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Good day everybody! I’m back at it again. I’m forcing myself to blog today because there are so many items in my inventory that are just sitting there asking me to blog. It’s like a giant bird’s nest with little baby birds peeping to be blogged. For the look I’m tossing at you today, I thought I’d go a little lighter than normal. Most of my posts tend to be a bit on the darker side and, as I look outside where there’s snow as far as the eye can see, I thought I’d try to blend in and get a little lighter.

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Vinny Chase

Hello! Yes I still have a blog! Yes my life has been hectic over the past… *goes to check when my last real post was* month! Sports and activities that required a pint glass in front of me have been taking up a lot of my time lately and I’m finally getting around to posting here. So if you don’t know who Vincent Chase is, well I’m sorry to hear that because he’s a character on one of my favorite shows of all time, Entourage. I mean from the insecurities of a superstar actor to all of the gorgeous women that grace the screen to all of the hot cars they drive to just imagining about what it would be like to have a best friend who’s a world renowned film actor. If I had to pick one character on the show that best exemplifies me or what I’d like to be, it’d have to be Eric. BUT, for this post, I went with Vinny Chase because of the hair… So here are some of the essentials of the Vinny Chase lifestyle:

Vinny Chase - Theater
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Casual Cool

I don’t know about how the weather is where you are or if you’re even in the right hemisphere for this feeling, but where I am spring has definitely sprung. The snow is melting away because of the milder temperatures and spring colors are starting to creep out of every corner. The scent of a crisp spring and things coming back to life inspired me to toss together this look and put it out there for all of you. So without further ado, here’s my look:

Casual Cool Fashion

At first glance looking at this outfit you see the accessories as the pop, but to be honest I really want to talk about the clothing first. Whippet & Buck pretty much exemplify casual cool. I absolutely love all of their basics and the amount of colors that their stuff comes in. It really helps you when you want to layer it all up or have something that looks great all by itself once you’ve stripped it all down to the basics. The main thing that this clothing speaks to is fashion colors for spring. Your tangerine, pink, mint, and periwinkle blue colors are big fashion colors for this Spring/Summer 2009 season, and following that up your grey, black, and white colors a big for base colors. I did my best to pull some of those colors together into this look.
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Alright ladies and gentlemens… I’m back in it to win it. Even though I really have no idea what I’m going to win. Maybe there’s a double secret probation prize!!! Oh yeah I shamelessly stole Plurk icon because WordPress doesn’t have anything like it. Don’t judge me with your judging eyes. My latest look:

Skywalker Collage

So, to be honest, I had put this look together completely differently and taken shots… and then realized that one of the items was a 50L Friday item and the other was an exclusive LeLutka gift that is no longer in their update group notices any more. I always hate when I go through my entire look at the end of my writings here and find out that things are no longer available. With this somewhat simple look I do actually some things to talk about. Those things would be the jacket, jeans, and the kicks, so let’s get into it.

The first thing I’ll talk about is the XY jacket from LeLutka. As I mentioned before, it came out in blue as a gift from the LeLutka group. I actually had no idea this jacket even had come out because notices have been being funky in SL. I saw the jacket on Shop with Takeshi & Friends and then went to check the notice history on my LeLutka group. Now, I check the notice history on all of my groups occasionally just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. But I totally digress, the main thing I really like about this jacket are the rivets. If you’re into the femme fashion, you’ve seen them on the shoulders on a lot of lady’s jackets lately. I love how they snagged that concept, but made it very manly on this jacket. Also, the hood on the jacket is cool and almost unexpectedly found back there when you look at it from the front.

The next thing I wanted to talk about here are the jeans and belt, which are shamelessly stolen (noticing a pattern here?) from a full outfit that Jamie Holmer put together over @ Indi Designs called Frasier. I threw them into this look because I really liked the belt + jeans combo she had and it just felt right in this look. The belt has a great rounded buckle and that’s not something that you see in a lot of belts in-world these days. Although, I should say that’s not what I’ve seen in my limited belt collection as I don’t really wear very many belts in-world. The well-crafted, rolled-up cuffs were definitely something I thought was cool in these jeans… (as well as how good the back pockets accentuate my assets).

The final thing I wanted to talk about in this look are the shoes! Omg the shoes! When 2Real Okelli dropped these shoes on me, I dropped the box onto the ground and threw them on immediately. My initial thoughts were, “Awesome! I swear these remind me of something. Oh! The Star Wars Adidas shoes!” For reference if you want to see all of the Adidas Star Wars kicks, they’re here. These shoes come with your standard HUD color changer, as almost all of 2Real’s shoes do, and also with the custom textures as well, so I went to town and got them to line up with this look. I love shoes that I can adjust to fit whatever I’m wearing.

Alright that’s all I’ve got for this post. I’ll have some new posts coming up soon, once I can get some pictures put together to get out to you guys, which you can translate into, “Yeah the next post is going to be a while from now.” I may do a mini-RL menswear S/S10 post because I really just haven’t had the time to go through all of the images. We shall see and I make no promises, but if you really want something just remind me or get on me about it and I’ll throw something out there. Peace!

The Rundown
Jacket :: LeLutka – XY Jacket in Black L$400
Shirt :: Whippet & Buck – Shay Contrast Shirt in Powder & Black L$140
Pants :: INDI Designs – Frasier Outfit’s Jeans (a lot of options) L$550
Shoes :: 2Real – Pro_Spec L$600
Shades :: YV – Leo Aviators L$290
Hair :: Gritty Kitty – Hoke Troika in Black L$130
Skin :: Belleza – Miguel in Tan ~ Eyeliner Face #11 L$2,000 single L$5,000 for 4-pack
Eyes :: Poetic Color – Medium Tones in Summer Storm L$200

The Soundtrack
Air – So Light Is Her Footfall
Party Ben – Galvanize The Empire
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Walkabout

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Negro y Blanco

Why hello good fashion people in the SL universe! So it’s been you know…forever since I posted and I totally recognize this absence. I’ve had a pretty rough go at finding time and really the inspiration to post. A lot of things that I’ve been digging lately fall under the black and white umbrella. I don’t know if that’s just what has become the most pleasant to my eyes or really what the deal is, but I thought I would bring to you my finds in black and white. Here’s what I came up with:


This look is actually partially based off a look that I used for a post that Alan, a friend of mine, used for the Glance International blog, minus the sweater actually so I could show off the mastery of the contrast piping on this shirt from Whippet & Buck. They have a bunch of different colors for this shirt, other faves would be the green pea & alabaster and taupe grey & cherry blossom, but as I mentioned before, the black and white just struck the right chord to my eyes. You may see those other colors show up later posts. 😉 I’ll hop to the bottom now before I jump up to the top. On the bottom we’ve got these really fantastic mid-high tops from 2Real. A friend of mine, yes again to the friend connection, mentioned that she had a friend who had made a really great pair of shoes. I was slightly skeptical at first, but when I got the shoes I was really blown away. I actually had a different pair of sneakers from a much more notable designer on my feet and set into my photo above. I wasn’t happy with the head-to-toe look of the pose I had and then I got these shoes and knew I had to throw them in right away. These Diagonals from 2Real are really a fantastic pair of shoes. 2Real gives you 10 pairs of shoes at L$399 each with his own style and flare to them, but then he also has a pair of customizable ones for L$600 that come with a HUD much like AKEYO and UBU provide you. I would say the HUD is much more equivalent to the one that AKEYO provides than UBU. Now, we jump back up to the top. I wouldn’t have even known that this Buried store existed if it wasn’t for a plurk that I saw about how much somebody loved Marilyn’s blog. Okay, so maybe soon after I found Marilyn’s blog LE LOOK announced they were bringing on Buried into their mega-fashionopolis, but nonetheless it’s still great hair. It’s a bit onto the scene/emo side of hair, but the textures are fantastic. I just about always wear blacks, but to be honest I would consider venturing outside of my blacks for the Buried textures.


Moving on to the second look I put together here, it’s more of a winter ski resort look. Let’s see where to begin, where to begin. We’re going top down on this one. The first thing I need to speak on is the knit collar from LeLutka. Knit collars are very in for Fall/Winter and seeing as they came from LeLutka you just know that they’re fantastically textured. They have a couple of different versions available and many many colors to choose from. They’re also a steal at only L$100 apiece. Next on the trip down we’ve got this really cool sweater from INDI Designs. I actually pulled it out of the Nathan outfit. I think my favorite part about the sweater is that it’s obviously a holiday sweater, but it’s not all up in your face with the red and green that you usually get out of the holiday sweaters. I dig the subtle holiday feel to it. Another piece that I wanted to talk about is these awesome fingerless gloves from Reek. I mean I don’t even really need to talk about how awesome they are…just look at ’em. 🙂 And they’re perfect for many SL winters to come. Plus, there’s a free pair of light blue ones with a scarf that have a snowflake graphic on them for the Down the Chimney Hunt going on right now. The seriously final thing I wanted to talk about here because I’ve worn jeans from this store many times, including for my Style Guy article, are the new Jeanity jeans from Valiant Fashions. Wavie Haller put together an excellent lineup of new jeans and I really like the new sculpted bottoms for the jeans. You have to like it when a jean designer recognizes that their sculpted prim needs to make room for the shoes at the front and Wavie’s do that very well.

That just about covers everything I’ve got on this one. I hope you all enjoyed it and I’ll be back to speak on some more stuff soon, I just can’t guarantee how soon that’ll be. Have some happy holidays everybody and stay fashionable!

The Rundown
Shirt :: Whippet & Buck – Shay Contrast Strip Shirt in Alabaster & Black L$140
Jeans :: Calypso Giano – Stonewash Classic jeans in F10 L$250
Shoes :: 2Real – Diagonals in Colorable L$600
Necklace :: The Dogs – Blame Bowtie (comes with bowler hat too) L$350
Finger Tape :: Luck Inc – Finger Tape L$0
Cigarette :: Calypso Giano – Cigarette L$150
Hair :: Buried – Max in Midnight L$250 for 3 colors
Eyes :: Poetic Color – Ocean in Blue Surf L$200
Skin :: Belleza – Ewan V2 in Tan L$2,000 single

Sweater :: INDI Designs – Sweater pulled from the Nathan outfit L$450
Jeans :: Valiant – Jeanity Jeans in Black L$250
Boots :: Hoorenbeek – Patagonia 2.0 Boots in Black L$520
Knit Collar :: LeLutka – Scarf Tube Knitt2 in Black L$100
Gloves :: Reek – Cozy Mittens in White L$99
Hair :: CheerNo – Henry L$350 for 4 colors
Eyes :: Poetic Color – Ocean in Blue Surf L$200
Skin :: Belleza – Ewan V2 in Tan L$2,000 single

The Soundtrack
Future Sound of London – Antique Toy
Jimmy Eat World – Drugs or Me
The Format – Wait, Wait, Wait
Rilo Kiley – Science vs. Romance

Fleet Foxes – Mykonos
U2 – Running To Stand Still
Miles Davis – Round Midnight
Robbie Williams – Better Man

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The Hangover

Alright, I got the RL fashion out of the way. To be honest, I love RL fashion shows and the trends because it’s a lot like the scene in The Devil Wears Prada, where Meryl Streep goes through the steps of how one fashion decision from the shows rolls down through the entire line of the retail industry. I take that concept to the world(s) I live in and my lifestyle. I look at the shows to see what elements I can use toward myself both RL and SL (a navy shawl-collar blazer where the breast is prim would be amazing). It also helps keep you in tune with new things coming through, like how a multitude of retailers have plaid shirts where the pattern switches diagonally on the front pockets. But okay, this is supposed to break me out of the hangover with all of those previous RL fashion posts and move me to my SL fashion posts. So as the Black Eyed Peas once said, “Let’s get it started in here!”

Khaki Collage

We’ll start you off here with the khaki collection. While I was getting drunk on RL fashion, there were a lot of really cool items being put out by SL fashion designers. The first here on the left are the chino’s from Zaara in khaki. I bought these in a couple of color and I really like the way that the hand-created texture was crafted. The other main speaking point on this look is the tie with diagonal plaid pattern. I really like this tie that comes with the shirt from Emery. On the right here we’ve got a look I put together using a sweater that I saw, laughed at its reminiscence to Duck Hunt, and totally had to buy. It’s the Cowichan sweater from NoaR and it’s absolutely awesome. A lot of the time with a thicker av like I have it’s hard to wear these sweaters/shirts with the prim bottom to them, but the way the sculpted bottom is created it actually fits my av pretty well. Also in this look I used these Whippet & Buck Harris Tartan shorts. They come in a variety of colors (8 if memory serves me correctly) and they’re all very well crafted. I especially like how the sculpted ends of the shorts are creased.

Blues Collage

Next up we’ll be playin’ the blues. This first look is the latest (last I knew) release from Jamie Holmer of Indi Designs. I don’t know how many of you did the Make Him Over Hunt, but personally I thought that hands-down Jamie put out the best item in that entire hunt. If there were a voting booth for which freebie was the best from that entire hunt, I do not doubt that she would’ve won. I did a couple of things to this blue version of her Aaron outfit that altered it a bit from what she initially intended. The easiest thing I did was I put on the shirt cuffs for the white shirt with the blue shirt. I like that sort of contrast at the end of the shirt, so adding the cuffs from the white shirt was a pretty easy alteration. The other thing I did is a little more complicated. The tie in this outfit is actually more of a wide tie. Personally, I haven’t found any excellent skinny ties in SL and it happens that the permissions on this tie allow you to mod it. Obviously, I strongly advise that you make a copy before you start to play with prims and the “Stretch Both Sides” feature in SL is great for resizing things. So I took this tie in a bit as well as made the knot a smaller in conjunction with the tie and made the wide tie into a skinny tie and I like the way it came out. Coming back again in the second blues look is pretty much a full set from Whippet & Buck. The crispness of the colors in all of their clothing almost reminds of something like the RL brand Ralph Lauren. They’re so striking and clean that they really pierce through in crowd. Again I used the Harris Tartan shorts and this time I used the Gavin Bold Strip Jumper in the marina set of colors. Putting the final touches on this look again comes from NoaR with their Whiteshirt + Vest combo. I didn’t need the vest, but it’s a great shirt to have when you feel like the fully open v-neck is showing just a bit too much.

Greys Collage

Finishing off this post here we’ve got a couple of outfits from SF Designs. ((random story of olden SL)) So way back in the day when I was first starting out in SL, I had a friend tp me into this all male clothing mall. These were pioneers that put together this male mall and it was the first of its kind. I was poking around and saw an Arsenal (English Premier League Football team) jersey up on the wall that I wanted to buy. When I right-clicked to buy it, for some reason it wasn’t letting me. I noticed that when I hovered my mouse over it, that there was no price on the box. I sent swafette Firefly an IM telling her that her box at the store wasn’t set to sale and that I’d like to buy the Arsenal jersey from her. She responded to me a few hours later and gave me the shirt for free. It was my first supreme customer service experience in SL and I will never forget it. ((/random story of olden SL)) To the clothing! On the left we have the Performance suit. The amount of options is pretty crazy on this look. You can wear it with the collar and tie open, everything closed up and tied up, and everywhere in between. Plus, it comes with different sizes on just about every prim part so you’re bound to find one that’s spot on or requires only minor prim adjustments. Last, but certainly not least is something that I saw and I knew I had to have. It’s the only prim, shawl-collar sweater that I know of in all of SL. I was a little skeptical about buying the whole outfit just because I wanted the shawl-collar sweater so badly, but my urges overtook me…and I’m kind of glad they did. The sculpt on the collar is very well made and easily adjustable. Other pieces of note in this look are the GT shades and the Nightstalker watch. I love how the shades are pretty much connected aviators. I’ve mentioned before about my affection for aviators. My purchase of these is just another one of the effects of my affection. I’m also an avid fan of wide-band watches and I really like the clean lines on this watch. Oh! I almost forgot the hair! The hairstyle is called Slide from MADesigns and all colors of it are 100% free! I was very thankful for that considering I did break the bank putting all of this together. It’s time to pay a visit to the Linden fairy. 🙂

So there’s the SL fashion that you’ve been missing and I’ve been missing too. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?…or something? The RL fashion hangover is almost complete. Check the rundown below for the details and I’ll have the soundtrack together shortly.

The Rundown
Khaki Left
Shirt + Tie :: Emery – The Ataris & Tie L$130
Pants :: Zaara – Chinos in Khaki L$165
Sandals :: LeLutka – Carson sandals in Gainsboro L$300
Hat + Hair :: Sixty-Nine – Sculpture L$200
Glasses :: Solar Eyewear – Nash L$0
Watch :: BroGear [Black Label] – ROGUE Leather Watch in Brown L$190
Bracelet :: Mhaijik Things – Silver Elephant Hair Bracelet (comes with ring too for L$200)
Tattoos :: Otaku Designs – Azteca Upper Body L$100

Khaki Right
Sweater :: NoaR – Cowichan sweater L$111
Shorts :: Whippet & Buck – Harris Tartan Shorts in Fallow L$160
Shoes :: Urban Bomb Unit (UBU) – Drunks L$595
Glasses :: Artilleri – Buddy Glasses L$130

Blue Left
Shirt, Tie, + Pants :: Indi Designs – Aaron in Blue L$500
Shoes :: Redgrave – Cowboy Loafers in White L$450
Hair :: MADesigns – Eric in NB I L$300 for 3
Tattoos :: HUZ Tats – Tribal Simplicity L$375

Blue Right
Sweater :: Whippet & Buck – Gavin Bold Stripe Jumper in Marina L$130
Shirt + Tie :: NoaR – Whiteshirt + Vest L$88
Shorts :: Whippet & Buck – Harris Tartan Shorts in Ivory L$160
Sandals :: LeLutka – Carson sandals in White L$300
Hair :: Sixty-Nine – Live Jazz L$200

Grey Left
Suit :: SF Designs – Performance Suit in Grey L$450
Shoes :: Kalnins Classica L$400
Shades :: SteinWerk – Aviator L$450
Hair :: Truth – Robert in Black L$225 for 5

Grey Right
Sweater + Pants :: SF Designs – Autumn Tweed in Grey L$360
Shoes :: Armidi – Alto Belmiro shoes in Dark Gray L$450
Shades + Watch :: SteinWerk – GT L$450 + Nightstalker L$299
Hair :: MADesigns – Slide L$0

The Soundtrack
Khaki Left :: Death Cab For Cutie – Summer Skin
Khaki Right :: Deerhunter – Nothing Ever Happened
Blue Left :: Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings – Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys
Blue Right :: Zero 7 – I Have Seen
Grey Left :: Squirrel Nut Zippers – Bad Businessman
Grey Right :: Orbital – The Box

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