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Dualing Denim

Well well well… look who’s back for a mid-week post. I must’ve caught a fever and the only prescription is more blogging. This is actually brought on by something crazy that happened on my extra holiday last Friday. I had seen somewhere on some blog, somewhere across the plurkiverse that Shiki had some new denim shirts out. I went to check them out and while I was standing there the lovely Jura Shepherd, the publicist for Shiki, IMed me and said that if I wanted anything all I had to do was ask. #1 This totally caught me off guard and #2 I’m weird about asking for review copies. I say I’m weird about asking for review copies because you know if I really like something enough I’ll buy it and don’t think to ask for it. I mean 99.9% of the items you see on my blog I’ve bought. I manned up and asked because Jura did tell me to ask, and she gave me a much larger selection of items beyond the few things I asked for. So let’s get into this:

Dualing Denim - For Fun

You know a couple of things really come to mind when I think of Shiki and they are: fashion forward and bright colors. Every time that Shinichi Mathy, the designer of Shiki, puts out a new collection those two things always seem to ring true. He also pays very good attention to the patterns that he uses. Check out the rest of my post after the jump here.
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The Hangover

Alright, I got the RL fashion out of the way. To be honest, I love RL fashion shows and the trends because it’s a lot like the scene in The Devil Wears Prada, where Meryl Streep goes through the steps of how one fashion decision from the shows rolls down through the entire line of the retail industry. I take that concept to the world(s) I live in and my lifestyle. I look at the shows to see what elements I can use toward myself both RL and SL (a navy shawl-collar blazer where the breast is prim would be amazing). It also helps keep you in tune with new things coming through, like how a multitude of retailers have plaid shirts where the pattern switches diagonally on the front pockets. But okay, this is supposed to break me out of the hangover with all of those previous RL fashion posts and move me to my SL fashion posts. So as the Black Eyed Peas once said, “Let’s get it started in here!”

Khaki Collage

We’ll start you off here with the khaki collection. While I was getting drunk on RL fashion, there were a lot of really cool items being put out by SL fashion designers. The first here on the left are the chino’s from Zaara in khaki. I bought these in a couple of color and I really like the way that the hand-created texture was crafted. The other main speaking point on this look is the tie with diagonal plaid pattern. I really like this tie that comes with the shirt from Emery. On the right here we’ve got a look I put together using a sweater that I saw, laughed at its reminiscence to Duck Hunt, and totally had to buy. It’s the Cowichan sweater from NoaR and it’s absolutely awesome. A lot of the time with a thicker av like I have it’s hard to wear these sweaters/shirts with the prim bottom to them, but the way the sculpted bottom is created it actually fits my av pretty well. Also in this look I used these Whippet & Buck Harris Tartan shorts. They come in a variety of colors (8 if memory serves me correctly) and they’re all very well crafted. I especially like how the sculpted ends of the shorts are creased.

Blues Collage

Next up we’ll be playin’ the blues. This first look is the latest (last I knew) release from Jamie Holmer of Indi Designs. I don’t know how many of you did the Make Him Over Hunt, but personally I thought that hands-down Jamie put out the best item in that entire hunt. If there were a voting booth for which freebie was the best from that entire hunt, I do not doubt that she would’ve won. I did a couple of things to this blue version of her Aaron outfit that altered it a bit from what she initially intended. The easiest thing I did was I put on the shirt cuffs for the white shirt with the blue shirt. I like that sort of contrast at the end of the shirt, so adding the cuffs from the white shirt was a pretty easy alteration. The other thing I did is a little more complicated. The tie in this outfit is actually more of a wide tie. Personally, I haven’t found any excellent skinny ties in SL and it happens that the permissions on this tie allow you to mod it. Obviously, I strongly advise that you make a copy before you start to play with prims and the “Stretch Both Sides” feature in SL is great for resizing things. So I took this tie in a bit as well as made the knot a smaller in conjunction with the tie and made the wide tie into a skinny tie and I like the way it came out. Coming back again in the second blues look is pretty much a full set from Whippet & Buck. The crispness of the colors in all of their clothing almost reminds of something like the RL brand Ralph Lauren. They’re so striking and clean that they really pierce through in crowd. Again I used the Harris Tartan shorts and this time I used the Gavin Bold Strip Jumper in the marina set of colors. Putting the final touches on this look again comes from NoaR with their Whiteshirt + Vest combo. I didn’t need the vest, but it’s a great shirt to have when you feel like the fully open v-neck is showing just a bit too much.

Greys Collage

Finishing off this post here we’ve got a couple of outfits from SF Designs. ((random story of olden SL)) So way back in the day when I was first starting out in SL, I had a friend tp me into this all male clothing mall. These were pioneers that put together this male mall and it was the first of its kind. I was poking around and saw an Arsenal (English Premier League Football team) jersey up on the wall that I wanted to buy. When I right-clicked to buy it, for some reason it wasn’t letting me. I noticed that when I hovered my mouse over it, that there was no price on the box. I sent swafette Firefly an IM telling her that her box at the store wasn’t set to sale and that I’d like to buy the Arsenal jersey from her. She responded to me a few hours later and gave me the shirt for free. It was my first supreme customer service experience in SL and I will never forget it. ((/random story of olden SL)) To the clothing! On the left we have the Performance suit. The amount of options is pretty crazy on this look. You can wear it with the collar and tie open, everything closed up and tied up, and everywhere in between. Plus, it comes with different sizes on just about every prim part so you’re bound to find one that’s spot on or requires only minor prim adjustments. Last, but certainly not least is something that I saw and I knew I had to have. It’s the only prim, shawl-collar sweater that I know of in all of SL. I was a little skeptical about buying the whole outfit just because I wanted the shawl-collar sweater so badly, but my urges overtook me…and I’m kind of glad they did. The sculpt on the collar is very well made and easily adjustable. Other pieces of note in this look are the GT shades and the Nightstalker watch. I love how the shades are pretty much connected aviators. I’ve mentioned before about my affection for aviators. My purchase of these is just another one of the effects of my affection. I’m also an avid fan of wide-band watches and I really like the clean lines on this watch. Oh! I almost forgot the hair! The hairstyle is called Slide from MADesigns and all colors of it are 100% free! I was very thankful for that considering I did break the bank putting all of this together. It’s time to pay a visit to the Linden fairy. 🙂

So there’s the SL fashion that you’ve been missing and I’ve been missing too. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?…or something? The RL fashion hangover is almost complete. Check the rundown below for the details and I’ll have the soundtrack together shortly.

The Rundown
Khaki Left
Shirt + Tie :: Emery – The Ataris & Tie L$130
Pants :: Zaara – Chinos in Khaki L$165
Sandals :: LeLutka – Carson sandals in Gainsboro L$300
Hat + Hair :: Sixty-Nine – Sculpture L$200
Glasses :: Solar Eyewear – Nash L$0
Watch :: BroGear [Black Label] – ROGUE Leather Watch in Brown L$190
Bracelet :: Mhaijik Things – Silver Elephant Hair Bracelet (comes with ring too for L$200)
Tattoos :: Otaku Designs – Azteca Upper Body L$100

Khaki Right
Sweater :: NoaR – Cowichan sweater L$111
Shorts :: Whippet & Buck – Harris Tartan Shorts in Fallow L$160
Shoes :: Urban Bomb Unit (UBU) – Drunks L$595
Glasses :: Artilleri – Buddy Glasses L$130

Blue Left
Shirt, Tie, + Pants :: Indi Designs – Aaron in Blue L$500
Shoes :: Redgrave – Cowboy Loafers in White L$450
Hair :: MADesigns – Eric in NB I L$300 for 3
Tattoos :: HUZ Tats – Tribal Simplicity L$375

Blue Right
Sweater :: Whippet & Buck – Gavin Bold Stripe Jumper in Marina L$130
Shirt + Tie :: NoaR – Whiteshirt + Vest L$88
Shorts :: Whippet & Buck – Harris Tartan Shorts in Ivory L$160
Sandals :: LeLutka – Carson sandals in White L$300
Hair :: Sixty-Nine – Live Jazz L$200

Grey Left
Suit :: SF Designs – Performance Suit in Grey L$450
Shoes :: Kalnins Classica L$400
Shades :: SteinWerk – Aviator L$450
Hair :: Truth – Robert in Black L$225 for 5

Grey Right
Sweater + Pants :: SF Designs – Autumn Tweed in Grey L$360
Shoes :: Armidi – Alto Belmiro shoes in Dark Gray L$450
Shades + Watch :: SteinWerk – GT L$450 + Nightstalker L$299
Hair :: MADesigns – Slide L$0

The Soundtrack
Khaki Left :: Death Cab For Cutie – Summer Skin
Khaki Right :: Deerhunter – Nothing Ever Happened
Blue Left :: Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings – Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys
Blue Right :: Zero 7 – I Have Seen
Grey Left :: Squirrel Nut Zippers – Bad Businessman
Grey Right :: Orbital – The Box

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Alright, I’ve done this before and I’m bringing it back again. I’ve got two looks today that are on opposite sides of the spectrum. The first look I have for you is one that I’ve been mulling over since I saw a pretty big fashion show that COCO was in. Then Bronson Twine made a post that pushed me over the edge to really go check this out. I know I say it a lot, but this designer really knows her color.

Duality - Chill

Everything cocoro Lemon puts out has really vibrant and welcoming color. The intention of her designs are for the female persuasion, but there are a select few things that can be taken as unisex. Definitely the wrap-around-waist shirts can be worn as a great accessory and the over-the-shoulder sweaters can be added to a nice preppy look. Personally, I went for this fantastic blue and white striped shirt. I went for it because it reminds me of an American Eagle shirt that I bought when I worked there. It’s still in my closet somewhere…or in the basement because it’s a laundry weekend. Anyway, I think Bronson’s and my post here should be used as batman symbols on the sky for COCO to start thinking about guys. 😉

Duality - Work

Speaking of work before, my second look actually follows along those same lines, but not in the same direction. There’s a girl that works in my office who definitely knows her fashion and is on top of her fashion game. Earlier this week she had a black & red lumberjack shirt, black skinny jeans, and some calf-height boots on that the jeans tucked into. I decided to take that look, put some male perspective on it, and present it to you guys. The black & red checked shirt was actually the first thing that sparked up memory. I was searching down a shirt I saw on Naith Smit in one of his Flickr shots a couple of weeks ago. I found out that it was from sey, but when I got to it I wasn’t sure if I really had a look that could go with any of the colors that sey provided. Then, I saw my coworker and it lit right up in my head how I could incorporate it with some of my regular clothing. By regular I mean some of the designers and items that I tend to use a lot on here. I’m a creature of habit and when I find things that I really like or are perfect for me, you’ll see them a lot on here.

For those of you readers in the USA, enjoy the long weekend! I know I will because I’m taking an extra day on Tuesday. 😉 Oh! And a head’s up for you guys & gals reading this. I’ll probably have all of the images gathered for a round-up of F/W09 by the end of next week. I’ll drop all of that on you guys some time in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

The Rundown
Waist Shirt :: COCO – Shirt Tied Around Waist in Stripe Blue L$200
Tank :: Hell Bop – Hank in White L$75
Jeans :: Valiant – Light Blue Triniti Jeans L$250
Kicks :: SOREAL – Superstars in SSP011 L$399
Glasses :: Solar Eyewear – Nash L$245 (or @ Fab Fash Studios for L$0)
Necklace :: Redgrave – Silver Shoot Necklace L$120
Bracelet :: Mhaijik Things – Silver Elephant Hair Bracelet L$200 (comes with a ring as well)
Hair :: Gritty Kitty – Hoke Troika in Black L$130
Tattoos :: iNFLiCT – Proud Like A God L$549
Skin :: Belleza – Miguel L$2,000 single (L$5,000 for 4-pack)

Shirt :: :sey – nel shirt in Red L$400
Jeans :: Calypso Giano – Stonewash Classic Jeans in M10 L$250 (L$1,500 for 10)
Boots :: Hoorenbeek – Patagonia in Black L$520
Shades :: SteinWerk – Aviator Sunglasses L$450
Hair :: Philotic Energy – Mykal in Black L$149 for 8 colors
Tattoos :: iNFLiCT – Proud Like A God L$549
Skin :: Belleza – Miguel L$2,000 single (L$5,000 for 4-pack)

The Soundtrack
Chill :: Weezer – Island In The Sun
Work :: Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses

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Fashion Is Danger

You think you know fashion, but fashion’s a stranger. You think fashion’s your friend, my friend fashion is danger. Moscow, Berlin, Paris, London, Tokyo, Wellington, Rome, Geneva, New York City.

I couldn’t have started this out any better. I saw Flight of the Conchords last weekend and they were pretty amazing. I mean they even brought out the robot suits! Alright I’m going to hit you with the three shots and then I’ll hit you with my words on each.

Springy #1
Springy #1
Springy #2
Springy #2
Springy #3
Springy #3

Spring is in the air and FINALLY here for some us in the northern hemisphere. The bright colors can finally creep back out and I’ve been seeing them all over the place with the nice weather we’ve been having around these parts. I’m actually going to touch on something that I missed in all of my previous S/S09 male fashion posts. Besides all of the blue that flew at us in all of the shows, there was also a secondary dominant color in the shows that I overlooked and that was Coral/Melon. Above I’m displaying some of my looks that incorporate that sort of color.

Springy #1
This is actually an outfit I put together when I was going to double team a couture fashion article on Runway Mag with my boy Catero, but before we had the chance Runway blew up like the Lindenberg. To be completely honest, I don’t know an official name for this suit. This is actually a preview version of a Z Zegna influenced suit by Hoorenbeek that will be coming out in the near future. The shading is a little heavy, but overall this is a really great and fashionable suit. I actually went down to Fabulous Fashion taping in the Springy #2 outfit yesterday because Hoorenbeek was being featured on the show. The show for Hoorenbeek will be up very soon and I’ll update right -> here <- when the show is up if you’d like to check it out. The shirt underneath is actually one of the Cambridge shirts from Armidi’s Gisaci, but I threw my own flavor onto it. I had to do a bit of prim work to put this together, but I think it really ended up being very well worth it. To create the look of this shirt it required removing the long cylinderesque sculptie from each of the pieces that go on the upper arm. Then I took the small ends, attaching them to the forearms, and rotating + positioning them to look right. Note that this shirt is actually the Aufren White shirt with a coral-colored tint to it. The official tint I used to get this color is:

Red: 255
Green: 157
Blue: 122
Hue: 16
Sat: 100
Lum: 74

Finishing off this look are probably my current favorite pair of shoes in all of SL, the Classica’s from Kalnin’s. Please note that if you have not put on your Kalnin’s shoes in a while that you should put them on to get your automatic update to them. I don’t think they came with a notecard detailing what exactly was upgraded on the shoes, but after putting on both the Classica’s and the Gallop’s I was automatically sent newer versions of them.

Springy #2
My second look here comes from a lot of different places. The first and most vibrant thing that pops out at you is the jacket and vest. These come from the Shiki Gingham Check suit in Mandarin. Not exactly Coral/Melon, but very very close. Personally, I felt like the entire suit was a little busy and overbearing with the texture. Although, when you break it up like this I think it comes off looking a LOT better. The next thing that I should draw your attention is the hat from Apollon. Connecting this look to the first, I initially heard about these while Catero (srsly would you get out of my head Cat? kthx) was researching some Japanese fashion designers and he told me that I’d look good in one of the hats. When it happened I kind of laughed because I didn’t think they were really my style, but then when I got there and saw that the hats were only L$140 for two I figured I could buy a couple and see if I liked them. Well, obviously, I really did like them and found a couple of looks for this one to go with. Staying in Asia, I slid in the Isis shirt under the jacket layer from Zaara Kohime. Zaara has been dabbling in the male realm and I really like these Isis shirts. They come on a lot of different layers with the ability to tuck in and there’s a semi-sheer version of the shirt on the jacket layer.

Springy #3
My final look is the latest and greatest from those crazy ladies at Paper Couture. I haven’t had a chance to talk to her much since the early conceptual stages of what Paper Couture’s S/S09 collection was going to look like, but I was given the early hint from Ava Lu that it was going to be an Indian (Bombay not Native American) style to it. Of the three looks that they put out for men, I felt like this one really hit the spot. (other bloggers did as well as other blogs have been popping up with this look) This one also features some of the coral coloration on the breast and collar of the jacket. Note that all three looks for men pretty much come with a shirt and pant layer (two of them come with collars for shirts), so if you’re looking to mix and match fuhgettabotit. Finishing up this look I thought that the LeLutka Carson sandals would work very nicely. I got a taste of these from the freebies that LeLutka tossed out to their groupies, and knew they had the colors to fit this look. Again, I had to do a little prim work on these because I’m sorry, but the only reason that men have size 0 feet are to crunch them into shoes. When you open up the shoe, the feet look tiny and awkward. Thus, I moved my feet up to 25, as that’s what proportionally looks best with my shape, and had to do a little prim work to resize them for my feet and tighten up the straps. Thank you to LeLutka for making them only no transfer and allowing me customize them to my needs.

Alright, I’m going to hit you with the Rundown and Soundtrack and get myself out of here. If you have any male Coral/Melon leads please let me know in the comments. I’ve been searching high and low, so keep me in the loop. Enjoy your first and second lives to the fullest everybody.

The Rundown
Springy #1
Suit :: Hoorenbeek Suit – Tweed Suit L$960
Shirt :: Gisaci – Cambridge Shirt in Aufren White (tinted) L$250
Shoes :: Kalnins Classica L$400
Shades :: SteinWerk – Aviator Sunglasses L$450
Hair :: MADesigns – Eric in Ash Browns L$300 for 3
Tattoo :: Negko – Humaga L$149
Skin :: Belleza – Miguel in Tan Face #11 L$2,000 single (L$5,000 for 4-pack)

Springy #2
Jacket + Vest :: Shiki Designs – Gingham Suit in Mandarin L$480
Shirt :: Zaara – Isis Shirt in White L$150 (3-pack for L$400)
Pants :: Sartoria Italiana – Riva Dress Slacks in Light Linen L$100
Shoes :: Kalnins Classica L$400
Hat :: Apollon – Homberg Hat in White 2-pack for L$140
Shades :: SteinWerk – Aviator Sunglasses L$450
Tattoo :: Negko – Humaga L$149
Skin :: Belleza – Miguel in Sunkissed Face #11 L$2,000 single (L$5,000 for 4-pack)

Springy #3
Shirt, Jacket, + Pants :: Paper Couture – Fine and Dandy L$250
Sandals :: LeLutka – Carson sandals in White L$300
Hat :: Apollon – Homberg Hat in White 2-pack for L$140
Shades :: SteinWerk – Aviator Sunglasses L$450
Tattoo :: Negko – Humaga L$149
Skin :: Belleza – Miguel in Sunkissed Face #11 L$2,000 single (L$5,000 for 4-pack)

The Soundtrack
Fashion Tracks
Flight of the Conchords – Fashion is Danger
The Kinks – Dedicated Follower of Fashion
Kelly – Borrow That Top
Spring Tracks
Raphael Saadiq – Never Give You Up
Ray LaMontagne – Hey Me, Hey Mama
Yerba Buena – El Burrito
Thievery Corporation – Sol Tapado


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Look of the Day

Simple LOTD

Honestly, not too much for talking right now. Here’s a quick hitter of the things of note in this look. The hoodie is from Atomic. She just opened up her new island and it’s pretty fantastic. From what I gathered, the sim is created of completely handmade textures and that’s a chore to say the least. The only main things I saw that weren’t already in her satellite stores for guys were the male skins. I tried them on, but they weren’t my cup of tea. On the hoodie itself is something pretty cool. The prim piece on the wrist is actually two prims, one connects to the forearm and the other connects to the hand. The prims work together almost like a ball and socket joint, so that as your hands move, in whatever AO you have, the prims will follow.

The other point of note in this look are the shoes. The House of Curios has been coming up with some better and better items for their bottom basement prices. These Bolts shoes fit that mold. They’re scripted such that you can change the body of the shoe, the sole, and laces. Their blue-window system is not as great as say the ones that come with the UBU Drunks, but for L$40 how can you go wrong?

The Rundown
Hoodie :: Atomic – Everyday Hoodie in Blue L$200
Tank :: Aitui – Circle of Thorns L$90
Jeans :: Primitive Design – Riot jeans in Dark Blue L$180
Shoes :: House of Curios – Bolts Sneakers L$40
Necklace :: Kari – “92” Mixtape Necklace L$80
Shades :: SteinWerk – Aviator Sunglasses L$450
Piercing :: Hoorenbeek – Piercing Set #15 L$420 for 20 piercings
Hair :: Heartcore! – Aiden in Black L$300
Skin :: Belleza – Miguel in Tan Face #11 L$2,000 single (L$5,000 for 4-pack)

The Soundtrack
-These will be eclectic because I’ve been all over the place with music lately-
Jimmy Eat World – Dizzy
Jeff Buckley – I Shall Be Released (Live @ Sin-é)
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Yeh Jo Halka Halka Suroor Hai
Mariza – Meu Fado Meu
Fatboy Slim – Love Island

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I was randomly mentioning on Plurk how much I love exploring shops around other shops. I was thrust into a store location from a post on SLMen by Dominic Palisades. All I remember is that it was the main store island for a female designer, but that’s beside the point. I noted the little shops around the main shop, so I used my superspy 512 draw distance to poke around and see what I could find for menswear. I mean why fly around to every store and get disappointed when I find out its all femme clothes? I digress; I came upon a store called Naith Smit Designs. The quality and care by which each item was made really blew me away. I had no choice, but to buy. The designs that you’ll find at NSD are definitely on the more hardcore side of life. It gave me some reason to bust out all of my items from the darker side of SL that I haven’t touched in a while.

As I’ve mentioned before, it only takes me one item to make me dive into creating an outfit around it. The Rockabilly tee from NSD set me on the mission of earth tones and hardcore. Immediately Calypso Giano came to mind, so I tossed on these jeans. The LiaG jeans in M 7 with their brown tint were a perfect fit. Once I had on the jeans I noticed that the waist line of the jeans and the bottom of the tee actually met perfectly together, but, so as to not flash my button at every onlooker, I threw on this Kyoot Army Voodoo Doll belt. No comment on whom I’ve dubbed as the inspiration behind the doll, but they said voodoo doesn’t work on them. I intend to find out. Next, I realized that not many of my hairs really worked with the look so I went back a bit in time. In one of my earlier posts on here I had a pink mohawk from The Abyss. I strolled on back into The Abyss for the first time in a long time and picked up my old mohawk in a new color. Then, I looked down at my boots and knew I needed a better pair to get the look across. My previously blogged Tonktastic short combat boots hit the spot perfectly. To finish off the look I needed implements of destruction (Arlo Guthrie fans? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?) and I hit pretty close to the mark with these Penance bracers from Sinistyle and back to NSD for the Rock’n’Rolla chain. (Excuse the lack of writing style…it’s late and I’m fading) And now for the pretty pictures and laundry list of items:


The Rundown
Tee + Chain: Naith Smit Designs
– Rockerbilly Tee L$100
– Rock’n’Rolla chain L$150
Jeans: Calypso Giano – Love is a Gamble jeans in M7 L$250 (L$1,500 10-pk)
Boots: Tonktastic – Short Combat Boots L$700
Shades: SteinWerk – Aviator Sunglasses L$450
Eye Tattoo: Monday – Tribal Eye Tattoo L$100
Snakebite Piercing: Hoorenbeek – Piercing Set #15 L$420 for 20 piercings
Bracers: SiniStyle – Penance Bracers L$275
Belt: Kyoot – Voodoo Doll Belt L$200
Hair: The Abyss – Blade in Smoke
Skin: Belleza – Miguel in Dark Tan 11 L$2,000 single (L$5,000 for 4-pack)

The Soundtrack
Foo Fighters – DOA
Rage Against the Machine – Guerilla Radio
Ill Niño – Revolution Revolución
Drowning Pool – Bodies
Sevendust – Black
Disturbed – Prayer
Breaking Benjamins – Breath
Three Days Grace – Animal I Have Become


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Recently I sent myself on a wild goose chase for fashion. I read Catero’s latest article entry (pg 136) for the now defunct Runway Magazine…at least that’s the last I heard. The focus of the piece that he wrote was Japanese designers. He also provided a list with a bunch of different Japanese creators’ shops. Thus, I wrote down all of the names of the places that I didn’t know and went on a little shopping adventure. The adventure landed me into a strip mall area with a bunch of shops. I browsed…I bought a lot because the prices were so low that I really couldn’t help myself. Sadly the functionality of the attachments didn’t really align with my shape. Most of the items were made for avatars much skinnier than me. Although I did actually strike a great chord with this jacket and jeans out of a place called IZUMIYA. I love the styling on the jacket with the stripes running along the bottom of the prim bottom and the dramatic single stripe down the jeans. Altogether this is actually a complete outfit with jacket, 2 types of hoods, prim cuffs, black & white muffler, jeans, and even a pair of prim shoes…all for L$25. Now I wasn’t a big fan of the shoes, shirt, or muffler that came with the outfit, but for L$25 I really didn’t have any space to complain. Actually the muffler was pretty good, but I just didn’t like it with the entire look that I was trying to put together. Running in order, the shirt was replaced by an old DMC tee called Rising that’s no longer available, but tbh any black and white tee would work. I just happened to like this old one over my others. The black and white muffler was put to the side to make room for this checked Afghan stole from :sey. I got one of them and liked it so much that I couldn’t stop myself from buying a few more. The final replaced piece is a little something I picked up from an inspect. I saw a cool pair of shoes on some girl, so a little inspect and I was on my way to a neko-themed store called JP Design. These shoes are obviously modeled off of an Adidas shoe, but to be honest I can’t tell you which pair they are. Tweety McMillan, the designer, added his own little flair to them and came out with an excellent pair of shoes. You get them nicely scripted with the ability to change between black, white, and brown. Alright, enough talking more pix. Here’s the look!


The Rundown
Jacket & Jeans: IZUMIYA – Fashion Set NO.M11 L$25
Shoes: [JP].dsg. – Unique’s Chelsea L$490 for 3 colors
Stole: :sey – Afghan stole – check in style [B] L$280 for 6 colors
Hair: MADesigns – Luka in Natural Blacks L$300 for 3
Shades: SteinWerk – Aviator Sunglasses L$450
Skin: Belleza – Miguel in Dark Tan 0 L$2,000 single (L$5,000 for 4-pack)

The Soundtrack
Method Man & Redman – Blackout
Black Star – Definition
Black Eyed Peas – Like That
Muse – Supermassive Black Hole
Wolfmother – White Unicorn
Irving – White Hot
Great White – Once Bitten Twice Shy
Barry White – Love Serenade


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