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Fashion Is Danger

You think you know fashion, but fashion’s a stranger. You think fashion’s your friend, my friend fashion is danger. Moscow, Berlin, Paris, London, Tokyo, Wellington, Rome, Geneva, New York City.

I couldn’t have started this out any better. I saw Flight of the Conchords last weekend and they were pretty amazing. I mean they even brought out the robot suits! Alright I’m going to hit you with the three shots and then I’ll hit you with my words on each.

Springy #1
Springy #1
Springy #2
Springy #2
Springy #3
Springy #3

Spring is in the air and FINALLY here for some us in the northern hemisphere. The bright colors can finally creep back out and I’ve been seeing them all over the place with the nice weather we’ve been having around these parts. I’m actually going to touch on something that I missed in all of my previous S/S09 male fashion posts. Besides all of the blue that flew at us in all of the shows, there was also a secondary dominant color in the shows that I overlooked and that was Coral/Melon. Above I’m displaying some of my looks that incorporate that sort of color.

Springy #1
This is actually an outfit I put together when I was going to double team a couture fashion article on Runway Mag with my boy Catero, but before we had the chance Runway blew up like the Lindenberg. To be completely honest, I don’t know an official name for this suit. This is actually a preview version of a Z Zegna influenced suit by Hoorenbeek that will be coming out in the near future. The shading is a little heavy, but overall this is a really great and fashionable suit. I actually went down to Fabulous Fashion taping in the Springy #2 outfit yesterday because Hoorenbeek was being featured on the show. The show for Hoorenbeek will be up very soon and I’ll update right -> here <- when the show is up if you’d like to check it out. The shirt underneath is actually one of the Cambridge shirts from Armidi’s Gisaci, but I threw my own flavor onto it. I had to do a bit of prim work to put this together, but I think it really ended up being very well worth it. To create the look of this shirt it required removing the long cylinderesque sculptie from each of the pieces that go on the upper arm. Then I took the small ends, attaching them to the forearms, and rotating + positioning them to look right. Note that this shirt is actually the Aufren White shirt with a coral-colored tint to it. The official tint I used to get this color is:

Red: 255
Green: 157
Blue: 122
Hue: 16
Sat: 100
Lum: 74

Finishing off this look are probably my current favorite pair of shoes in all of SL, the Classica’s from Kalnin’s. Please note that if you have not put on your Kalnin’s shoes in a while that you should put them on to get your automatic update to them. I don’t think they came with a notecard detailing what exactly was upgraded on the shoes, but after putting on both the Classica’s and the Gallop’s I was automatically sent newer versions of them.

Springy #2
My second look here comes from a lot of different places. The first and most vibrant thing that pops out at you is the jacket and vest. These come from the Shiki Gingham Check suit in Mandarin. Not exactly Coral/Melon, but very very close. Personally, I felt like the entire suit was a little busy and overbearing with the texture. Although, when you break it up like this I think it comes off looking a LOT better. The next thing that I should draw your attention is the hat from Apollon. Connecting this look to the first, I initially heard about these while Catero (srsly would you get out of my head Cat? kthx) was researching some Japanese fashion designers and he told me that I’d look good in one of the hats. When it happened I kind of laughed because I didn’t think they were really my style, but then when I got there and saw that the hats were only L$140 for two I figured I could buy a couple and see if I liked them. Well, obviously, I really did like them and found a couple of looks for this one to go with. Staying in Asia, I slid in the Isis shirt under the jacket layer from Zaara Kohime. Zaara has been dabbling in the male realm and I really like these Isis shirts. They come on a lot of different layers with the ability to tuck in and there’s a semi-sheer version of the shirt on the jacket layer.

Springy #3
My final look is the latest and greatest from those crazy ladies at Paper Couture. I haven’t had a chance to talk to her much since the early conceptual stages of what Paper Couture’s S/S09 collection was going to look like, but I was given the early hint from Ava Lu that it was going to be an Indian (Bombay not Native American) style to it. Of the three looks that they put out for men, I felt like this one really hit the spot. (other bloggers did as well as other blogs have been popping up with this look) This one also features some of the coral coloration on the breast and collar of the jacket. Note that all three looks for men pretty much come with a shirt and pant layer (two of them come with collars for shirts), so if you’re looking to mix and match fuhgettabotit. Finishing up this look I thought that the LeLutka Carson sandals would work very nicely. I got a taste of these from the freebies that LeLutka tossed out to their groupies, and knew they had the colors to fit this look. Again, I had to do a little prim work on these because I’m sorry, but the only reason that men have size 0 feet are to crunch them into shoes. When you open up the shoe, the feet look tiny and awkward. Thus, I moved my feet up to 25, as that’s what proportionally looks best with my shape, and had to do a little prim work to resize them for my feet and tighten up the straps. Thank you to LeLutka for making them only no transfer and allowing me customize them to my needs.

Alright, I’m going to hit you with the Rundown and Soundtrack and get myself out of here. If you have any male Coral/Melon leads please let me know in the comments. I’ve been searching high and low, so keep me in the loop. Enjoy your first and second lives to the fullest everybody.

The Rundown
Springy #1
Suit :: Hoorenbeek Suit – Tweed Suit L$960
Shirt :: Gisaci – Cambridge Shirt in Aufren White (tinted) L$250
Shoes :: Kalnins Classica L$400
Shades :: SteinWerk – Aviator Sunglasses L$450
Hair :: MADesigns – Eric in Ash Browns L$300 for 3
Tattoo :: Negko – Humaga L$149
Skin :: Belleza – Miguel in Tan Face #11 L$2,000 single (L$5,000 for 4-pack)

Springy #2
Jacket + Vest :: Shiki Designs – Gingham Suit in Mandarin L$480
Shirt :: Zaara – Isis Shirt in White L$150 (3-pack for L$400)
Pants :: Sartoria Italiana – Riva Dress Slacks in Light Linen L$100
Shoes :: Kalnins Classica L$400
Hat :: Apollon – Homberg Hat in White 2-pack for L$140
Shades :: SteinWerk – Aviator Sunglasses L$450
Tattoo :: Negko – Humaga L$149
Skin :: Belleza – Miguel in Sunkissed Face #11 L$2,000 single (L$5,000 for 4-pack)

Springy #3
Shirt, Jacket, + Pants :: Paper Couture – Fine and Dandy L$250
Sandals :: LeLutka – Carson sandals in White L$300
Hat :: Apollon – Homberg Hat in White 2-pack for L$140
Shades :: SteinWerk – Aviator Sunglasses L$450
Tattoo :: Negko – Humaga L$149
Skin :: Belleza – Miguel in Sunkissed Face #11 L$2,000 single (L$5,000 for 4-pack)

The Soundtrack
Fashion Tracks
Flight of the Conchords – Fashion is Danger
The Kinks – Dedicated Follower of Fashion
Kelly – Borrow That Top
Spring Tracks
Raphael Saadiq – Never Give You Up
Ray LaMontagne – Hey Me, Hey Mama
Yerba Buena – El Burrito
Thievery Corporation – Sol Tapado



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Recently I sent myself on a wild goose chase for fashion. I read Catero’s latest article entry (pg 136) for the now defunct Runway Magazine…at least that’s the last I heard. The focus of the piece that he wrote was Japanese designers. He also provided a list with a bunch of different Japanese creators’ shops. Thus, I wrote down all of the names of the places that I didn’t know and went on a little shopping adventure. The adventure landed me into a strip mall area with a bunch of shops. I browsed…I bought a lot because the prices were so low that I really couldn’t help myself. Sadly the functionality of the attachments didn’t really align with my shape. Most of the items were made for avatars much skinnier than me. Although I did actually strike a great chord with this jacket and jeans out of a place called IZUMIYA. I love the styling on the jacket with the stripes running along the bottom of the prim bottom and the dramatic single stripe down the jeans. Altogether this is actually a complete outfit with jacket, 2 types of hoods, prim cuffs, black & white muffler, jeans, and even a pair of prim shoes…all for L$25. Now I wasn’t a big fan of the shoes, shirt, or muffler that came with the outfit, but for L$25 I really didn’t have any space to complain. Actually the muffler was pretty good, but I just didn’t like it with the entire look that I was trying to put together. Running in order, the shirt was replaced by an old DMC tee called Rising that’s no longer available, but tbh any black and white tee would work. I just happened to like this old one over my others. The black and white muffler was put to the side to make room for this checked Afghan stole from :sey. I got one of them and liked it so much that I couldn’t stop myself from buying a few more. The final replaced piece is a little something I picked up from an inspect. I saw a cool pair of shoes on some girl, so a little inspect and I was on my way to a neko-themed store called JP Design. These shoes are obviously modeled off of an Adidas shoe, but to be honest I can’t tell you which pair they are. Tweety McMillan, the designer, added his own little flair to them and came out with an excellent pair of shoes. You get them nicely scripted with the ability to change between black, white, and brown. Alright, enough talking more pix. Here’s the look!


The Rundown
Jacket & Jeans: IZUMIYA – Fashion Set NO.M11 L$25
Shoes: [JP].dsg. – Unique’s Chelsea L$490 for 3 colors
Stole: :sey – Afghan stole – check in style [B] L$280 for 6 colors
Hair: MADesigns – Luka in Natural Blacks L$300 for 3
Shades: SteinWerk – Aviator Sunglasses L$450
Skin: Belleza – Miguel in Dark Tan 0 L$2,000 single (L$5,000 for 4-pack)

The Soundtrack
Method Man & Redman – Blackout
Black Star – Definition
Black Eyed Peas – Like That
Muse – Supermassive Black Hole
Wolfmother – White Unicorn
Irving – White Hot
Great White – Once Bitten Twice Shy
Barry White – Love Serenade


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Army of One

Be All You Can Be? An Army of One? Army Strong? All slogans used by the US Army for recruiting purposes. And you may ask, “What the hell does any of this have to do with me?” Well, I’ve put together a military look here of some items that have been sitting around in my inventory and one brand spanking new one that was tossed my way just the other day. Sometimes it just takes that one thing to set everything into motion and for this look it was the new Miguel skins from Belleza. As I’m sure you guys have figured out by now, I’m a darker av and don’t stray far from my deep tan. Appropriately, the tone on the skin I’m wearing for this is the Deep Tan version of the Miguel skin. You can find much more in-depth reviews of these Miguel skins done by Iustinian Tomsen here and Winter Jefferson here. I love the chest and abs on this new Miguel skin. It’s an excellent addition to Belleza’s line of skins. Keep on the look out there because the note card that came with the skins tossed my way said Miguel is the first release of five new skins coming from Belleza in the next few weeks.

Now for the next part imagine an open closet door and all sorts of clothing getting thrown out of it. That’s about what happened as this one came together. I knew I hit it right when I put on my Shit Luck Platoon tank top and then it was all downhill from there. WMD Harajuku jeans and TonkTastic short combat boots followed (c/o Dominic on SLMen). The final piece is from a really great Japanese watch place called Chronokit. Thanks to IM logs, I can give props to Madisen Tandino from the Fashion Emergency group for tipping me off to Chronokit when I was searching for a wide-band watch a while ago. The watches at Chronokit are extremely prim heavy (255 prims on this one), but also demonstrate the extreme detail by which prims show. The color scheme on them is also completely customizable via a very nice HUD. The HUD gives you 12 base color options for the watch, but then you can actually select individual colors and change them to fit whatever you’re wearing (like an army green tank top).

Army Collage

The final thing I want to talk about here are my aviators. The ones on me in the shots above are from SteinWerk, but I have to say that I have a pretty large collection of aviators. The reason I have such a large collection of aviators is actually because of the shape of my face in SL. I happen to have a heart-shaped face and thus it lends itself best to an aviator-style of sunglasses. This here isn’t the greatest article, but it hits home what I’m trying to say show here. So without further ado, I give you my collection of aviators:

Aviators Collage
(L to R, Top to Bottom) :: Solar Eyewear ~ AVIATOR II L$445, Gudshu Glasses ~ Submariner Scritped L$199, Young Urban ~ Alaskan Aviators L$100, SteinWerk ~ Aviator Sunglasses L$450, Armidi Gisaci ~ Lifestyle Aviators in Silver L$325, Barnes Boutique ~ Aviators L$100.

~Outfit Rundown~
Tank: Shit Luck – Platoon in Army Green L$80
Jeans: WMD – Ronin Harajuku jeans low rise L$249
Boots: TonkTastic – Short Combat Boots L$700
Watch: Chronokit – Watch no. 15 L$200
Shades: SteinWerk – Aviator Sunglasses L$450
Dog Tags: Aitui – Mens Dog Tag Necklace Blank/Long (currently not available)
Hair: Mad Designs – ARMY CROP hair for Belleza Skins L$180
Tattoos: addiXion – Half Tribal Full Body L$750
Skin: Belleza – Miguel in Dark Tan 0 L$2,000 single (L$5,000 for 4-pack)

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Hoodies and Sweaters and Jackets…Oh My!

Alllllright back at you again off of a break. RL has been crazy busy, but here’s a little post I’ve been brewing for a bit. I’ve come across a lot of cool hoodies, sweaters, and jackets in the past month or two, so I thought I’d hit you with some of it. Here are some of the standouts that I liked:

HSJ - Laqroki

Starting it off here we actually have a hybrid. It’s the hoodie sweater in black and military (green) from Laqroki. I’m really feeling the rich textures and little hints of styling on this. It’s a very contemporary, clean, and cool style that really drew me to it. Note the accentuated seams on both of them as well. You can find the hoodie sweater in 6 different colors. Another thing of note in this look are the classic jeans in F9 (a dark gray/black) from Calypso Giano. I’m a big fan of the more hardcore style of Calypso Giano. A lot of place like that tend to be trite and overdone, but he really hits that sweet spot of hardcore. The shades are pretty cool and they come from FNKY. I first picked up on these shades from a Flickr shot by Tschey Ballinger. I had been in the mood for some new shades and as soon as I saw them in that shot I knew I had to have them and I knew they would look perfect with this look. Last, but certainly not least, Mad Designs has been taking advantage of a lack of new styles (Armidi) or in-transition (UncleWeb Studios) hair designers. I’m in the UncleWeb group and honestly on a daily basis you’ll get a random group chat session open up of someone asking about where the main store went. Anyway, I like the styles that Mad Designs is pouring out and this style, entitled Eric, is definitely one of my faves.


Next up here we hit my favorite blues. In the full shot we have something really cool that I found at Emery. It’s a very chill and unique full-zip blue hoodie with a white tee and diagonally-striped blue tie. The tie is really great because it’s actually a thin cylindrical shape. What’s great about that is it allows for the tie to be flexi, but still gives some depth and shape to it. Whereas when you get a flat flexi tie, you can’t get any depth to the tie at all because any width you put on the tie ends up making the tie look bad. It’s a very innovative way to use what little flexi that SL allows to your advantage. The other main piece here on the full shot is new Shoryuken jeans from GearShift. Shoryuken is actually homage to a move from the video game Street Fighter. In the original Street Fighter game both Ken and Ryu were able to use this move and they would actually yell out “SHORYUKEN!” when he did the jab to 2-hit uppercut. Enough about my limited Street Fighter knowledge…back to the jeans. They’re along the same lines as the basic Maverick jeans from GearShift with an added worn dragon character up the left leg. I’m guessing that the dragon up the side is actually a graphic related to either Ryu or Ken. In the large pic on the right we have the LINE Winter Mens Shirt in blue. From what I’ve been told the designer, zippir Kayo, is a Turkish designer and I really like her stuff. The men’s/unisex selection is pretty small, but I think there’s a lot of potential. I love how the pockets are on an angle in this and real hand-knitted feel to the eagle on the chest gives it an air of authenticity.

HSJ - Sey

Finally, we’ve got the 2nd Date jacket from :sey. I love the woodsy appeal of this jacket with the brown leather accents that break up between the pattern and it also carries a real fashionable look to it. If nothing else, it’s a really interesting piece that’s a touch outside of my normal realm. It has your tartan print and the breaking up of the fabric is definitely something on the horizon in fashion world. The straps put this all together to make it a very excellent jacket. There’s actually 3 different sleeve options with this jacket where you can also wear it with rolled up sleeves or long sleeves without the leather on the arms. It’s definitely a statement piece that needs to be displayed on its own and doesn’t play too nice if you try to throw too many other items with accents at it. Your outfit can get a little busy if you add jeans or shoes with too much going on them. Again, I used the Classic Jeans from Calypso Giano to finish this off, but this time I went with the F8 (dark brown) jeans.

That’s all I’ve got for this one and sorry this was so late. It’s kind of a collective of items that I picked up through January and better late than never. Enjoy!

~The Rundown~
Numero Uno
Hoodie Sweaters: Laqroki – Hoodie Sweater in black and military L$235 each
Jeans: Calypso Giano – Classic Jeans in F9 L$250 single (L$1500 fat pack)
Shades: FNKY – Fly in Black L$250 (L$1,000 Fat Pack)
Boots: Hoorenbeek – Davit Boots in Black L$520
Hair: Mad Designs – Eric in NB II L$300 for 3 colors

Numero Dos
Hoodie: Emery – Suicide Machine in Blue L$160
Sweater: LINE – WinterMens Shirt in Blue L$150
Jeans: GearShift – Shoryuken Jeans L$200
Shoes: Hoorenbeek – Air Force in Blue L$520
Hair: Heartcore – Aiden in Black L$300

Numero Tres
Jacket: :sey – 2nd Date in F & G L$450
Jeans: Calypso Giano – Classic Jeans in F9 L$250 single (L$1500 fat pack)
Boots: Hoorenbeek – Patagonia Boots in Used Brown L$520
Hair: Armidi – The Emo One in True Black L$295 for 5-pack

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