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Well Suited

I’m back again with a few things that got caught into my backlog. So a long while back Shiryu Musashi of Musashi Do dropped these great suits on me with his new InfiniTie system in them. What I mean by a long while back is… I wore one of the suits to a big New Year’s Eve party. I had almost given up hope that I’d actually get my ass in gear and blog them, but I finally decided that this would be the perfect time to blog them. Alright, enough of my crazy talk here’s the pic:

Well Suited

The collection of suits that I have here are all inspired by cities in Italy (Rome, Torino, and Milan) and they’re all very fantastically crafted suits. For my explanations here we’ll work this group of suits as it’s setup left to right. Please also note that because I was given all of these suits, I did a lot of mixing and matching to get the ties that I liked. To be honest, I don’t think any of the ties I have above originally come with any of the suits.

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Quickies #2

Oh snap! I stuck to my guns and am posting when I said I was going to post this weekend. No way! 😉 I even had to new pics because… okay I won’t get into it, but let’s just say I needed to take a back-side shot and somebody returned something that they shouldn’t have. Then that somebody decided they needed to make up for it and replaced the other thing. Confused enough? I think I confused myself trying to keep it so mysterious. Alright, shutting my mouth for now and look at the pic:

Quickie #2

Starting it out here is the obvious focal piece of this look, this fantastic Elliot sweater from CheerNo. CheerNo has always been on the bleeding edge of the editorial male fashion. I remember seeing one of his first fashion shows ever back in 2008 through JM Models. A friend of mine who was, and still is, a model with them told me about the show and I showed up. Let’s just say I wasn’t ready for it yet. lol It was a bit too editorial for me and I really didn’t have the knowledge to completely grasp the concept of the line. Fast forward to last week and I saw a very cool opera house build with a runway that looped around and a sim packed with people to see the latest and greatest from CheerNo. It was one of the final shows at the Menswear fashion week and it was very cool. A lot of the designs I did see at the other show that CheerNo had themselves, but they did throw in a couple of exclusive looks. I digress (a lot). Out of CheerNo’s latest collection this is definitely my fave piece. I picked it up in this nice, crisp blue and even though I have some friends who have given me crap about it, I don’t care… I’m still wearing it. 😛 I love the big cowl neck on it and how it extends even further down onto the stomach. It’s just a supremely well put-together sweater and definitely something a bit eye-catching.

The other main thing I wanted to talk about here is the shoes. It’s one of two pair new pairs from Jeepers Creepers that you’re going to see in these Quickies posts. The ones featured in this look are the Sebastian shoes in midnight. I think what drew me to them the most are the perforations that are all over the shoes. I’ve seen other shoes with the perforations, but these hit the color I was looking for to match the sweater and just kept on target with the latest and greatest fashion trends. The texture on them even has a little bit of scuffing, so it gives a nice vintage appeal as well.

The pants I yanked out of the Evening In Roma suit from Musashi Do and I’ll feature a couple of Shiryu’s suits in a Quickie post to come. I’ll hit you with two of his very nice suits and get into his InfiniTie system. That’s long overdue. Anyway, that’s what I’ve got for this post. I’ll come back around and get you guys next week. I’ll also have a joint-post coming out with a friend in the near future, but we haven’t figured out where it’ll go yet. Details details. 😉 Have a fantastic rest of your weekend everybody!

The Rundown
Sweater :: CheerNo – Elliot in Blue L$335
Pants :: Musashi Do – Evening in Roma suit L$499
Shoes :: Jeepers Creepers (JC’s) – Sebastian in Midnight L$350
Hair :: Sadistic Hacker – Magnoria-I in Black L$150
Tattoo :: HUZ Tats – Kanji-Legacy L$300
Skin :: Belleza – Miguel in Tan ~ Eyeliner Face #11 L$2,000 single L$5,000 for 4-pack
Eyes :: Poetic Color – Medium Tones in Summer Storm L$200

The Soundtrack
(click to listen) Quickie #2
Underworld – Cups
Oasis – Headshrinker
Deer Tick – Easy
Birdmonster – ‘Cause You Can

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Hello, I’m not Johnny Cash…

The man in black struck me this time. Actually it was the shoes that struck me…upside the head. I got them from a good friend (Lissa Maertens of SSH) and when I slid them on, the outfit formed around me. I knew that these shoes would lead me to my next post of the “Man in Black”. I’ll let Johnny tell you about him:

“I wear the black in mourning for the lives that could have been. Each week we lose a hundred fine men.”

This quote hit close to home as one of the DJ’s who I used to listen to on 88Nine Radio Milwaukee passed away last weekend. To the world he was known as DJ Rock Dee and every single morning he would preach positivity and remind people to be careful on the roads and wear their seat belts. The world lost a very fine man, and, though I never met him in person, he had a real impact on me and the way I went about my business in the morning. I was also floored by recently finding out that Bernie Mac has died as well at the age of 50. Out of all of the Kings of Comedy, Bernie Mac was always my favorite because he seemed like a man that I could relate to and an overall good, honest, hard-working man. These recent passing of those gentlemen bring me to my images…

Peering through the window we see the man in black with guitar in hand welcoming the morning Sun. It beats down on him often, though with his actions he beats it back. His simple surroundings are a testament to his modest beginnings. As if frozen in time we turn into the house…

As we move in closer to him we see a man meticulous about his cleanliness and clean-shaven. His beginnings may have been simple, but he’ll never give those bastards fuel for them to mock him again. Returning back to reality from his rant our man in black remembers that he has a show to do tonight and you know how the ladies love a man with the moves on stage.

Sliding to the side he closes his eyes, listens to the music in his head and moves to that music. A random onlooker may paint him crazy for dancing to nothingness, but while completely engulfed with the colorful scene unfolding within him an onlooker will not be noticed.

It’s time for one more bath before leaving the house, so he sets his shoes and watch down onto his chair and makes his way upstairs…this is going to be one hell of a show.


Okay OOC, I can’t leave this without telling you how amazing this guitar really is. This post doesn’t show you this, but there’s really a lot going on with this guitar. It includes 8 different strumming animations, some quality and some flat-out hilarious. It also loops a basic acoustic guitar riff of about 11 songs including The Who’s “Pinball Wizard”, Oasis’ “Wonderwall”, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Friends”.

Also, this entire shoot was taken in the simple farm house @ The Refuge and The Expansion (slurl)


**Shirt – [Indigo] Midlength Oxford in Black no longer available**
Pants – Musashi Do – The Glorious (L$450 for entire suit set) slurl
Shoes – Simone! Mens Shoes Vanguard in Black (L$200 a piece) slurl
Watch – Calypso Giano – Rock my Life (L$180) slurl
Shades – [Armidi Gisaci] Lifestyle Aviators – Silver (L$325) slurl
Guitar – Nortique Guitars – Black Martin D35 Acoustic Guitar (L$399) slurl
Hair: Armidi – The Law in Midnight II L$295 (5-pack) slurl
Skin: FNKY! Antonio Dark – Clean Shaven L$1,850 single (L$3,000 pack) slurl
Tattoos – [ addiXion – Half Tribal Full Body Tattoo ] (L$850) slurl


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And suits so fine they make Sinatra look like a hobo…

John Coltrane – My Favorite Things

Okay so maybe my suits aren’t as fantastic as that of Ron Burgundy or Ol’ Blue Eyes, but this is a selection of my favorite suits in ALL of my virtual closet. I’ll give you my most classic and iconic suits that I’ve collected over my years in this fantastic world of SecondLife™, and you’ll get these in chronological order. My favorite dress shoes will be sprinkled throughout these shots, but I’ll give you the skinny on those at the tail end here. I’m not much for hype, so let’s get into this…

#1 Musashi Do ~ Nottingham Winter ~ L$250 (slurl)

Acquired: December 13, 2004

**checking on current availability of watch**
Shades: Armidi Gisaci – Lifestyle Aviators – Silver L$325
Shoes: Shiny Things – Spencers in Brown L$325
Hair: Armidi – The Grammar in Chocolat L$295 (4-pack)
Skin: FNKY! Antonio Dark – Clean Shaven L$1,850 single (L$3,000 pack)

This suit is the oldest suit in my entire inventory and I clearly remember buying this suit. I really felt like I needed to step up my game. I had barely dabbled in fashion back then as I was n00bled with a basic hair afro that only makes its way out with the 70’s novelty Travolta Suit from Shai (and hair pick my fantastic former friend Inez Angelus made for me). That being said…no I will not show you any pictures of my afro. Alright, enough history back to the suit. Despite its age this suit has a whole lot of pop in it. When I put on this suit again to shoot it, I felt a great sense of pride. That pride is rooted in actually having the tools in my closet today that can really demonstrate how amazing and put-together this suit was. The shoes, skin, and hair really unlock the potential that always resided in this deep blue suit. Do yourself a favor and stop by Musashi Do to pick this suit up. You won’t regret it and for the price you really can’t.

#2 DE Designs ~ DE After 5 Tux in Silver ~ L$500 (slurl)

Acquired: December 26, 2005

** Cartier Tank Francaise watch no longer available in-world that I know of**
Glasses: Damani – TopRim Glasses L$70
Ring: Blue Stone – Mens Black Onyx & Diamond Ring L$250
Shoes: Shiny Things – City Walk Shoes – Black L$300
Hair: Armidi – The Grammar in Midnight II L$295 (5-pack)
Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio_Osiris 1(C) Smooth L$2,000 single (L$4,800 set)

The story behind the After 5 Suit from DE Designs is not all that long, but, as noted by the date acquired, has lasted a very long time. This suit is essentially an upgrade to my suits that I would always wear to weddings in SL. My original suit that I’d always wear to weddings was from DFO and at this time I decided that it was again time to step up my game. This is the best wedding-capable suit that I have in my inventory and to this day I still get IM’s about this suit…even when I’m in Blaze right before a ceremony for a friend and looking to see what suits Mr. Columbia had available. I literally laughed out loud when the IM “Hey I’m shopping for a suit for my bf. Where did you get your suit?” came in. It also gives me a nice segue into my next suit.

#3 Blaze ~ Men’s Power Suit in Charcoal ~ L$500 (slurl)

Acquired: March 17, 2007

Shades: Armidi Gisaci – Lifestyle Aviators – Silver L$325
Shoes: JCS (Jeepers Creepers) – H&H Black Oxfords L$200
Hair: Naughty – Modern Edge in Black Pearl L$300 (3-pack)
Skin: FNKY! Antonio Dark – Baby Face Soul L$1,850 single (L$3,000 set)

Who says men don’t like options? Personally, I’m a huge fan of options. Although, to put it in man terms, think of it as a pair of reversible shorts. Same item, but multiple usage. I mean this suit comes packed with stuff. You get 4 different base shirts (biz blue, black, charcoal, white) and 11 ties (black, blue, gold, green, lavender, mauve, peach, red, turquoise, white, yellow). Needless to say your mix and match possibilities are really endless. Some of the hues of the ties won’t work with some of the shirts, but that’s straight up my opinion by what I see with how the tie melds with the rest of the suit. Also, I’m not a huge fan of the skirt layer for suit jackets as I am a larger av. More often than not you have to make it so poofy that it ends up looking like a parachute even with a size 0 butt. Overall I think Blaze executed the skirt layer quite well on this suit jacket. It’s much better than most other suits that I’ve gotten with the skirt layer on the jacket. I think it would be a fantastic to have the ability to use a long jacket layer OR a skirt layer. That way it would cater to all shapes and sizes so much better. Even with that, the options on this suit largely outweigh any skirt layer issues. It’s a fantastic suit.

#4 *Shai* ~ The Luna Suit ~ L$600 (slurl)

Acquired: June 26, 2007

**Cartier Tank Francaise watch and Last Call BIshonen Men’s Dog Tags no longer available in-world**
Shoes: Shiny Things – Spencers in Brown L$325
Hair: Gritty Kitty – Czech Mate in Black L$130 (single)
Skin: FNKY! Antonio Dark – Baby Face Soul L$1,850 single (L$3,000 set)

Oh the Shai Luna suit…I can’t explain how amazing it felt when I slipped into this. As soon as this suit rezzed on me I was amazed with it. It was the first time I felt a true air of confidence simply by the clothes I was wearing. Immediately I told people about how I felt like Rusty, the supremely confident and put-together character that Brad Pitt played in all of the Ocean’s Eleven movies. It’s that classic cool that is unmatchable by anything in the entire world. Of this collection of my favorites, I’m extremely partial to this one. Shai does such an amazing job on the textures of this suit. I had already purchased my fantastic Travolta suit and the Adulterer suit from Shai, but this was really a designer’s “coming out party” for Shai. She really blew up on the male fashion scene when this suit hit the shelves and I really can’t see why she wouldn’t. Shai! <3!

#5 Styles of Edo ~ Flannel Suit L$200 + Shirt & Tie Rp L$68 (slurl)

Acquired: July 22, 2007

Shades: Armidi Gisaci – Lifestyle Aviators – Silver L$325
Shoes: JCS (Jeepers Creepers) – H&H Black Oxfords L$200
Hair: Armidi – The Law in Midnight II L$295 (5-pack)
Skin: FNKY! Antonio Dark – Baby Face Soul L$1,850 single (L$3,000 set)

In this shot here…I feel like its a cross between businessman and mobster. I really like this suit’s classic lines. The amount of options that are available for this suit are comparable to that of the Blaze Power Suit. I say that because on the wall (currently upstairs) at Styles of Edo there is an abundance of shirts and tie combos for L$68. Personally, I stylized this with the purple shirt and funky tie because I felt like I had to throw a little texture at this one. This is most definitely applicable in a RL sense as well. To liven up a suit that feels pretty basic and flat, all you need to do is add just a hint of spice to it like a funky tie, a shirt with some low shine to it or, if available, even a pocket square in a bright color that lights up your personality a little. (btw both suits sandwiching this one have pocket squares…go figure) Where’s my straight eye for the straight guy show? 😉

#6 Redgrave ~ Black Striped Suit L$850 (slurl)

Acquired: September 8, 2007

**Again watch no longer available in-world that I know of**
Shades: Armidi Gisaci – Lifestyle Aviators – Silver L$325
Ring: Blue Stone – Mens Black Onyx & Diamond Ring L$250
Shoes: Shiny Things – Spencers in Black L$325
Hair: Aitui – Sleepwalk Hair in Black L$225
Skin: FNKY! Antonio Dark – Baby Face Soul L$1,850 single (L$3,000 set)

The last, but certainly not least, favorite suit I have to give you would be the Redgrave Black Striped suit. I’m not going to BS you about this. I really wavered as to whether I should buy this suit or not because of the price tag. Don’t get me wrong, this suit is really amazing, but maybe it’s just in my blood that I’m a little on the cheap side when it comes down to actually throwing down the L$ for something. The quality of this suit is undeniable and I think that’s what drove me to buying it despite its price tag. This suit simply exudes excellence with its clean pinstripes. It almost feels like a casual suit for Sammy Davis, Jr. updated to fit today’s fashion standards. It also comes with a buttoned-up shirt as well if you’d like to close it up and make it more formal, but I love a good casual suit.

Finally, the shoes that I dig the most. I know that there are a lot of dress shoes out there good and bad, but here are my favorites. These shoes have stood up to the test for every situation where I have needed to wear a suit and never faltered. The Spencers from Shiny Things are the best to work the dressy casual angle and the other three tend to lean toward the dressier side of the scale.

L to R: Shiny Things – City Walk in Black + Brown, Shiny Things – Spencers Black + Brown, Jeepers Creepers – H&H Black Oxfords

I really hope that this post was helpful to those of you out there searching for a quality suit. I stand behind every single one of these suits that I showed you guys today. There are more suits in my inventory that I’d love to show, but I really had to limit myself to 6 here. If I wrote about them all, you’d all go crazy at how long this post is. That is if you’re not even reading this because you stopped reading already. lol Other notable suits that were not pictured or mentioned in this post would be Simone’s Carl Suit in Olive and the Blaze Regal Tux – Special Edition. This is what I’ve got and what you can look forward to in my posts. May your second lives be brighter and more fashionable!


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