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Golden Years

Golden Collage

Back at you right away again. Probably the quickest turnaround that I’ve had on posts before, but this one has a lot less going on than all of those jackets. I’m going clean and simple on this one. What got the ball rolling on this one was when a friend asked me about where she could find casual menswear. I listed off a bunch of places for her, but after a conversation much later she mentioned that they went to Valiant. I didn’t mention that in my first slew of places that I mentioned, but the name rung a bell. I strolled by to check out the place and eye up the clothing. There’s a larger selection of clothing than I expected, but then again I didn’t expect an entire sim for a store I had heard about in passing. Personally, I picked up Peebles Scream Shirt and the Gold/Silver Black Denim Jeans.

Obviously this outfit formed around the jeans, but I will use this space to gripe just a little about the shirt. This also is the case with the Laqroki coat I blogged before. I must implore designers to not connect collars to pockets. Personally, I use all animated stands for my AO and when you have pockets disappearing into your body it makes a fantastically stylish shirt/jacket into a major annoyance. I have the prim skills to unlink, relink, and assign alternate attachment points for prims, but I’d rather not have to. The use of alternate attachment points like the left & right pec for prim shirt pockets + left & right shoulder for straps up on the shoulders are ideal. The extra prim attachments are really not all that overbearing and work a TON better with the SL avatar. [/end rant]

Okay back to the fashion. My friend that brought Valiant to the front of my mind will cringe at the fact that I’m doing this post about gold, but she’ll just have to deal. I tried to walk the fine line of fashionably hardcore on this one. Again, like I said, it started out with the jeans from Valiant and worked its way from there. Note that the jeans are a very super low-rise cut. I tried looking at some tanks to possibly wear with these, but nothing of quality was low enough to cover. That being said, they’re very low and if love to flaunt your skin’s perfectly crafted treasure trail…I suggest you get these jeans.

The next piece of the puzzle that I dropped in was the .sey mesh hat with black hair. Walking around with the jeans on, I knew that would fit perfectly with this look. It’s actually reminiscent of the New Orleans Saints’ helmet with the colors and fleur de lis emblem. The trucker chic hat so popularized by Ashton Kutcher and Justin Timberlake (not his illegitimate half brother Catero) comes to life in this hat.

After both the hat and jeans were set into the outfit, I looked it over. I just knew that I needed a quality pair of boots to complete it. I dove into my inventory like Scrooge McDuck into his vault of coins, but I came up with no gold. I had to outsource this one and found the perfect way to do so in the Terminator boots from Gutterblood Spoonhammer. Not only do these boots fit this outfit, but they do it at a great bargain. They happen to be an older pair of boots from Gutterblood and he has drastically reduced the price on his stuff. These boots cost me….wait for it….wait for it……L$100! I know it’s amazing quality (as is just about every pair of boots that Gutterblood puts out) for that cheap. For example, the detail of dirt on the bottom of his Slander boots (also L$100) to give it that real outlaw cowboy feel.

Moving right along we have the watch that I featured in my throwdown, but in a different form. In the throwdown I needed it to be blue, but along with a silver version (silver band and silver surrounding with a black face) this watch also has a gold laced silver version. The details on this watch are exquisite and that does come with a slightly hefty price tag as well. To put it in perspective, this watch has a lower price point (L$495) than most of the watches you can find @ GOS.

The final portion of this that needs to be talked about are the tattoos from iNFLiCT. This one is called Serenity with a playful koi across the front and skulls piling up on the upper arms. I really like the tat’s from iNFLiCT and, as with many places these days, you get them in multiple opacity and versatile layers to fit with anything you’ve got. I prefer tattoos that are black rather than those that are colored because A) the black works much better on the darkness of my skins and B) I’ve only seen one colored tattoo in SL that I actually liked how it looked. A lot of times colored tattoos come off as simply images slapped on an avatar, rather than a true body art. The realistic appeal seems to fade when you throw sharp colors at avatars in SL.

I think that just about covers everything I’ve got on that aren’t the usuals. Thanks for reading and when the inspiration strikes, I’ll be back for more.

Peace, love, and respect
– Oscar

The Rundown
Jeans: *Valiant* – Gold/Silver Black Denim Jeans L$250
Boots: GutterBlood Shop – Terminator Boots L$100
Tats: iNFLiCT – Serenity L$599
Hat + Hair: .sey – x FA=B Mesh=[Neo Black] L$300
Watch: GOS – Steel Navitimer – Gold L$495
Shades: [Armidi Gisaci] – Lifestyle Aviators – Silver L$325
Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio_Osiris 1(C) Hair L$2,000 single (L$4,800 set)

The Soundtrack
David Bowie – Golden Years
R.E.O. Speedwagon – Golden Country
Goldfrapp – Strict Machine
Goldfinger – 99 Red Balloons
Jurassic 5 – What’s Golden



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