the brown leather accents that break up between the pattern and it also carries a real fashionable look to it. If nothing else, it’s a really interesting piece that’s a touch outside of my normal realm. It has your tartan print and the breaking up of the fabric is definitely something on the horizon in fashion world. The straps put this all together to make it a very excellent jacket. There’s actually 3 different sleeve options with this jacket where you can also wear it with rolled up sleeves or long sleeves without the leather on the arms. It’s definitely a statement piece that needs to be displayed on its own and doesn’t play too nice if you try to throw too many other items with accents at it. Your outfit can get a little busy if you add jeans or shoes with too much going on them. Again, I used the Classic Jeans from Calypso Giano to finish this off, but this time I went with the F8 (dark brown) jeans.

That’s all I’ve got for this one and sorry this was so late. It’s kind of a collective of items that I picked up through January and better late than never. Enjoy!

~The Rundown~
Numero Uno
Hoodie Sweaters: Laqroki – Hoodie Sweater in black and military L$235 each
Jeans: Calypso Giano – Classic Jeans in F9 L$250 single (L$1500 fat pack)
Shades: FNKY – Fly in Black L$250 (L$1,000 Fat Pack)
Boots: Hoorenbeek – Davit Boots in Black L$520
Hair: Mad Designs – Eric in NB II L$300 for 3 colors

Numero Dos
Hoodie: Emery – Suicide Machine in Blue L$160
Sweater: LINE – WinterMens Shirt in Blue L$150
Jeans: GearShift – Shoryuken Jeans L$200
Shoes: Hoorenbeek – Air Force in Blue L$520
Hair: Heartcore – Aiden in Black L$300

Numero Tres
Jacket: :sey – 2nd Date in F & G L$450
Jeans: Calypso Giano – Classic Jeans in F9 L$250 single (L$1500 fat pack)
Boots: Hoorenbeek – Patagonia Boots in Used Brown L$520
Hair: Armidi – The Emo One in True Black L$295 for 5-pack


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Be Koi

Yo yo yo. I’m back at you once again. Now that I’m finally awake after the tryptophan nap (like chloroform, but without the headache) that is synonymous with Thanksgiving for me, I have some fashion to swing your way. I’ll come at you in three parts here and each part is set apart below the full shots here:

KoiShift Collage

The first part is these jeans from GearShift. Recently GearShift was used in a collection of images for Homme Magazine. What I noticed as I flipped through the magazine was that the jackets and sweaters were used, but nada on the jeans. Obviously, I don’t know what items were given for that shoot, but the jeans are definitely something to be displayed. GearShift jeans are definitely some of my favorites. I really feel like Donovan nailed a great pair of jeans in his Maverick jeans set that come in 2 colors (blue and black) and 2 styles (plain and ripped). From there he scooped up a handful of his own style and tossed it in to create these three unique jeans. Left to right above, we have the Rider Punch, Tainted Love, and Rider Kick jeans. The Riders are obviously influenced by Japanese style. That Japanese/harajuku/anime field is what Donovan usually throws our way and he has a hard time missing. The textures and graphics on these jeans really do pop out at you. The Tainted Love jeans touch on another style that you’ll find throughout a lot of Donovan’s items and that is graffiti. On this denim masterpiece it seems he took his blue jean texture and gave it a very nice dark blue hue and adorned it with very nice graffiti touches. If I had to order them, the Tainted Love jeans are definitely at the top of the three. Also, I do have something else I need to mention. Donovan has a new main store location for GearShift. It’s pretty cool and has some extra freebies in it if you’re in the group. I believe he opened it up on Monday and it’s the GearShift Academy, so go check it out in Raven Moore.

The second part comes in relation to the Japanese influence brought by Donovan. Koi in Japanese simply means “carp”, but koi is actually a homophone (a word that sounds the same as another, but has different meanings) that also means “strength and perseverance”. The Japanese legend says that if a koi were strong enough to make it all the way up stream and climb the falls at a location called Dragon’s Gate on the Yellow River that it would then turn into a dragon. Based on that legend the koi is also a symbol of worldly aspiration and advancement. I seem to be drawn to tattoos of koi. One of these tattoos I’ve actually already shown you guys back in my Golden Years. Left to right again we have the Koi Upper Body from EtchD, Koi Farm from Aitui, and then again the Serenity tattoo from iNFLiCT.

The final part to this all are the SOREAL Superstars that have been out for a while now. I really wanted to blog on these shoes closer to our historic US election, but I didn’t have a chance to. I say that because on these shoes I actually manned up and bought the full pack of them from Kwamey, and with the full pack I got a special texture in 3 styles. The extra styles have the same base texture of groundbreaking and influential black musicians in 3 different colors. The style displayed on the right side is the extra style in purple. Now, I did have to ask Kwamey for the exact name of the artists displayed on this texture, but I will say that I was not all that far off on them when I dropped a note card guessing on him (I got 8 out of 12). If you look closely you can see some of them. The official word from Kwami on his texture is as follows:

#1 Bob Marley, Roy Ayers, George Clinton, Louis Armstrong
#2 Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye
#3 Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, James Brown, Quincy Jones

These are definitely the most realistic Superstars on the SL market and the price says so. Personally, I wish they were scripted like the Pornstars from Urban Bomb Unit, where you can mix and match textures, lace colors, shells, stitches and other portions, but sadly they are not. You’re locked into the styles you buy. These shoes are size scripted allowing you to resize them to your feet with ease.

Alright that’s all I’ve got on this one. I hope you enjoyed it and seriously slide over to snag any and/or all of these. Even if you don’t buy these, at least check out what they all have to offer. One of the things I love about fashion blogs is that even if I don’t particularly like what the blogger had on, the designer may have something else that strikes a perfect note with me. It’s all about discovery and expansion, so that you can strike that perfect note of your own. Also, note that I snuck in my favorite pink mohawk again. That’s one amazing sculpty prim I tell you.

The Rundown
In All Three
Shoes: SOREAL Superstars L$399 single (L$3499 18 pairs in 1)
Shades: Young Urban – Alaskan Aviators in Silver L$90
Skin: FNKY! – Baby Face Soul L$1,850 single (L$3,000 pack)
Necklace: Shiny Things – Mechanica men’s necklace L$100
Bracelet: Shiny Things – Mechanica men’s bracelet L$100

Blue Collection
Tattoo: EtchD – Koi Upper Body
Jeans: GearShift – Rider Punch L$200
Hair: The Abyss – Blade in Pink L$200

Red Collection
Tattoo: Aitui – Koi Farm L$350
Jeans: GearShift – Tainted Love L$200
Hair: UncleWeb Studios – Dan in Cool Black L$130

Purple Collection
Tattoo: iNFLiCT – Serenity L$599
Jeans: GearShift – Rider Kick L$200
Hair: Chase – Seabreeze in Coal Black (L$295 for 3 colors)

The Soundtrack (Myspace Playlist Link)
Kasabian – Shoot The Runner
Gorillaz – All Alone
Daft Punk – Technologic
Fatboy Slim – Love Island
Rock Kills Kid – Paralyzed
Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance
A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It?
Toe Jam & Earl Theme


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Settle down pervoids. This isn’t about the sexual act. It’s about the hair store in SecondLife(tm) that seems to be drumming a lot of quality buzz in the female realm. They recently released some new female hair that I picked up on in the feed, so I did a little sleuthing and tracked back their releases on their blog to see if they had any male hair. I struck gold when I hit a blog post of theirs from August 21st. I slid on over to their store and snapped up both hairs in the 5-pack that included a black shade. You’ll find that’s the most prevalent shade I wear. Now, this is just a hunch, but I believe the name of their hair store 69 is because both Kinoko and Kumii (the hair stylists) are Japanese. Thus, 69 yielded me to believe that it is the “in yo” symbol of Japan (or more well known as the yin yang of Taoism out of China). Alright back to the fashionliciousness of this and let’s roll out of concepts that are a bit too large for me to wrap my brain around right now.

Sweetest 69

My first outfit above features the LIVE JAZZ hair from 69 in jetblack. The main item in this outfit that jumps out at everybody like it did to me is the One Way sweater from Sweetest Goodbye. It’s a very thick-knit sweater with playful zippers approximately crossing the heart. The red and yellow on this one really jumped out at me as colors that are not often put together, but when they’re hit just right they can really make an item pop. This sweater almost reminds me of an older sweater by GearShift called 8-ball which is in a burnt orange color, but this one has definitely been brought fashion forward. Coupled up with this sweater I have a newer pair of jeans from one of my favorite stores in SL, named Calypso Giano. I fell in love with a t-shirt of theirs because of how up front and in-your-face it was by the use of a little text. Also, the angel with the giant wings on the back, I thought was a really awesome graphic as well. The jeans here are the stonewashed jeans in LiaG A. I grabbed the fat pack of the jeans because I liked them that much. Within each pair of jeans you get two versions LiaG A (with your standard straight prim cuffs) and B (where the jeans are a little looser and the prims are cuffed at the bottom). The final piece of the puzzle here are the SE (special edition) version of the Hoorenbeek Davit Boots in black. The difference in this version of the Davit boots is that the stitching and edging around the boots are in red, whereas the rest of the Davit boots have stitching and edging that blends in. I bought these boots a long while ago at a Hoorenbeek party and I can’t remember exactly why they were made, but I believe the initial creation of the special edition version was for some sort of contest, where if you bought them it gave 1 vote to Hoorenbeek in the contest.

Aoharu 69ed

Moving on, I tossed together a second look with the other hair (well hat + hair combo) here from 69 appropriately entitled SCULPTURE (the hat is sculpty). What actually connects these two outfits, without the obvious connection of the hair, is that I actually saw a guy wearing the One Way sweater right after I had purchased this white shirt from Aoharu. With that amazingly wonderful tool that LL has added into the game, I inspected the collar on the sweater and away we went. Hitting rewind on the remote here, I was shopping with my gf at Aoharu and simply knew that I had to have one of these shirts and ended up buying two of them. I asked which of two colors that my gf liked and then I went and bought both of them anyway (resistance is futile). This is a very cool and collected shirt. It’s a great shirt to dress down in and the roll up of the sleeves is the icing on the cake. My favorite part about this shirt, as it is such a rare joy, I barely had to adjust the prims on my shape. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m pretty handy with the resizer scripts and stretching an item to fit, but it’s such a fantastic simple pleasure when you don’t have to do a whole lot of adjusting. Also, note that the prims attach to the forearms, so any watches worn will be taken off or will take off the prim cuffs. Anyway, this is Aoharu shirt is definitely in my top 5 of classic white shirts in SL. No shirt has stolen the crown from the semi-sheer shirt that came underneath the jacket from the Last Call Ciao Evening Suit (unfortunately no longer available in-world) yet, but we shall see what the SL future holds. Finishing off this outfit I tossed in my previously posted Shai jeans and the Hoorenbeek Docker Shoes in white leather. I’m definitely a fan of Hoorenbeek footwear, and I would suggest their shoes to anybody. Their shoe prices are on the higher side, but they’re definitely worth taking a look at.

That’s all I’ve got for this post. My next post I’m planning will be a look into a pet peeve of mine, and you know I’m going to have some fun with it. Enjoy the rest of your weeks everybody and I’ll speak at you next time when I aim for the jugular and probably end up in the popcorn machine.

The Rundown
Sweetest 69
Sweater: Sweetest Goodbye – One Way in Red L$280
Jeans: Calypso Giano – Stonewashed Jeans – Love is a Gamble in F9 L$250 single (L$1,500 10-pack)
Shoes: Hoorenbeek – Davit Boot in Black Leather SE L$520
Hair: 69 – LIVE JAZZ in jetblack 5-pack for L$200
Facial Tattoo: Mina’s Tribal Eye Tattoo (still determining a location to buy)
Body Tattoo: Slinked Tattoos – Attitude L$300
Skin: FNKY! – Antonio Dark – Baby Face Soul at Darkness 50 – L$1,850 single (L$3,000 pack)

Aoharu 69ed
Shirt: Aoharu – BT Stripe Shirt in White L$180
Jeans: *Shai* – Scruffy Jeans in Pedro L$300
Shoes: Hoorenbeek – Docker Shoes in White Leather L$520
Hair: 69 – SCULPTURE in jetblack 5-pack for L$200
Body Tattoo: Slinked Tattoos – Attitude L$300
Skin: FNKY! – Antonio Dark – Baby Face Soul at Darkness 50 – L$1,850 single (L$3,000 pack)

The Soundtrack
Sweetest 69
Fatboy Slim – Star 69
Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire
Against Me! – Thrash Unreal
The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony

Aoharu 69ed
Yerba Buena – Solito Me Quede
Aterciopelados – Baracunatana
Adrian Quesada & Ocote Soul Sounds – Tamarindio
Common – Star *69 (PS With Love)

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Solamente Amor

Hey people. I’m back at you again with another one. The other day I was talking to Shai Delacroix and giving her some crap (because that’s just what I do) and she had mentioned to me that she was updating some of her older suits. Randomly, Shai tossed the Amorsolo Suit in Black at me. Later on that day after the conversation I put on the suit and I really really liked it. The crispness and detail of the textures are pretty amazing. The shading on this is pretty spectacular too. I think this is definitely a great update to her older version of the suit, which at the time I felt was a little too harsh on the textures and thus purchased The Luna Suit back then. As I started to look it over and feel out the attitude and lifestyle that the suit represented, I knew a club scene would have to be the place to go with this. What really set me on club scene was really my thinking about how great this would be for some of the RL modeling agency parties I’ve been to. (I’m on the client side of the industry) I could definitely see myself rocking this look for one of those. Now if only my bank account would allow me to splurge on something IRL like this. This is suit comes in black, as shown in this, and also in a stone grey as well (the original Amorsolo suit had a grey jacket as well). Something else you’ll notice in these pictures is that down the middle are what you’re really going to get when you see these items in-world. The lighting at Seven Ultra Lounge is very pink/purple, so note that the suit and shoes do not have that tint to them. That’s simply how windlight affects the clothing.

Solamente Amor

Also featured in this look is a ring that I got as a gift for my 4-year SL birthday, which was on the 4th of November. I know; it feels like yesterday that I came into this crazy world. I remember the first night I got into the game; I went to a club with a group of my friends that brought me into the game. There was some girl dancing all sexy and she had a whip that she was spanking my buddy with. I also remember flying around on one of my first days and randomly going into a house where two people were getting it on. Of course the entire group had to follow me, so there were about 5 of us just standing there while the two were trying to get it on. Oh man, I’m practically falling out of my chair laughing just thinking about it. And you know that when you’re a n00b flying around in a group, you just locate green dots and go to them because you want to see what they’re up to. Knowing what I did as a n00b, makes me a little more patient when someone else does the same thing to me when their flying over is simply in curiosity and not to grief.

Ok ok enough about my n00balicious cock block. This ring comes with the “Peace is Sexy” set from Lucas Lameth Fashion Jewelry. I really like the simplicity of it. It’s fashionable without an overstatement. Items like this are quality to have in your inventory because they won’t overshadow your clothing, they just lightly complement it. Another item that I have in my inventory like this is the elephant hair bracelet from Guillaume pour homme. It’s a staple in my accessories and a piece that’s rich in African history. I’m not wearing it in this obviously, but it’s a great accessory to have.

I think that’s all I’ve got for now. Stay tuned because I’m altering my body to squeeze into my next adventure in blogging. Trust me; it’ll be a whole lot of fun. I promise.

The Rundown
Suit: Casa del Shai – The Amorsolo Suit in Black L$650
Shoes: Kalnin’s Classica v1.0 (L$400 all 7 colors)
Glasses: Damani – Toprim Glasses L$70
Hair: Aitui – Sleepwalk – Black L$175
Skin: FNKY! – Baby Face Soul L$1,850 single (L$3,000 pack)

The Soundtrack
Basement Jaxx – Bingo Bango
Cassius – The Sound of Violence
New Young Pony Club – Get Lucky
Keane – Is It Any Wonder?
T-Pain – Can I Buy You A Drink?
Ice Cube – We Be Clubbin’

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Two Sides

I’ve got a twosome of quality outfits here from different ends of the spectrum again.

Roborock Tees

The first is featuring a new set of tees from Kari entitled Roborock. Personally I like to call them Roboboogie. And those are not digitized robotic voices in the video, I listened to them do it live. The two tees on display here are Keytar (left) and Turntable (right). One of my favorite things about these shirts, though it’s hard to tell here, is actually the rolled up prim sleeves. A lot of care was taken in the shape of the scuplted prim to properly fit the form of the male avatar’s bicep.

Finishing off this outfit are some really nice light jeans from LF Fashions, Detour’s Jaywalker sneakers in brown, BroGear Black Label watch in brown, and Aitui’s Sleepwalk hair in dark brown highlighted. The cherry on top here are the Studio Headphones from Gritty Kitty. They have two attachment points if you want them around your neck (spine) and if you want them on your head (nose). They also spit out mini-note particles.

The second outfit I’ve got for you guys started with the green text of a subscribe-o-matic message that danced across the bottom of my screen about a new release from Laqroki. I knew I was going to make my way over there and when I did, Monta Horan was also looming about in there. He must’ve gotten the same message as I did. Seeing as black and red were dominant colors in Fall/Winter ’08 fashion shows this year and tartan prints were scattered throughout, I thought I’d run this outfit a little fashion forward. I paired up this fantastically created coat (and you can definitely see that by Monta’s post because it’s much harder to hide flaws in lighter colors) with an older item from Armidi’s Gisaci collection. The layer underneath is the Classic Cashmere Sweater in Cranberry. On the lower half, I picked up a tip from Professor Ex and snagged these Ravenwear Men’s Plaids. At the bottom I’m rockin’ the Kalnin’s Classica shoes in black. These well-scripted pair of shoes come with all of the colors in them and blue windows to adjust everything. It’s always nice when you don’t have to dig into your inventory to find another color of the shoes you have on. (the Detour Jaywalkers in the last outfit do that too w/out the blue windows via click on the shoes) All the way back to the top, we’ve got a very versatile and stylized, but easy breezy wig appropriately called Seabreeze from Chase. Last, but certainly not least, my staple aviators that I love and cherish…the Armidi Gisaci – Lifestyle Aviators with the silver rims.

The Rundown
Shirts: Kari – Keytar + Turntable (L$90 each)
Jeans: LF Fashions Apollo Jeans – Light (L$200)
Shoes: Detour – Jaywalker Sneakers – Brown L$350 single (L$1,000 for 5 colors)
Watch: BroGear [Black Label] – ROGUE Leather Watch in Brown (L$190)
Hair: Aitui – Sleepwalk – Dark Brown Highlighted (Now L$175 in discount store)
Headphones: Gritty Kitty – Studio Headphones (L$75)
Skin: FNKY! – Baby Face Soul L$1,850 single (L$3,000 pack)
Bracelet: Mhaijik Things – Silver Elephant Hair Bracelet (comes with ring too for L$200)

Coat: Laqroki – High Collar Coat in Dark Grey (L$475)
Sweater: Gisaci Classic Cashmere Turtleneck – Cranberry (L$145)
Pants: Ravenwear – Men’s Plaids in Black L$100 single (L$450 for 6 colors)
Shoes: Kalnin’s Classica v1.0 (L$400 all 7 colors)
Hair: Chase – Seabreeze – Coal Black (L$295 for 3 colors)
Shades: [Armidi Gisaci] – Lifestyle Aviators – Silver (L$325)
Skin: FNKY! – Baby Face Soul L$1,850 single (L$3,000 pack)


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Summertime Blues

It’s Sept 2nd and summer has left the building for those of us in the northern hemisphere. Now we look forward to fall. Even though the winter here in Wisconsin was as rough as it has ever been (record snowfalls all over the place), I’m actually kind of looking forward to a crisp fall evening. This summer will be missed though and as Eddie Cochran would tell you “there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues.” To honor this summer, I bring you a last grasp of summer blues.

I’ll work left to right here as my outfits flow that way. The first outfit I have kicking there is mostly from Casa del Shai. I picked up that the semi-sheer Mallory shirts were out via SL Style, and recently Shai herself tossed my way a pair of her scruffy jeans in Bruno to give her a little feedback. I strolled by her store to see if I could find something lighter and saw that she had a total of 6 pairs out. For this outfit I voted for Pedro (the name of the jeans), and I didn’t even have to do a flippin’ sweet dance to Jamiroquai’s “Canned Heat”. Finishing off this first outfit is a shirt that I randomly came across. Though I’m not a huge fan of “shopping districts”, I love it when I’m in one specifically to check out a store that I pick up on from a blog…and happen to come upon another store that has some really cool stuff. That would be the case with this Vintage Mexican Skull tee from OutsiderZ. The overall feel and multiple locations of the store suggest an alternative lifestyle. I’m definitely feeling it and will keep watching for what Shian Handrick comes out with next.

The second outfit is a taste of Sartoria. I’m really a big fan of what Sartoria has cooking. Instead of the alternative feel, this is more of something that you would see on a yacht racing across the Mediterranean. Appropriately, the store is officially named La Sartoria di traveller Bade (that’s Italian people). Here you see the Racing Zip jacket paired up with the Riva dress slacks in Light Linen. Sartoria offers up the items separately, but, instead of the Riva dress slacks, you can get the Racing Zip along with a pair of Chino white pants as a set at Strider’s Mens Shop as SARTORIA ITALIANA Outfit 08 for L$250 (a savings of L$70 if you were to buy the items separately). Also in this outfit would be the Redgrave sneakers in white. These are a fantastically sculpted pair of sneakers by Emilia Redgrave. Thanks to the fantastic customer service provided by Emilia, I got these shoes in two sizes before she began offering them in the box in two sizes. I must not have been the only one asking. 😉

The third and final outfit of this group holds most of the elements I’ve already talked about, but thrown into the mix this time is a classic shirt from Laqroki. It’s offered in 10 different colors, but to go along with the group here it’s in a wonderful blue dubbed Chill. It comes with a prim collar bare, with white tie, and with a black tie. This shirt is truly a versatile piece of work where it works to dress it up with a tie or dress it down with a pair of jeans. You should also notice a hair change. A while back when Donovan Brennen of GearShift released some hoodies, and as a supplemental purchase you could buy a “half-hair” called Jute from Philotic Energy. Back then I sent a random IM to Aemilia Case, telling her she should create a full hair based on Jute. I was poking around in Philotic Energy the other day and asked if Aemilia’s hair Rhodri was the full hair of Jute. Well, it turns out that my eyes did not deceive me. This is an excellent hairstyle and the amount of colors that Aemilia offers is pretty amazing. I strongly suggested you get over to Philotic Energy and check out what Aemilia has up there in a new store setup in the sky as it’s no longer on the ground.

And now for something completely different…

I continue to be under the impression that June Dion has trained helper monkeys help her create as much as she does in SL. It’s really refreshing to know that every single time you walk into BareRose Tokyo that you’re going to find a deal on some high quality fantasy garb. This one is Aquarius from a series of astrological figures that she created. Aquarius is the water carrier and as shown this outfit is filled with sculpties to demonstrate a more futuristic way that Aquarius would transport that water. The attention to detail in this series of outfits is really amazing and at the price of L$160…it’s amazing.

That about sums it up for my Summertime Blues collection. Hopefully you can add some of these elements to accentuate the lighter side of your style and keep on stepping up that game (even if that game is amazing fantasy clothing). Also, here’s an update from Mina Firefly herself on the tribal facial tat. She’s looking to get her items setup on SLexchange very soon. When she does, I’ll update everything to send you directly to where you can buy her tats. Thanks for reading everybody.

Peace, love, and respect,


The Rundown
Outfit #1 (Shai)
Shirt + Jeans: *Shai* – Mallory Woven Shirt (L$150) + Scruffy Jeans in Pedro (L$300)
Undershirt: OutsiderZ Vintage Mexican Skull tee (L$75)
Shoes: UBU – Pornstars Hi-Tops (L$495)
Hair: Armidi – The Emo One – Silver (L$295 for 5-pack)
Skin: FNKY! – Baby Face Soul L$1,850 single (L$3,000 pack)
Body Tattoo: iNFLiCT – Serenity (L$599)
Facial Tattoo: Mina’s Tribal (SLexchange coming soon)

Outfit #2 (Sartoria)
Jacket + Slacks: Sartoria – Racing Zip (L$200) + Riva dress slacks L/Linen L$150
Strider’s Deal SLurl
Tank Top: *Shai* – Ribbed Tank Top – Cream L$350 (3 Colors)
Shoes: Redgrave – Sneakers White (L$380)
Hair: Armidi – The Emo One – Silver (L$295 for 5-pack)
Skin: FNKY! – Baby Face Soul L$1,850 single (L$3,000 pack)
Body Tattoo: iNFLiCT – Serenity (L$599)
Facial Tattoo: Mina’s Tribal (SLexchange coming soon)

Outfit #3 (Laqroki & Sart)
Shirt: Laqroki – Chill Pinstripe Shirt (L$225)
Slacks: Sartoria – Riva dress slacks L/Linen (L$150)
Shoes: Redgrave – Sneakers White (L$380)
Hair: Philotic Energy – Rhodri in Silver (L$199 3 Colors)
Skin: FNKY! – Baby Face Soul L$1,850 single (L$3,000 pack)
Body Tattoo: iNFLiCT – Serenity (L$599)
Facial Tattoo: Mina’s Tribal (SLexchange coming soon)

Outfit #4 (Aquarius)
Outfit: B@R – Aquarius (L$160)
Hair: Armidi – The Emo One – Silver (L$295 for 5-pack)
Skin: FNKY! – Baby Face Soul L$1,850 single (L$3,000 pack)
Facial Tattoo: Mina’s Tribal (SLexchange coming soon)


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In The Mix

Hey everybody, a new one flying your way. The only story you’re going to get on this one is the story of how I came across this hat + hair. It all started @ Hair Fair ’08. I browsed around OnRez and grabbed the slim amount of demos I found for guys on there. Thankfully Jesseaitui came through on his promise to have some new hairs. As soon as I put on the My Agenda demo, I knew that I was going to be chopping through lag like Rambo through the jungle with his machete. (Someone should make a lag machete for struggling av’s to take to Hair Fair & Armidi) Thus, I did my chopping and got this awesome hat & combo. Soon after buying My Agenda, I knew I needed to throw it into a blog, and to blog it I’ve got to have an outfit to follow. I tossed something together quick from some other newer releases. Flipping through all of my clothing, I tossed on this Cosy sweater from Amodica Lookr. I can’t remember when or where I picked up that Adam Soler had opened up a new spot with new clothing, but that’s inconsequential here. All I needed to know was that this stuff is quality and Adam made it. Usually when you buy a horizontally striped sweater, the seams look all crazy where 95% of the time the stripes don’t line up. It’s obvious that Adam put in the time and effort required to line of the stripes at the seams, instead of slapping them on, because this is one of the best lineups at the seams of any horizontally striped shirt that I own.

Finishing off the main portion of this outfit are The Rascal jeans from Kari and the Hoorenbeek Patagonia Boots in Black. As some clothing prices seem to be running out of control, Kari comes through with some quality textured jeans for the reasonable price of L$100 each. All 4 pairs of jeans (The Rebel, The Rascal, The John Doe, and The Scoundrel) from Kari are very well done with prim cuffs. The Patagonia boots from Hoorenbeek are very versatile from a regular casual look to a much more hardcore look. The ones I chose for this outfit have a texture of a smooth and new pair of boots, but the Used Black form of the boots that I have in my inventory are quite nice as well.

Now, we go to the accessories. The pièce de résistance here is definitely the Cigged scarf from Fuel. I got this item as a gift from a friend, but never really had a true place that I could put it. I’m just extremely happy I could find the right home for the accessory. When you get something that you know is really fantastic, but don’t have the right clothing to wear it with…it really sucks. You really want to wear the item that you were gifted, but you have nothing else to really wear with it. Then, that item will sit in your inventory and sometimes never even be looked at again. Thus, from the depths of my inventory comes this scarf. Though it’s actually in a women’s store (towards the back on a standing tower), it’s definitely more unisex. An additional accessory worth noting here is an older item from BroGear. It’s the Black Label – ROGUE Leather Watch in Black. I love this watch for an accessory for hardcore outfits. If you’re not a big fan of wearing cuffs or straps, I strongly suggest you roll by BroGear and grab this watch.

A final item of note in here is the Tribal Facial tat created by Mina Firefly. I really really like this as an accent tat. Currently the tattoo is not available for sale as Mina is still working on setting up her store after relocation, but I believe you’re welcome to harass…I mean…buy it from her by dropping her an IM. Just tell her I sent you after her and maybe she’ll speed up the process of setting up a storefront. 🙂

The Rundown
Hair: Aitui – My Agenda in Black (L$200)
Sweater: Amodica Lookr – Cosy in Forest Green (L$125)
Jeans: { Kari } – The Rascal Jeans (L$100)
Boots: Hoorenbeek – Patagonia Boots in Black (L$520)
Scarf: /Fuel/ – Cigged (L$200)
Watch: BroGear [Black Label] – ROGUE Leather Watch in Black (L$190)
Facial Tattoo: Mina’s – Tribal Facial tat (IM Mina Firefly for price if interested)
Skin: FNKY! – Antonio Dark – Stubble (L$1,850 single / L$3,000 pack)

The Mix Songs
Rage Against the Machine – War Within a Breath
Little Jackie – 28 Butts
Jack’s Mannequin – The Mixed Tape
Dropkick Murphy’s – Green Fields of France

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