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Black Roman

Today I take a trip into something that has been marinating for much longer than necessary. I haven’t done a truly themed post since my Johnny Cash one, and I felt the need for one.

It’s dark and the moon is still shining, but I cannot sleep knowing what the day brings. I rise as silently as possible to not wake up my wife, Ocella, though I know she hears me keeping her eyes closed. My sword passed down to me from my father and his father before him rests inside of the sheath calm on the outside and ready for action on the inside. I push the hair back from Ocella’s face and hold it in my hand as I softly kiss her on the forehead enjoying every second of her beauty. This may be the last time I ever see her again. In the cradle and in a state of deep sleep I kiss our son Vitulus and daughter Taura’s forehead in the same manner and. As quietly as possible I strap my sword to my hip and shield to my back and head down to the arena to practice.

Black Roman #1

I arrive at the arena as Apollo’s chariot brings the Sun. Swinging my sword and striking into the air with exact precision, I’m numb to all surroundings. My full attention is focused on my form and connecting to where exactly I was taught. As my warm-up routine winds down I hear a soft lute playing in the background. The local musician Elegia is up early to play songs hoping to reach the Gods for protection of the soldiers ready to leave for the battle in Egypt. Leaving the arena I take deep breaths as if to take in essence of the arena as a reminder on the journey, I nod and give a soft salute to her for her songs of protection.

Black Roman #2

The next stop before I face the boat is to the local temple. As he was mentioned before, I pray to Apollo for the health and safety of Ocella, Vitulus, and Taura. I lay gold coins at his feet and a light begins to emanate from the ceiling as if a glow of recognition. May Taura grow into a beautiful woman, Vitulus be a strong man of the house and Ocella contain the strength to manage them while I’m away at war. With my respects paid the glow lowers and my mind turns to the ship where I’m required to be.

Black Roman #3

Pacing back and forth on the dock I keep the movement that shakes off the nerves of the reason this day has come. Nervousness is not strength in the eyes of my men, so I get it out of my system before they show up. In one quick breath I push it all out and turn to my men shouting, “Men, today we start our victorious journey. I wear black on this day not for the deaths of those to come, but for the lives of those who have passed before us fighting for the prosperity of the Empire; to honor them…”


So this outfit really started with the Roman helmet from the LeLutka Ultra fashion show. As soon as I saw it in the fashion show images, I knew I had to have it. Cultivating some of my resources in the RP realm, I found a few places where I could pick up some awesome items. Some of these items were actually already just sitting in my inventory that I hadn’t used yet. I hope you enjoyed the post and I’ll just hit you with the rundown. Have a great week everybody!

**All pictures taken on location at City of Hydra Ancient Rome RP sim**

The Rundown
Helmet :: LeLutka – Roma Helmet L$250
Skirt :: House of Style – Spartan Trainee Skirt L$300 (includes helmet and spear not shown)
Sandals :: Shiny Things – Boho Sandals in Black L$250
Cuff :: Hoorenbeek – Maximus in Used Black L$360 for 2
Sword + Shield :: Harbinger & Stormie Designs – Gladius 3.2 L$425
Body Tattoo :: iNFLiCT – Proud Like a God L$549
Facial Tattoo :: Monday – Tribal Eye L$100
Skin :: Skin :: Belleza – Miguel in Deep Tan ~ Face #0 L$2,000 single L$5,000 for 4-pack
Eyes :: Poetic Color – Deep Blue Sea L$200

The Soundrack
More aptly stated the inspiration
HBO’s Rome
The 300


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